Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3 months

Can you believe that Seamus is 3 months old (actually 3 months, 2 weeks and 1 day to be exact)? I certainly can't. Time goes by so much faster with number two. My love for Seamus grows day by day. I'm amazed at the love I feel for him. He is really coming into his own. We are comparing him less to his big brother these days, or maybe I should say that we still compare them but we aren't saying he is like his brother in too many ways.
Seamus has a very rough schedule. He usually wakes up sometime between 4:00 am and 5:00 am. He nurses and then he and I snuggle back to sleep until 7:00 or 8:00 am. He wakes up very happy and playful. I nurse him again and then we start our day. This month I've been working which means Ryan has his hands full. We haven't really figured this all out yet. Honestly I've been having a hard time working from home. My most productive days have been when I left the house and gone to campus to make sales calls. I'm thinking that next week I will actually leave the house every day for a few hours and let the boys figure things out.
Seamus is actually very happy to be with daddy and he comes to see mommy when he is hungry (about every 3 hours). Now if only Cyrus would understand the concept of "mommy is at work".

So back to Seamus. During the morning hours he takes a few cat naps. Honestly it is hard to get #2 to nap well when #1 is constantly running around chasing the dog and causing chaos. After his third feeding of the day  he takes a longish nap (if you hold him he will sleep 3+ hours). Today he napped from 1:30-5pm...but he was in my arms.

I typically nurse him at 7 am, 10 am, 1 pm, 4pm, and 7 pm. However, I have been trying to let him make his own schedule so I am not pushing the schedule thing. At 8pm Seamus is usually asleep downstairs with Ryan. He still gets a bottle between 10-12am (Ryan wakes him up, and he chugs about 5 oz of breast milk).

Seamus's 3 month stats
Weight: 13lbs 9 oz
Height: not sure because he only had a vaccine appointment and I forgot to ask them to measure height
Vaccines: HIB and Prevnar

Ryan and I decided to follow Dr. Sears alternative vaccination schedule. It calls for more vaccines at an earlier age than what we did for Cyrus, but because we have a toddler we thought we needed extra protection for Seamus. Seamus is getting DTAP, Rotovirus, HIB, and Prevnar this summer (Cyrus only had HIB and Prevnar). I'm very comfortable with Dr. Sear's schedule.

Seamus has also met all of his 3 month milestones. At 3 months Seamus is:
Is going at least 5 hours with out feeding at night
rolls from his tummy to his back
sleeps on his side, but sometimes sleeps on his tummy
grabs toys and tag blanket

loves to be snuggled
loves tummy time
lifts his head and his entire chest off the ground
Seamus loves to be outside
He does not like to be hot, poor baby has not been thrilled with the summer tempertures
Is not a huge fan of the car seat
Loves when Cyrus sings to him or pays any attention to him
Talks a lot!

3 months exactly

Brother Time

Not amused
Loving being a family of four

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I so wish that I had been keeping a list of all the funny things Cyrus says. Ryan and I always talk about the things Cyrus comes up with and then we say "we have to blog that" but blogging is not a regular thing around here. Don't let this week fool you. I have been writing posts ahead of time and scheduling them. Yes I'm a cheater, or am I efficient and proactive hmmmmmm.

So I am going to attempt to document things that Cyrus says...let's see if I can keep up with him.

Last week:
Me: Can I have a sip of your slushie (at Target)
Cyrus: No mom, its not yummy for your tummy
Daddy: Can I have a sip of your slushie
Cyrus: Nope you wouldn't like it

After Church at Panera:
Daddy: Can mommy have a bite of your cookie
Cyrus: Nope and then proceeds to lick the cookie all over (Like that would deter me HA!)

This week:
Leaving Kroger with Daddy they were waiting for someone to pull out of a parking spot
Cyrus: "C'mon, are you driving or putting on makeup"

I'd like to blame the above on Uncle Keegan, b/c Ryan doesn't remember saying that ever. But I am pretty sure that I said it once like 4 months ago. In my defense the lady really was putting make up on at a red light.

Be careful what you say around Cyrus he is probably going to repeat it!

My personal favorite (of course)
Cyrus: Mom, Jesus had thorns on his head, and nails here and here (pointing to arms and legs - close enough right?). Mommy he died on the cross for my sin. I want to see Jesus on the cross...
okay and then it got creepy b/c he was obsessed at looking at pictures of our Savior crucified. As a child those pictures scared me, but Cyrus likes them.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mr. Green Thumbs

My last official week of maternity leave Cyrus and I spent doing some much needed gardening. I have really been looking forward to the warm weather so that Cyrus and I could start this project and use it to teach him about how God cares for us and takes care of all things (think Matthew 6).
The first project we started was Cyrus's very own pizza garden. We bought a Growums container kit from Lowes. http://www.growums.com/Gardens. This garden comes with an interactive website and really helps make it exciting for Cyrus. He loves to watch the movie clips explaining all the steps in planting a garden.
His pizza garden consists of Tomato, Basil, Oregano, and Green Pepper. We started from seed and it took about two weeks for us to see plants. This week we transplanted our seedlings into the self watering container.
The two on the left our Tomato plants, the two in the front are Basil and then Oregano, sadly the peppers didn't grow

This is my Romaine and Cucumber container. No Cucumbers yet, but I can't wait to eat some lettuce tonight
This is our first year trying to grow vegetables. I figured it was a great learning opportunity and a great cost saving initiative. If all goes well we will expand and start earlier next year. Now my family knows that I have a brown thumb, I mean how many people can kill a cactus? But currently our gardens are doing really well. I think Cyrus is my good luck charm.

Besides vegetables we decided to beautify the front of our house. I haven't planted anything for a long time. And I was sick of looking at this:

Now granted the Gailardia Galya Wild Fire (the orange yellow flowers) are beautiful. Actually I thought my landscaper had taken all these up last year (by accident) and I was really sad. But they are mounding plants and it transplanted itself to a crack at the garage door. I picked off some of the seeds and "planted them in the flower bed hoping that this year I would get a few plants. And it worked, and I am so happy! But other than the Wild Fire the bed was in need of work. My Yarrow has grown out of control and it doesn't really belong in the spot it was inhabiting. So Cyrus and I drew a picture of our garden and headed to the nursery on West River.

We dug up the yarrow and transplanted it to a barrel and placed it on our porch/deck. Then we planted a few other mounding plants, a daisy, a different species of Gailardia (Goblins), then we tossed in a few annuals (Marigold). In the back we planted two more red yarrow and a Bee Balm, which attracts butterfly and hummingbirds. Cyrus was a huge helper and was really into making sure mommy's brown thumbs didn't kill any of the plants.

We dressed up our whiskey barrels with Goblins (I had dug up a few from the garden to see if they would grow in containers), Lantana (one of my favorites) and a sprinkling of Marigold as well.
Cyrus loves to take care of his plants. He is in charge of watering and loves to play with the hose which is probably why our gardens are thriving. Can you tell how accomplished he feels from these pictures?

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trip to Target, dropping Trau

After our trip to the bike shop we decided to head up to the mall area to grab lunch and shop at Target. We were on the hunt for some super hero t-shirts, specifically the Avengers. Cyrus loves his super hero t-shirts, and gets very upset when he doesn't have a clean one to wear. He had been rotating between Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk and Wolverine. But his collection wouldn't be complete with out Ironman. While at Target we found some athletic shorts (which are another new obsession of his).
Last year Cyrus had three pairs of athletic shorts. He didn't care about his wardrobe last year. Shorts were shorts, shirts were shirts, and mommy dressed him in the morning. Somehow things changed halfway from two to three. Now my little man is quite the fashionista, in the boy sense of the world. His fashion sense screams little boy! If you see my child you will recognize him by the superhero on his chest. He must wear superheros, he is currently waiting for a new Hulk shirt because his old one is getting too small. Along with superheros he must wear athletic shorts. His shorts from last summer still fit, but they are a little short for my taste (right above the knee and I like them long and baggy). I refuse to let him wear them out, unless we are going to the park. They have been deemed play clothes (OMG I sound like a mom). And honestly I prefer he just let me pack them away so that they are still in good shape for Seamus someday. But Cyrus LOVES athletic shorts. So much in fact that when he saw a rack of them at Target, he got super excited. He was even more excited to see that they had black athletic shorts so he could wear black like Venom (oh yes Venom his still his favorite bad guy, but Clay Face is becoming a close second). And when I write "wear" I don't mean in the future sense of the word like "we are going buy  these today and you can wear them tomorrow" oh no not my child. Nope he pulled a Cyrus. My darling precious first born son dropped trau in Target and changed into his new favorite shorts. Before we even said yes to buying them. Yet another moment I wish I had my video camera for. If only I had an I Phone...
By the way the Must Have Shorts, are the shorts he was wearing in his new bike pictures.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Big Exciting Errand

After a morning of climbing trees, and playing monster, errands may seem like a drag. However, on this particular Saturday afternoon our big errand was something we all have been waiting for. Actually Ryan and I have been talking about this moment since before Cyrus was born. It is another one of those bitter sweet moments. You know your toddler is no longer a baby when...
you buy him his very first big boy bike

He gets on and takes off with out giving it a thought

He has great form and pedals like a pro

Stops long enough for mommy to capture some pictures

But doesn't want to stop too long

because there are miles of road to be traveled

And the sun is starting to set

and I'm not ready to get off my big boy bike yet

and this little one

enjoyed a relaxing ride

in his stroller
My baby is riding a big boy bike...granted it has training wheels on it, but still it is a big boy bike. We went to Just the Right Gear and let Cyrus try it out at the store. He was actually more interested in playing with Bradshaw (Steve's shop cat). But once we got home, he was all about his new bike. So much in fact that he promptly walked out to the back deck picked up his tricycle and tossed it off the deck into the grass very emphatically, as if he was saying "take that baby bike, I'm moving up in this world". I wish I had my video camera on for that actual moment.

We have gone to the bike path several times since buying the new bike. He is really fast. He drops me rather quickly when I am pushing Seamus is the stroller now. This week I am going to try bringing the running stroller and running along side our little speed demon. Not sure if I'll find his pace too slow or just right. But at least I won't be worried that he is too far off from me.