Saturday, April 20, 2013

Joker Rescue Mission

The Joker has been missing for a few weeks. I didn't worry to much because you know he is a bad guy and all. But yesterday Seamus and I wanted to play with one of his ball toys. I noticed that it wasn't working right. I decided to inspect the toy and found that SOMEONE had put the Joker in the tube.
This quickly turned into a rescue mission. It was a long day, and we took every precaution necessary to get the Joker out safe and sound.
We are proud to announce that the Joker is now safe out of the tubbing, and will be transported to Gotham City jail soon!

Friday, April 19, 2013

How 4 year olds like to celebrate

Though he was a little embarrassed as everyone sang happy birthday, Cyrus really did enjoy his 4th birthday party. I let Cyrus plan his entire party, which was really easy for me to do because I don't really enjoy planning events.

It was no surprise that he chose to have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party. He also wanted to have the party at one of his favorite places the YMCA. And why would he want it there?

Because Cyrus loves the new bounce house that the YMCA has. It is sports themed so you can play "soccer" and "basketball". I know we did JUMP last year, but I have a feeling bouncing will be the theme of many more birthdays. Cyrus loves them, and it seems like kids always have such a good time. So far this has been my favorite birthday party so far. I put no pressure on my self. Except to make these:
I didn't stress over the guest list. I actually followed Sophie's birthday party for kids rule (slightly adapted). Cyrus was allowed to invite four friends (b/c he turned 4) from either school or church, and then we invited our family friends as well. It ended up being the perfect number of kids and it was really nice for me to get to hang our with my closest girlfriends as well.
Cyrus chose to invite Collin Clinevall (his best friend from school and my dear friend's son), Matthew Hobbs (his partner in crime at school), Samantha (who claims Cyrus is one of her boyfriends - I'm not comfortable with that but Cyrus really does get a long well with her), and Daniel (Cyrus and Daniel have really bonded over being big brothers to baby Luke and baby Seamus). We then invited the  Pullen's (Mikayla, Kyleigh-Jo, and Zach) and of course the Kidds (Naomi and Abbey). I think this was the first time I actually spent the entire birthday with my birthday boy and his friends.

 The Kidd's were a little late thanks to morning sickness! So they missed the group photo
But they made it there in time for dinner and cake pops (compliments Auntie Rissa)
Seamus really enjoyed the party! He spent time with Memaw Debbie, and even jumped in the bounce house (sort-of).
Erin took lots of pictures of me playing with the boys with my camera! Which is great b/c last year I was too busy with Seamus and making sure everyone was having a good time that I forgot to take pictures.

Erin, Sophie and I made sure to get one picture of the "Jesus Gang" members that were present. I seriously couldn't make it through my weeks with out these girls. Knowing that they are faithfully praying for me, holding me accountable and helping me keep things in the right perspective. I am so thankful that Cyrus loves their children as his two best friends because it means I get ample time with them.
The YMCA does a great job of setting up, cleaning up, and making sure you have everything you need. Johnny was our party host, and he was wonderful. I am pretty sure if I had my party anywhere else I would have been running around instead of partying with my big boy!

Cyrus, I hope you had a great time. I know you won't remember this birthday party, so I will remind you. You had an awesome time. You didn't want to leave. The whole way home you gave us instant replays of all the things you did through out the night. And you slept great! I love you sweet boy.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

As you turn 4, Cyrus

Dear Cyrus,

Everyday I look at you and I am truly amazed at how much you have grown up since the very first day I gazed upon your little face. You bring daddy and I so much joy. You also sometimes bring frustration especially when you are trying to negotiate with us. I know that when you start a sentence with "Here's the deal..." I'm in for trouble. Your negotiating skills make me laugh often. And you get very upset when daddy and I correct you by saying "That's not a deal, it's a statement". Regardless, I think you melt our hearts all the time when you put on your negotiator cap.

You have grown up so much in the last year. We have "real" conversations. You impress me on a daily basis with your conversational skills. You are very good at the routine back and forth. You also love to tell jokes...They aren't very funny at all, but we let you think they are. Your favorite joke is "Mommy do you know where a dinosaur (or any animal), keeps its money?"..."At the muesum" followed by hysterical laughing. The only one that was ever sort of funny was about an elephant, and the punch line was "in its trunk". I am pretty sure you won't be a stand-up comedian.

One of my favorite things to do with you is snuggle before bedtime. You have become even more of a snuggler than you were last year. I love when you say "Let's snuggle" and then take my arm and put it around you. Snuggling you is such a treat for me.

Oh and you are so beautiful! I mean handsome. I know I am biased because I am your mom, but I am pretty sure even if I weren't your mom I would think you were one of the most beautiful children I have ever seen. You have the most beautiful blue eyes (okay they are rivaled by your little brother, and your daddy has really nice eyes too). And your hair, OH MY YOUR HAIR! How I love your beautiful dirty blond locks. Seriously I love your hair.
I describe you hair as "Hockey Hair" the funny thing is I have been describing your hair that way since you were two! Mommy hates to cut your hair. You have only had 4 hair cuts in you whole life. In the back you have beautiful curls. I'm not sure if they are daddy's curls (yes, once upon the time daddy had curly hair just like you) or if it is my curly hair, but regardless it is precious looking.

This year you discovered video games. Mommy was given an IPAD for work, and you quickly learned how to play Angry Birds, which led to more advanced games. You were given your own IPAD by Bucca and Nona and man did you become obsessed with it.  We have had to put limits on it, which leads to negotiating on your part. You really love playing Dark Moon, and Mario 2. Mommy and daddy hate allowing you to play video games, but we also see how much you are learning from them and well sometimes we just need you to sit still while we get dinner on the table or help your baby brother nap.

Speaking of your baby brother; I love how you have embraced the role of big brother. It is true that sometimes you annoy your brother, and find it entertaining to do so, but for the most part you are extremely loving towards him. You love to encourage him to do big boy things (like walk, or use baby sign language). You often ask to snuggle with him, and give him kisses. It is obvious that you are proud to be a big brother and you take the job very seriously.

When you are upset with a person we can tell how upset you are by what you say. When you say "he's not invited to my birthday party" we know that you are really mad. We aren't sure where you picked up the whole "not invited" thing, but we started really noticing it creeping into your vocabulary late February early March. I blame pre-school! I love pre-school but I know you have been exposed to a few things that I'd rather not have had you exposed to (like Spongebob...who the heck lets a pre-schooler watch spongebob). 

There are so many sweet wonderful things about you at this age that I could write forever. The thing that always warms my heart is when you talk about Jesus and God. You have an understanding of the Gospel and why Jesus came to earth. I pray that as you grow older your understanding deepens as well. I love how you tell me that you love God and want to see him. You are so cute.

You are a precious boy, who never ceases to amaze me! I am looking forward to watch you grow and mature over the next year. I hope that we enjoy every moment of the coming year to its fullest. I love you my sweet 4 year old. Happy Birthday.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Future Wife, Say Thank You

 Not only is he incredibly cute
He vacuums too! Now that's a boy worth marrying...someday. Like when he is 30 or something.

Monday, April 1, 2013

On March 23rd, our friend's church had an easter egg hunt. They invited us to join them.

Cyrus and Naomi were so excited to spend the morning together
Ryan was out of town for crew, so it was nice for the boys and I to have something to do during the day. We got to FCC at about 10. We hunted for eggs, and then we went and enjoyed the games that they had set up for the children.

My two favorite almost 4 year olds
 I feel so blessed that Sophie and I have little ones that are such good friends. I pray that they will always be friends.
Excited for hugs

Cyrus really does love Naomi you just can't tell from this picture
The egg hunt begins...

Picking up an egg and looking for the next

Go Naomi!

Counting their loot

Poor Seamus doesn't get to have much fun yet

My beautiful pregnant best friend

Cyrus took a picture of Seamus
After playing outside on the playground we decided to warm up inside with the games.
Pin the egg on the basket

Egg Race

Bean Bag Toss - Cyrus was a natural at this one

Seamus and Abbey hanging out

We had so much fun...I was exhausted after all the excitement. We went home and napped, well Seamus and I did. Cyrus snuggled next to us and watched a movie.