Thursday, September 6, 2012


I'm back on campus making sales calls and enjoying the fall semester on college campuses. There is something refreshing about campus in the fall. I love it!

The other day Ryan and Cyrus were chatting. Ryan was explaining to Cyrus that UMASS was playing in their first D1 football game. Ryan told him how UMASS was our team because that is where we went to college. Cyrus said it was his team too. Ryan explained that someday Cyrus would go to college and that would be his team. And then it happened one of the moments that makes your heart melt...its right up there with "Mommy when I grow up I'm going to marry you"
Cyrus said "but I don't want to go to college, because I will miss you", and then "can you and mommy come to college with me" Of course we will then you will want to be far away from us, but I'm holding you to this invitation.

Seamus's 6 Month Update

Getting Ready for some cereal

Seamus is six months old! This is the part of infancy that I really like. His personality is so evident, and watching him discover new things is really amazing. In the past month Seamus has changed a lot. He is sitting up perfectly, he has two teeth fully in (and they are adorable), he has bitten me twice, he is starting to figure out crawling, but isn't fully army crawling yet.

Seamus turned 6 months on August 28th! In our house that means solids. Seamus was more than excited about trying some "real" food. For the past month he has seemed ready, but we waited until he could sit up on his own and was 6 months. His first meal was Nature's Best Organic Baby Oatmeal mixed with breast milk. He was a big fan and ate all of it. He even grabbed the spoon and put it in his mouth all on his own. Cyrus was very excite that little brother was learning to eat big boy food. He even helped feed Seamus (well he took the video while I fed Seamus). Seamus has been eating 1-2 tbs of cereal mixed with an ample amount of breast milk each day. I was hoping that eating "solids" would help him sleep through the night, but no luck. Instead he just has some gas and stinkier poop.

First bite...he was excited can you tell

He did not lose interest at all
All done!

Proud Baby

 Here are Seamus's 6 month Stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 4 oz
Height: 26 1/4 inches
Head Circ: 17 inches

Facts about Seamus at 6 months old
  • He still doesn't sleep through the night
  • Nurses every 3-4 hours if I am home
  • Drinks about 12-16 oz of breast milk while I am at work
  • Will tolerate being left in child watch at the gym for 45 minutes on a good day
  • Picks up his binky and puts it in his mouth
  • Picks up anything and everything and puts it in his mouth
  • Will play in his crib by himself (sometimes)
  • Loves to play with Cyrus
  • Can do a plank - he is trying to crawl but gets his whole body off the ground which is cool
  • Has severe reactions to mosquito bites (see above pictures). He blows up from them
  • Spends limited time outside in our back yard due to the above fact
  • Talks a lot, and seems to understand a conversation is going back and forth
  • Loves Baby Signing Times, but hasn't signed yet
  • Enjoys eating at the dinner table with the family
  • Loves to held when falling asleep
  • Goes to bed at 7:00 pm 
  • Wakes at 11:00 pm to eat, but goes right back to sleep
  • Wakes usually around 2 or 3 to eat again. And then it is a struggle to get him back in his crib, so he co-sleeps with us.
  • Is wearing 6-12 month clothes
  • Loves tummy time
  • Plays independently really well
  • Has an insatiable laugh, and usually Cyrus makes him laugh the most

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August with Cyrus

Cyrus is growing up too fast! I know I know I say that a lot. I'm just amazed at how much he changes from week to week.

I went away to Dallas for a week, and when I came home I swear he had grown up so much. In a week his conversation skills seemed to improve tenfold (and that is saying a lot since he is advanced verbally). I was really sad that I missed a whole week of his life.

When Seamus and I came home from Dallas, Cyrus was sick. Well he was at the tail end of it. It turns out he had hand foot mouth disease and Ryan didn't even know it. Dr. Craft said he was contagious before the symptoms showed up and during the fever, but not after. After his fever broke he actually got a few blisters near his mouth and one on his hand. He was such a big boy and didn't complain at all.

Since summer is coming to an end and Cyrus will be going to school five days a week, I have been trying to cram in as much play time as possible. This summer was so hot I feel like we didn't really take advantage of my "slow" work time. Last Sunday auntie Rissa, Seamus, Cyrus and I went to Longwood to play.

Cyrus was really excited because his friend Andrew and Eddie were there too. Cyrus, Eddie and Andrew played chase for a long time. Then Cyrus wanted to go over to the obstacle course. That is when the night took a turn for the worse.

While playing on one of the obstacles Cyrus was swarmed by yellow jackets. He was stung at least 10 times. He was about 5 feet up on a piece of equipment and mommy was wearing Seamus when Cyrus started yelling for help. Carissa and I thought he was just stuck at the top of the A frame climbing obstacle. Then I saw them...a huge cloud of yellow jackets engulfed him. I felt helpless. I was wearing the baby and couldn't risk him getting stung. Luckily before I could even think of what to do Carissa was already running to Cyrus's rescue. We survived the incident. I got one sting and so did Auntie Rissa. Seamus was fine.

With in 45 minutes Cyrus was fine! Mommy was more shaken up then he was. I am surprised that he still wants to go to the big park (that is what he calls longwood). But he does talk about the yellow jackets and how they stung him because they were afraid of him because he was near their home.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


The hotel that we were staying at in Dallas had a really cute toy store. I had decided to get Cyrus a space shuttle toy and a Blue Angel fighter plane. However on my last night there I received the most adorable message from Cyrus. He pooped in the potty of his own accord. So I ran back to the gift shop and bought him an astronaut costume and some astronaut ice cream.

He was so excited when I got home and gave him his awesome presents!

Monday, September 3, 2012

What happened to Seamus's five month post

Oooops. I guess we were too busy living life to actually update. So I'll go ahead and update a month late. This is becoming a bad pattern. So where did I leave off...Oh yeah at 5 months and 1 day Seamus's first tooth broke through. And the next day tooth number two came through.
Seamus spent the month of August growing his two bottom front teeth and mastering his toothy grin (of course I have yet to capture a picture of it).
And doing this:

Seamus likes to chew on his exersaucer

Seamus went on an airplane at 5 months old!
Not the best picture, it was taken with my friend's phone
Seamus came with me to my companies National Sales Meeting in Dallas, Texas. My sister Amy (auntie mimi), came with us. We met up at the Charlotte Airport on August 5th. The first day in Dallas we spent with Amy's high school friend Lisa and her family. While there Seamus went swimming for the first time.
Of course while in Dallas there was a horrible West Nile Virus outbreak, so we didn't go outside much. And that was okay because it was 110 degrees on most days.

Seamus had a lot of fun with Mimi. He went to the South Fork Ranch (you know where the show Dallas takes place). I don't have any pictures of that because they went while I was working.
Seamus also wasn't feeling great while we were there. His teething had him sort of fussy and he had a horrible diaper rash from it.

Seamus looking all grown up

Spending time with Mimi

Visiting with mommy during breaks

I love this picture!
Seamus spent the start of 5 months learning how to sit. He could balance for about 20 seconds before falling over. He spent a lot of the month working on getting stronger.
holding on to the stroller but sitting fairly well on 8/8

Very proud of himself

Add caption

Took lots of tubbies in the hotel sink, but we staged this one

By the time we were home he was sitting really well

and getting taller

Sitting up in the tubby for the first time

Broke out the Halloween HA jammies
Snuggled with his favorite stuffed animal
 Seamus gained about 2 oz every two weeks in August! At his vaccination appointment he was 15.8 oz. That was towards the end of the month.