Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Just one more thing that makes my baby, not so babyish anymore

There comes a time in each parents life, when you know your family is complete. For Ryan, it was the minute we knew that my pregnancy with Seamus was viable. For me it was when I finally held my precious second born son in my arms for the first time. Of course, I'd be lying if I said the thought of being done, doesn't make me sad at times, but I also know what Ryan and I can handle, and honestly a family of four is perfect. This does not mean that if God blessed us with a third, we would be upset...I would be more than thrilled, we just won't actively try ever again.
I think I'll spend a lot of time writing about sad moments related to babies over the next few months so bear with me. I had one of these moments last night. I was getting ready for the cleaning ladies (and yes I do have people clean my house twice a month, a new luxury because with both Ryan and I working it was impossible to keep things clean). The night before Tammy and Monica arrive we straighten up the house and move the clutter. As I was moving things around I came across the infant bath tub. Seamus hasn't used it in two weeks. It became dangerous to give him a bath in it because he was pulling him self up and trying to stand and climb out. So as of November 12th Seamus graduated to the big boy tub.
Here he is patiently waiting to get in the tub. He actually wasn't patient at all. The boy was lifting his leg trying to climb in all by himself. I was afraid he was going to hurt himself, not so afraid that I missed the photo opportunity.

 Seamus is happiest when playing in the tub. We are blessed that our boys love to take baths.
 And here you can see why we needed to move him out of the baby tub. He would get in and try and crawl and stand, it was rather comical. Nice bum huh? Last night I brought the old tub downstairs, with tears in my eye (no joke). I brought it over to Ryan and mentioned how we would never use the baby tub again, his reply was "planter"...that's my husband. He is so done having babies. I think that is how men and women differ. Men are done when they are done, women we say we are done, but deep in our hearts we know we will always want to hold a newborn in our arms...hence why I am done. If I have a baby for every time I want to hold a new born or feel baby kicks in my belly I will turn into my mom and have seven children. I love you Mom, but I'm not super woman (and I didn't start having babies at 21). The next thing I am tackling are all the baby clothes we have that will be a real tear jerker.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's over

All is well over here. Seamus is happy, and I'm happy, after one week Seamus ended his nursing strike. We are so thankful that it only lasted a week. I'm not sure if I could have survived exclusively pumping much longer.

To celebrate we got all dressed up and took family pictures! And had lunch at Red Robin.
And I couldn't help but include this picture.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I wish I was about to write something like strike a pose, or 3 strikes and your out...but no that's not what this post is about. This post is about
My sweet Seamus, and how he has initiated a nursing strike. The last time I nursed him was at 4:30 am on Monday. I'm not sure if the strike is because I yelled "Ow" when he bit me or if it is because he is cutting two more teeth (an upper and a lower for a grand total of 6 teeth in his mouth).
Honestly I never realized how close nursing makes me feel to my children. I have felt so distant from Seamus this week. I have even felt some what rejected, and abandoned. I know that sounds crazy, but it is how I feel.
I always said that I thought Seamus would wean early (anything would be early considering Cyrus nursed until he was almost 17 months). Seamus is an eat and run kind of baby, he isn't a comfort nurser like his brother was. So that automatically made me think he would probably self wean at a year. However, I never thought he would go on strike.
A strike is not weaning. Usually, something occurs that makes the baby strike. A few of those things could be teething, mommy yelled and scared baby when baby bit, baby is sick, mommy is wearing a new scent, baby is getting ready to master a skill such as crawling, cruising or walking. A lot of moms think a strike is baby saying "I'm done with those, thank you", so they just stop and move on. But when a baby weans it is a gradual process, not an all of a sudden thing. From everything I read a strike is "I can't do that right now, my mouth hurts" so I am continuing to pump. I have pumped 98.5 oz since Wednesday (I didn't keep track of my out put on Monday or Tuesday but it was probably around 24 oz).
Below are too pictures of Seamus last week, he was coming over to ask to nurse...
C'mon Mommy take a break from work and nurse me

You can't say no to my sweet potato face
I miss this face! Oh how I miss nursing my littlest man. I hate the pump baby, it just sucks - no pun intended. I'm praying that this strike is short lived...okay well at six days we've gone past short lived. But I am praying that it ends soon. In the mean time if you need me, I'm probably strapped to the pump.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hanging Around

The life of a crew coach wife can be challenging. When all of your friends are enjoying time as  family on the weekends, you are typically missing your husband who is at a regatta. We are so thankful for Ryan's job at Liberty, but I'd be lying if I said we didn't miss him a ton when he is gone for a weekend.
However, instead of focusing on the time that he is away we decided to make the most of the time he is at home! I have really enjoyed our lazy Sundays. Some Sundays we didn't even get out of PJ's.
Here are a few pictures of what a lazy Sunday looks like for us:
We hang around, LOL, or in this case do pull ups

We use Daddy's spin bike, AKA mommies present for making goal this year

Cyrus loves the bike

Daddy helps!

We watch TV

We eat

We smile for the camera

We take lots of pictures

I love the face he is making here
I'm thankful that crew is over for the fall season and that our weekends will be a lot more normal moving forward.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It is no secret that I love animals! If I had it my way I would probably have multiple pets roaming around our house. Ideally, I'd have a small farm. I'm pretty sure Cyrus takes after me in this area. He is always asking me if he can have a cat, or a bunny, or a new dog.

The other night when I was putting Cyrus to bed, Ryan called for me to come down stairs quickly. When I came down he told me to go look out the front door. I did, and this is what I found

Cyrus, of course, came running down to see too! And he came outside to see this adorable little kitty. It was freezing out, so we invited her in to play for a few minutes. I am notorious for trying to kidnap other peoples kittens.  Apparently, so is my son...

Cyrus is making kissy noises to call that kitty over
Cyrus LOVED the kitty. He has been asking for a kitty for a long time. Unfortunately, Isabelle is not a fan of cats, or any other animal in her house. So for now we will have to resort to "borrow" the neighbors cat.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

8 Wonderful Months

Our house has become the Fun Zone! With two little boys, it seems like we are forever stepping over random toys. I wouldn't have it any other way, accept at night (I would like all the toys to be put away before the boys go to bed).

Seamus turned 8 months on October 28th. He is like fine wine, he just gets better with time. I love watching him explore the world around him. He especially likes to explore what his big brother is doing.

Here are some facts about Seamus at 8 months

weight: about 18 lbs
height: smaller than Cyrus (we don't know how tall he isn't, but we are pretty sure he is much smaller than Cyrus was at this age).
 head: yep he still has a big head

  • Wakes up between 5:00 am and 6:00 am
  • Nurses or takes a bottle 5 times during normal business hours (5 am - 7pm).
  • Eats 3 solid meals, but varies how much he eats. Some days he will eat 3-4 food cubes (about 1 tbs each) and 2 tbs of cereal other days we are lucky to get one food cube with a little bit of cereal. This means we waste a lot of baby food 
  • Favorite food: either banana or pears
  • loves looking and talking with his reflection 
  • Takes 3 naps during the day (9 am, 1 pm, and a power nap at 5pm)
  • Loves Tubby Time! And since he wears most of his food, we give him a bath almost every night
  • Tubby time is at 6:30 
  • 7:00 he is usually asleep and in his crib
  • Some nights he wakes at 9 or 10 and needs to be nursed and snuggled.
  • Some nights he wakes at 12 or 1 am, and some nights we battle to get him to sleep in his crib after 2 am. 
  • Seamus snuggles in bed with us way more than Cyrus ever did!
  • Last night Seamus went to sleep at 7:30 and did not wake up until 3 am, then he went back to sleep until 5:30 am - yay a successful night of sleep, the first in many many many months.
  • I'm currently trying to ween his middle of the night feedings, but sometimes it is the easiest way to get him back to bed, and I'm tired so we go the easy route a lot.
  •  Seamus is very interested in what we are eating, so sometimes I give him tastes (he loves the rolls at Logan's)
  • He is full on crawling, but still likes to army crawl because he is super fast at army crawling
  • He started pulling up on furniture a few weeks back
  • Last week he started cruising, it is fun to watch him try to navigate around a room by cruising
  • He goes from tummy to sitting in seconds
  • He loves to watch TV. The kid will plop himself down right in front of the TV and just stare. He likes Baby Signing time, and what ever brother is watching.
  • He is a hair puller, face pincher,  chest patter, nipple bitter (too much info I know but he is, and Cyrus did once ever!). When Seamus bites and I say no he gives me a coy little smile. Its cute, but I know I am in trouble with this one.
  • When he sleeps on your chest, he needs to rub you or pat your face - he gets a good nights sleep but you do not
  • he laughs at everything, and smiles all the time 
  • He talks a lot he has met all his syllable milestones. I think da da raspberry is his favorite to say/do (he is doing the raspberry he can't say raspberry yet).
  • The hardest thing about Seamus at 8 months is the fact that when he wakes in the middle of the night, he crawl to the side of the crib nearest the door stands up and wails...he will do it for an hour if we let him.
  • He cries when Cyrus takes toys away, or won't let him play with the IPAD
  • Two nicknames: Tootie, and Sweet Potato
  • has more ear wax then the average baby

I'm sure I'm forgetting things. I think one of the hardest thing is to chronicle everything I say I want to capture. But I think I am doing an okay job at it. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Letter to Santa

Last weekend the "big book" from Toys R Us arrived. As a kid I remember getting so excited when the Sears catalog came before Christmas.  Well though times have changed a lot since I was a kid, it is nice to know that children still get excited over the simplicity of the toy catalog arriving.

Ryan and I gave Cyrus a crayon and he was charged with marking all the things he wanted for Christmas. I of course pointed out that just because he was marking them, did not mean he was actually getting them.

He was really excited looking at all the toys. And as most people know I am a total sucker for my son and I really wanted to go out and buy him everything on his list. In all actuality he didn't ask for that much.

Last night, Cyrus and I sat down and wrote a letter to Santa. We cut out the pictures of the items he marked in the Big Book, and pasted them into the letter. He put them in order of wants the most to least.

His number one want is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Secret Sewer Lair. I am shocked at the price tag on this toy. It is $130.00 and I've heard mixed reviews. I wish it was made my imgainex because their playscapes are really durable. The Turtle one is put out by Nickelodian and I'm just not sure how it will hold up to the play for a 3.5 year old. He also wants all the Turtles to play with in the lair. Oh and he would like to be able to dress up as a turtle so he is requesting knunchucks LOL (I think Santa is going to forget those).

He also wants some skylander figurines...not because he knows what Skylander is but because they are really cool dragons. Next on his list is a the penguin dreamlite. I can't believe I am going to have to buy him a dreamlite pet. Seriously not happy about this one, but he has been asking for one for almost a year.  He then cut out the Imaginex Castle and told me he really wanted the Ogre that goes with the castle. Well today he got the Ogre (he traded in all his Halloween candy for cash and bought the toy). He has been playing with it non-stop, but is now telling me he really needs the castle. We even saw the castle on our way out of Walmart and he tried to put it in the cart saying "Mom the Ogre needs a castle"

Of course he also needs an Iron Man Mask and some sort of wrist band thingy that Ironman shoots things out of. And last but not least he needs a Darth Maul mask and a light saber. I am pretty sure that Santa will not be bringing anything related to Darth Maul.

I can't believe I actually wrote a letter to Santa! Now I have to find the time to mail it to the North Pole.  So even though I try to limit the Santa talk in our home, I did have a lot of fun picking out toys with Cyrus and hearing all about each one. It was really fun and it was nice to just do something with Cyrus (Seamus was already in bed for the night).