Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Little Bit About our Little

I honestly do not know how mom's of multiple children keep their blogs updated, children fed, house cleaned, and manage to relish in the greatness of being mom (which translates into spending quality time enjoying their children). I for one can admit if I am blogging on a consistent basis, it is probably because I am pushing a "must do" to the side. I feel bad about it but it is the truth. So adult Seamus, if you are reading this and thinking "gosh she wrote about every milestone with Cyrus, and I barely got a first birthday post" please know that your thinking is normal. I often use to go through Nana's boxes and boxes of photo's looking for pictures of me, and I always found one or two. I mean I was the seventh child, they had been there done that. They didn't need to take pictures of ANOTHER baby. Okay now listen up baby! Normal thinking isn't always true thinking. And while Nana may not have taken 1,000's of pictures of me, she did take some, and my older siblings stole them. And instead of put all my pictures in albums my mother was busy raising children and making sure we didn't kill each other. Now while I'd like to be able to say that I have written 1,000 posts about you and the internet ate them, I can't. However, I can say that I have relished in every moment of your life. I have chosen to be present in the moments and enjoy them instead of being an observer taking pictures, and making mental notes to chronicle them later. I have your story in my head and in my heart. And I am so thankful that God taught me to be part of the story instead of watching the story unfold. So please forgive me for not taking millions of pictures of all your firsts, and forgive me for not writing about all the things you have done in these almost 19 months of your life.

And while you are napping away I am going to at least document a little bit about you. Who knows maybe I will get back in the swing of this blogging thing.

There are so many words to describe Seamus. Most often we hear "Tiny" or "Little" as his description. It is true he is very little. We spent a lot of time comparing Seamus to Cyrus because Cyrus was always in the 90th percentile while Seamus was on the lower end of the charts.

Seamus's 12 Month Stats

Weight: 18 lb 4 oz
Height: 29"
Head Circ: 17 3/4


Seamus's 15 Month Stats

Weight: 20 lb 2 oz
Height: 29 1/4"
Head Circ: 18 1/2

During his 15 month well visit I learned that our little boy dropped down into the 10th percentile. He fell right off his growth curve (He was 20th percentile at a year). I have always heard that falling off ones growth curve was a bad thing, and usually that is when the doctors get all up in your business.  Accept for Dr. Craft, probably because I am always worried about poor Seamus's size or lack their of. Dr. Craft took one look at Seamus and looked at me and said "Do you see an unhealthy baby in this room?" He was right Seamus doesn't look malnourished, actually he looks pretty perfect to me, just a little on the short side. Seamus has perfect baby skin with just enough chub to be cute. Oh and the boy eats everything and twice as much as his older brother on a consistent basis.  Dr. Craft said Seamus is obviously a very active little boy, and well that is an understatement, the kid is go go go and then go some more. Dr. Craft also kindly pointed out that I am not the tallest person in the world, so Seamus might have gotten his height from me. However, he told me that it is more than likely that he is just growing at his own pace, and that he will eventually average out, just like Cyrus did.
Seamus 15 months

A few other things about Seamus. He is the strong silent type. Seamus doesn't say very much, or sign very much. He still signs more, please, all done, dog. His actual spoken words, when he feels like it are Mama, Dadda, Cyrus, I want, that, what's that, thank you. He very rarely speaks. To the point where I started getting worried. However, since he has been in daycare we have seen him become more verbal, the other children are rubbing off on him.

Seamus started walking at 14 months. I don't remember it happening like it did with Cyrus. Cyrus started trying to walk and it took him about a month to actually be able to do it. I feel like with Seamus he spent a whole lot of time pulling up and standing, and then one day he just took off walking. He quickly started running soon after.

He climbs everything that is climbable still. It scares me a little bit, but I surprise myself by how much free space I give him. I'm allowing him to figure things out on his own. He loves to climb up onto Cyrus's bed.

The boys love to snuggle!

Okay I am going to have to finish this later. The boys are up from nap and it is time to go to the park.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Hello Delaware

It has been a long time prayer of our hearts that as the children grew older the Lord would provide a stable career for Ryan. It seemed like an impossible task. The only consistent job Ryan has had in the past 12 years is that of a Crew Coach. And God knew that I was not about to up and move my family for Crew. I don't really love crew. We actually joke a lot about it being "the other woman". I have always felt that crew stands in the way of us being a family. Since living in VA, Ryan has coached for VT and LU, both teams were at the club level, and Ryan had to travel long distances for races and often left us for weekends. That is not the life I envisioned for my family. I picture us relishing in weekends as a family, making memories, living the American Dream.
So, you can imagine I was not thrilled when the opportunity to apply at the University of Delaware presented itself. Ryan has been looking at NCAA D1 coaching jobs for a long time, but it was always a known factor that in order for me to entertain such an idea my company would have to be hiring in the same area where the coaching job was. So in June, when UDEL posted an assistant coaching job, the first thing Ryan did was check my companies career page. He found that my company was hiring in the area. Lucky Me. He presented the idea to me, I wasn't thrilled, a lot has been going on in our lives and I was just not ready to move 6 hours away from the support system I had built in Roanoke.
I met with my girl friends and told them of the situation. I asked them to pray that God would close the door on this opportunity, because I was sure that any coaching job was of the devil and a detriment to my sons well being.
There was about a 3 week time period between applying and interviewing. During that time I spoke with the hiring manager for my company on a routine basis. At the start of the process, I was being presented with either selling Math & Science (no thanks), or Humanities and English (I could get by, but yuck). By the time Ryan's interview came about, the company also had a sales position open that would cover U of Del (and would need me to spend a majority of my time there as well as Philly) and it was selling Business, Computing, and Economics (what I was currently selling in Roanoke). At the same time God was softening my heart. I saw this as a once in a life time opportunity for my husband to do his dream job. My work pieces were falling into place, and the Lord was showing me what my family truly needed most; a husband & father who was fulfilled in his work and doing what the Lord called him to. I started praying for God's will in the situation, and prayed that God would ease my nerves and give me a peace about moving (hey I don't like change at all). I knew that this was God's plan for our family even before Ryan was offered the job. I knew it so much that in conversation with Ryan I would say "when you get the offer" or "will you get educational benefits etc".
On July 16th, it all became reality. Ryan was offered the position. I was so proud of Ryan, but also very sad. I was amazed by the work God had, and was, and would do in our family and in each of us personally, but man oh man I was not ready to leave what had become my second home. I could only focus on having to leave Debbie, Carissa and Sophie...What would I do with out them. How could my life be whole with out the women who were so much more than friends to me. How could I leave Jesus Gang...Luckily, I stand on truth and I am well aware that the Lord will keep me. And that moving away from my dear ones is not saying goodbye or losing friends, but it is opportunity to grow my christian family. 
Here I am almost two months later, writing from seems surreal.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


We've been relaxing, and spending our time focused on our family. Which has made me a very laxed blogger. I'm sorry Seamus, I feel like I have let your down by not chronicling all of your firsts these past 6 months or so. I promise to update the blog more regularly...and include all the awesome stuff Seamus has been up too.
One of my favorite things about being a mom right now is watching the growing affection my boys have for each other. Thank you God for blessing me with my two sons.