Thursday, January 10, 2013

10 Months Old

Seamus turned 10 months old December 28th, when we were in Ohio for Brian's wedding. This past month Seamus has become quite the adventurer. One of his newest tricks is climbing on everything!
He loves to climb on Cyrus's pottery barn kids chair so that he can see his reflection in the glass of the fire place.

He loves to climb the shelf that runs along the bottom of our picture window.
He also likes to climb the stairs, but mommy hasn't been able to get a picture of it because if I leave him on the steps he will fall down.

It seems like he is changing each day!He acts more like a toddler and less like a baby these days. While at 9 months we had a decrease in appetite, 10 months is the exact opposite! Seamus wants to eat everything. If we are eating a meal, he is no longer satisfied with his baby food. He makes it VERY clear that he wants what we are eating. I have resigned to giving him his baby food before dinner time, and then allowing him to have what ever we are eating as well. He hasn't met a meal he hasn't liked, that's for sure. Here is a list of just a few of the foods he has tried:
Pizza, meatballs, red robin hamburger (seriously, he ate it like a big boy too), couscous, rizzoto, pancakes, black beans, chicken salad...oh I lied he doesn't love green beans (which Cyrus loved!), steak, baked chicken. To help with his eating of real big person food, Seamus has 7 teeth!
First Pancake Cyrus was so proud of his baby brother

Waiting for more, don't you love his hat, Nana sent it
Seamus is a horrible sleeper! He was the best sleeper, until he learned to stand in his crib and protest. For the past few months we have been really struggling in this area. I don't like the Cry It Out Method, however, so far nothing has worked with this little one. We have done all the other gentler methods of sleep training with him, and they just seem to get him angry. This boy is stubborn and does not give up. We have resolved to let him Cry It Out once our schedule becomes normal again (we have had a lot of events, travel, and visitors the past two months). Our last trip is just a few days away. When we return home on January 21st we are going to start sleep training the baby. I'm not sure how Ryan and I are going to survive the first few weeks of crew, and campus travel with a baby that is screaming all night.

Seamus loves to "walk" he will pull himself up and push his toys around, or walk while holding onto a chair and pushing it around the house. It is really adorable. I'm wondering if he is going to walk on his own this month. Cyrus walked at 11 months.

Overall Seamus is a very happy child. It is so easy to make him laugh. He gets so excited to see Ryan, Myself, Cyrus or Issy when we walk into a room. He will entertain himself by playing with his toys, or anything that is within his reach.

He is nursing 4-5 times a day. If he slept in his own bed it would be more like 3-4 times, but if he is next to me at night he will demand milk. It doesn't seem like he will ween anytime soon. He does drink water from a sippy cup and will also drink breast milk from sippy.

He is starting to understand baby signs. He will sign all done when he is done eating, or done having Isabelle kiss all over him, or done sitting on the floor and wants to be picked up...he will also sign all done when he is done having you "TRY" to change his diaper.

Seamus, the once easy baby now turned not so easy baby, hates to have his diaper changed. Well he pretty much hates anything that keeps him from doing what he wants. If you give him something interesting, like a remote control, and you are quick, you can change him with out incident.

At 10 months, Seamus still seems small for his age. I know he is growing, and sticking to his growth curve, but he is so tiny to us (Dr. Craft says he is completely normal, and that our first born was just unusually large for an exclusively breast fed baby). He is so small that he is still riding in his infant car seat! Our seat has a weight limit of 21.5 lbs, and 29 inches. I think that we will need a new car seat for him around his first birthday. I'm a little bit stressed about picking a new car seat. The car seat we use for Cyrus is no longer being manufactured, so now I am back to the drawing board on finding a top of the line, best rated safety car seat. I have a few in mind but this is such a big decision.

Seamus still loves to play in the tubby, however, he also discovered that the toilet bowl holds water. When ever Seamus get's a chance (meaning when ever we leave the bathroom door open) he speed crawls to one of our 3 bathrooms, pulls him self up on the bowl, and dips his hands in. Yes, I know totally gross. Thankfully our bathrooms are very clean, but this habit still requires an immediate bath.

We love our little 10 month old. I am still in disbelief that his birthday is right around the corner...where did the last year go!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pre-School in December

Why yes I am behind in blogging, December was so busy. And I was busy enjoying life with the family. Cyrus was only in school until December 14th...then it was Christmas break. Before Christmas break the preschool had two big events. First was a trip to Fantasy Land in downtown Roanoke. 

Cyrus holding Seamus on his lap while listening to Santa read a story

Cyrus's preschool class with Santa

Ryan, Seamus and Santa

Seamus not too sure of Santa

About to cry

Cyrus was excited to see Cyrus, but he was more excited to be around his friends and play.

The last day before Christmas break, the preschool had their Christmas program. It was adorable. I love watching all the little ones sing. It is amazing to see the difference between last year and this year. Cyrus's class barely sang last year, but this year they were all belting out the songs with gusto.

Here they are doing the dancing Christmas Tree
The Christmas program was excellent! Cyrus sang really loud and did all his hand signs(Probably b/c I told him if he sang well, he'd get Chick-Fil-A for lunch). After the program we took Meemaw Debbie and Carissa to lunch. When we arrived at CFA we realized that have the preschool had the same the fun continued. It was a blast!