Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Big Snow of 2012

Last weekend was crazy. On Saturday we were running around in T-shirts enjoying warm weather, and Sunday it was freezing and snowing. Auntie Rissa and Memaw Debbie brought me home after my shower. Cyrus was very excited to see them, and wanted to play out in the snow with them. Which he did.
Snowball fight with Memaw Debbie

Very serious about snow ball fights

In action

Eating Snow or something
As you can see Cyrus had a blast!

Monday, February 20, 2012

37 Week and 4 Days Belly Shots

I've started swelling. My face is really bloated and I've had to stop wearing my wedding rings. However, in my honest opinion (and I am my worse critic) I am all baby. I am pretty sure the weight I've gained is all good pregnancy weight.

First Dentist Appointment

We added Cyrus to our dental insurance for 2012. Yes I know he's not even 3 and he is already going to the dentist, but we northerners take our dental health very seriously. Also I have notorious bad teeth, I'm prone to cavities; it is one genetic trait I wish I had not inherited...but I did so now I need to be diligent in caring for Cyrus's teeth.
Last Wednesday 2/15 Cyrus had his very first dentist appointment. He was actually very excited about going to the dentist office because both mommy and daddy have gone recently. Our appointment was first thing in the morning, because Cyrus does better in the mornings than in the afternoon.
Daddy read books about going to the dentist in the waiting room

someone was a little unsure

Daddy is handsome!

Excited about the "space ship" chair
Excited about Word World on TV

Not so sure about this "bib" thing

Showing his teeth like a "fierce hippo"

Listening intently
Learning about the special light they use to look at your teeth
I'm not letting that tooth brush near me

No mommy I don't believe you, I'm sure it will hurt

Dr. Reynolds come in to examine

Cyrus did such a good job

Cyrus and Dr. Reynolds
Have I mentioned that Cyrus did excellent at his first Dentist appointment? He didn't let them polish his teeth, but they said most children do not let them polish teeth on the first visit. Hopefully next time he will cooperate so we can get his teeth cleaned. Cyrus has 20 teeth, he is still waiting on his last set of molars. Over all his teeth are perfect and Dr. Reynolds didn't see anything that should be of any concern. Yay maybe my little boy didn't inherit my bad teeth genes.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter Carnival

I haven't blogged in a long time. I have had plenty of things to blog about, just no time to do so. I've been on the road for work almost every day trying to get ready for my 12 weeks of maternity leave. Unlike other jobs, when you are in sales time off isn't necessarily a good thing (even if you still receive full pay), time off means the potential for the competition to come in and steal business - so it can be sort of stressful. Hence, why I've been working really hard and not blogging.
So get ready for a blogging marathon!

Winter Carnival 2012

On January 13th Auntie Rissa and I took Cyrus to the Salem Civic Center to enjoy the winter carnival. We met Sophie, Naomi, and Abby there as well. It was a ton of fun. Last year Cyrus was too little to go on most of the rides alone. But this year he was the perfect height! He was still a little nervous about the rides, but he did very well.
Cyrus "Tebowing" in his Tom Brady jersey. The Pat's were playing the Bronco's later in the day.
Best Friends, Cyrus & Naomi
Love this sweet face

Riding the Jeeps

Having a good time

Love these girls! Sophie, Naomi, and baby Abby

you gotta love Naomi's cheese face

Having fun with Auntie Rissa

big hugs for Auntie Rissa

I love my boy!
first taste of cotton candy

 We always have the best time with our best friends! The kids had at ton of fun, but mommy was exhausted by the end of our day.