Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Drool Never Ending

Ryan and I noticed that our sweet, easy baby was becoming increasingly fussy the last two weeks of July. Seamus was drooling, had a low grade fever, was congested, and needed to be held to sleep. Being experienced parents we knew he was teething. Cyrus started teething early, and it took him a long time to actually cut his first tooth. It was almost 5 months from the start of teething to the debut of his first tooth. So we were prepared for months of agonizing nights and days watching our littlest man work on that first tooth.

I was very surprised on Sunday, while letting Seamus chew on my fingers, to feel something sharp. I of course was very excited. I mean who wouldn't be excited at the thought of little teeth popping out of their exclusively breastfed child's gums.

I gingerly pulled back Seamus's lower lip and confirmed what my finger felt. Yep, Seamus has a little tiny whole in his lower gum and a little tip of white was popping through. Since the tooth has made its original breakthrough Seamus has actually been in much better spirits. I can not believe he sprouted a tooth a 5 months and 1 day old. Crazy!


My little spiderman
Auntie Rissa took Cyrus to see the dinosaurs when they came to Roanoke. While there she made sure to get his face painted. He looks dazed in this picture because he didn't take a nap that day.