Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4th of July 2012

This year we spent the 4th at my sister Rachel's house. She hosted a BBQ. The whole gang was there. Mom, Marianne, Amy & Keith, Rae, Matt, Livy & Tess, myself, Ryan, Cyrus & Seamus, Amy McNair (Palmer), Shad, Jack & Riley, and Lady Di (Diane Palmer - my childhood best friend,Tate's mom).

It was so much fun to watch the next generation interact with each other. Cyrus was so excited that there were boys to play with. The kids had a grand time. They started off playing downstairs. They were pretending to be super heroes and villains. Okay well everyone but Cyrus was a hero, he was a villain. When I went down to check on the kids I saw this...
bad guys never win. Riley is tackling Cyrus

Tess and Jack coming in to help Riley clobber Cyrus

The bad guy is down!

Hero Up!

*disclaimer - no children were hurt in the taking of these pictures

After getting hot and sweaty downstairs the kids went outside to play in the sprinkler (oh and yeah they ate some dinner).
Cyrus controlled the water

Olivia chasing everyone

Tess in control

I couldn't get near enough to get a cute picture
 After playing hard the kids came back inside and played some more. Cyrus got some special one on one time with Mimi (this does not happen often!)
Doing Mimi's Hair

Loving on Auntie Mimi
My mom also made sure to have birthday cake for Rachel and I. Our birthdays are 4 days apart July 22nd and 26th. I was supposed to be home for my birthday, but we decided to come early so that we could go to one of Ryan's family parties.

It was nice to celebrate my birthday with family. Eventually the night came to an end. On the drive home we saw a few fireworks.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

4 month update @ 5 months

Where did July go? I can't believe how fast the days are going by. I never did a chance to write a 4 month update (bad mommy). But I am going to do it now. And hopefully I'll find time to blog about the rest of our vacation, and do a 5 month update as well.

Our handsome boy 4 months old

4 Month Stats
Height: 26 inches
Weight: 14lbs 8 oz
Head size: okay I didn't write this one down but who really cares how big his head measures just take a look at him and you can see he has a big head

 Seamus reached all of his 4 month milestones early! This of course surprised me, I have been thinking he would be late on milestones since he was born early and not of his own accord, but apparently that doesn't matter.

At 4 months Seamus is:
  • Rolling from his back to his tummy (this is his favorite position to be in because he can look around easily)
  • Perfecting the tummy to back roll
  • His laugh has become more of a full belly laugh
  • Follows object of interest when taken out of view
  • He holds his head steady when upright
  • While on Stomach raises his chest supporting himself on his forearms
  • Grasps toys 
  • He will reach for his binky, or blankie
  • He squeals with delight (a lot)
  • Seamus keeps his head level with his body when pulled to sitting
  • He turns his head to see who is talking (usually mommy)
  • Seamus loves to stand (with a little help from whoever is holding him) he can bear almost all his weight on his legs
Dr. Craft was very pleased with Seamus's progress. He seems to think that Seamus will crawl and walk early. Towards the end of the month Seamus started to pull his knees under him while on his belly. It looks like he may start to army crawl soon.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Boston Children's Muesum

When Ryan and I packed up our lives and moved to Virginia neither of us imagined having kids EVER! Isabelle cured us of wanting children.  The thought that we would miss Boston never occurred to us. We knew we would eventually miss our families, but we knew we would never miss rush our traffic, ever changing traffic patterns due to the big dig, non-central AC housing, finger numbing bitter cold winters, snow, Snow, SNOW...and so on. It wasn't until we had children that we started to truly miss Boston and all that it has to offer families.

One of the things I love about going home is the ability to do so many things, with out having to drive an hour or more! There are at least six zoos in the greater Boston area, that is not counting places like Drumlin Animal Farm, a personal favorite of mine. I don't even know how many children museums surround the city but I know their are a ton. All of this makes me miss Boston so much now that I have a child who loves to learn and explore knew things. You can only go to the Mill Mountain Zoo so many times in a year.

While visiting with Ryan's family we went to the Boston Children's Museum. I have not been to the museum since I was a little girl. We were torn between the Science Museum and the Children's, but by the time we left the house we decided that the Children's Museum would be much more doable.

We drove into South Boston, and I reminisced about my old Boston Office days. The Children Museum is two blocks away from my old office building. The smell of the ocean was wonderful, and I secretly dreamed of eating fried clams from the Barfing Crab ( I mean Barking Crab, featured on Man Vs. Food, and one of the places I frequented after work back in the good ole days).

The museum was AMAZING. We could have easily spent all day playing there. All of the exhibits are interactive, and Cyrus had so much fun. I think all the adults had fun too! Nona, Bucca and Auntie Meaghan came with us to make the day extra special.
Seamus spent most of the day in Autie Meaghan's arms

Cyrus had a lot of fun with Bucca

Seamus loved all the noise and action

Cyrus climbed all the way to the third floor

I don't know what you call this thing, but it looked like fun

Cyrus in the bob cat...

Fun with Nona

They had a small city set up

Cyrus liked playing "clerk" at the grocery store in the city

Big Papi hits the ball far

Getting wet at the water table

Fun with Mama in the sand

Pulling himself up

Unsuccessful group photo

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hare vs. Hair

Ryan and I decided to take our family vacation to Boston a little early this summer. We drove up June 26th (stopping for the night in PA) and arrived at his parents house on the 27th. This was our longest trip home ever! We stayed until the morning of July 5th, when we packed up our car and headed home. As much as we love and miss our families we were very excited to get back home. Cyrus really missed Isabelle.

While staying with Nona and Bucca (Ryan's mom and dad) Cyrus experienced his first Road Race (sort of). Ryan, Meaghan and I were running a 5.2 miler on Thursday night, and before the race there was a 50 meter dash for Cyrus's age group!

Daddy Registering Cyrus for his race

Daddy pinning on Cyrus's number

Waiting to race

Bucca wearing Seamus during the race

Listening to the race director

On the starting line

On your marks get set


Go Go Go!

Everyone got a prize
Cyrus was so excited to race like daddy.  Unfortunately, we didn't have running shoes for him. He had to wear his adorable skater shoes, but they aren't great for speed work. Cyrus did not finish last, but he came in second to last. For most of the race he was in last place, but with about 10 feet to go he totally sprinted by some little boy! We were all very proud of him.

On the way home from the race he asked if we would buy him a pair of running shoes so he can practice his racing. I love him! I hope he loves running as much as mommy and daddy love it.

So while Cyrus was busy being a running hare, Seamus was busy losing hair. While at Bucca and Nona's we noticed that pretty much overnight Seamus lost the rest of his baby hair! He is now growing his big boy hair and Ryan and I are both amazed at how much hair is coming in. Cyrus was bald for such a long time, but Seamus has a beautiful head of hair. His hair is also coming in with some auburn highlights.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

June Summary

Here I am, once again realizing that a whole month has gone by with no updates from me. This is because we have been so busy having fun! I love the summer. Instead of posting a bunch of different posts I thought I would summarize June. I have also promised myself to never let a whole month go by with out writing.

June kicked off with Cyrus's swim lessons. Cyrus loves playing in the water but he hasn't had real lessons since baby survival class when he was a year. We decided to take advantage of the YMCA's summer swim program. Cyrus enrolled in Summer I and II and spent M-Th for the month of June in the pool learning to swim. Miss Susan and Miss Jen were his instructors. It was amazing to see his progression over the month. He is now completely comfortable in the water, but he doesn't know how to swim yet. I think  by next summer he will be swimming on his own.

Cyrus made friends with Jenna the first day

practicing his skills

Cyrus working on his kick with Miss Susan
Seamus has had a very productive June. In the month of June Seamus reached all his four month milestones ahead of schedule (more about all that in Seamus's 4 month update), but a few picture highlights:
Seamus started grabbing toys and putting them in his mouth

wait for it


The face of determination and hard work

Successful rolling over at 3.5 months
Cyrus smiling like mommy use to when she was little
I taught Cyrus some yoga, he is a fan of The Cobra position and likes to practice along side Seamus
 We had a lot of fun moments in June. But the highlight for Cyrus was the opening of Salem's very own Chick-Fil-A. He had been counting down the days since they broke ground on the project. Cyrus loves Chick-Fil-A and always orders the same thing. He loves their chicken salad sandwich, my big boy won't touch a chicken nugget if you paid him. He also loves their lemonade, fruit cups, and of course waffle fries. We met a preschool friend at Chick-Fil-A for a play date.
Caitlyn and Cyrus drinking lemonade

Aren't they cute

I really love these two!
Cyrus and Caitlyn played non-stop while Amy and I chatted about life. The only time they stopped moving was to eat their lunches. We are sad that Caitlyn won't be in Cyrus's class this coming fall. She will be in the pre-k class because she only has one more year until going to elementary school.

I'm sure there are some events in June that I missed, but this is what I can remember right now.