Friday, February 7, 2014

What good is hockey hair, if you don't play hockey

Now that we live in the north Cyrus can play hockey, YEAR ROUND! However, he has to know how to ice skate before he can play hockey. We missed the winter learn to skate session so we have to wait until March for the next one. However, last weekend Cyrus really wanted to go ice skating. I was a little worried about taking him because I haven't ice skates since I was 15. But I couldn't disappoint my little man.
We went to open skate at the Udel Ice Rink.
This little guy stayed home with daddy to nap.

Cyrus was so excited to try out his ice skates

He did awesome for his first time

When public skate ended the ice rink workers handed out tickets for the UDel hockey game. Cyrus really wanted to stay. We made a quick trip home to get Seamus so Ryan could go for his run. The boys and I stayed for the entire hockey game. Cyrus was enthralled and is really excited to learn to play hockey this spring. I can't wait to have a little hockey player to go alone with his beautiful hockey hair.

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