Friday, January 27, 2012

Fact Friday

One of my blogging friends asked me to write about our youngest son's name. So here are some facts to fill your Friday (and yes I probably should be working, but GSF Tech Support gave me a new database extract, and I can't do anything - worse timing ever!).

Seamus is of Irish decent, and is a variant of the Hebrew names James (one who supplants). It is amongst the non-popular names in the US. Each year in the United States about 500 Seamus's are born. This has been a consistent trend for the past 20 years (I know b/c I looked at a sensuous).

Alistair is of Greek origins meaning "man's defender", it is a common Scottish name.
So how did we decide on the name Seamus Alistair Hurley. The story is actually very similar to how we came up with Cyrus's name. Minus the 9 months of debating and looking at other names, b/c I put my foot down and said we looked at all the boys names when we were pregnant with Cyrus and we stuck with Cyrus. We know this babies name!
Once upon a time there were these two kids who were madly in love, and planning out their future together. Honestly, I have no idea why Ryan and I were choosing the names of our children when we hadn't even been dating a year, but there we were in my dorm room discussing names. Cyrus's name was easy and quick, and then we wanted something that would sound nice with his name. Ryan went to school with a Seamus, and I had been reading Harry Potter and a boy in the book series is named Seamus, so it was thrown on the table...and we both agreed. We didn't have a middle name. We decided at that time to wait on our middle name.
Fast forward to New Years Eve 2010. Ryan had just recently started listening to some preachers on the radio. One of them being Alistair Begg, of Truth for Life Ministries. I had been a fan of this pastor for several years. He is Scottish, has a wonderful brogue, and his teaching is hard hitting, thought provoking and practical. While we were at church Ryan said "How about Seamus Alistair Hurley" and I was like WOW, Ryan is ready to have another baby! LOL. Why he was thinking baby names before Cyrus was even one years old is beyond me, but I loved his choice. It is a beautiful and strong name.
The only other name we tossed around for our son is Xander (pronounced Zander). I like the name, but not as much as the name we have decided on. Who knows maybe someday we will adopt and have a little boy named Xander.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Womb Wednesday

Well officially his name is Seamus (pronounced Shay-muss for you southerners) Alistair Hurley. We've known his name since we found out he was a boy. And Cyrus may have told you, because he is very proud of his baby brother Seamus (and I just love the way he says Seamus), but I wanted to announce on the blog just in case you hadn't heard.

Today I went in to see Dr. Keeley for our 33 week and 1 day appointment. Things are progressing nicely. I'm still averaging a weight gain of one pound a week, I'm wishing it would taper down a bit, but I know at this point in pregnancy that Seamus is needing to put on his baby fat. However, I think I am going to stop my nightly ice cream intake. 

Seamus is very active at night, and I really love falling asleep to his little kicks. Well they aren't so little anymore, his movements are big and sweeping these days.  I cannot believe that in six weeks from now Seamus will be here.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Womb Wednesday

I wanted to write my Womb Wednesday last week, since we had our OB appointment on the 4th, however, I was very busy with my virtual national sales meeting. I was in meetings basically all week long.
Our 31 week and 1 day appointment went well. My blood pressure is perfect! I had only gained 1 lb since my previous visit (woohoo).We brought Cyrus with us because he wanted to see his baby brother on TV. We were scheduled for an ultra sound, which made the appointment even more exciting! Cyrus helped Dr. Keeley measure me, he liked using the tape measure. I was measuring a full week ahead, but that is nothing to be concerned about, and seems to be normal for me.

Cyrus was very excited to see his baby brother! As soon as Susan brought up the ultrasound image Cyrus said "that's his heart beat" don't ask me how he knew that because I have no clue. Baby Heffalump looks amazing! He is measuring a few days ahead of schedule at 3.13 ounces (of course that was last week, so I'm sure he is well over 4 lbs now). We saw him blowing bubbles, sticking out his tongue, scratching his head with his foot, hitting himself with his hands, rubbing his eyes and more! I even took video, so I can go back and watch it over and over and over and over again.
My favorite part of the ultra sound was when Cyrus yelled out "He looks like my mommy!" in response to seeing this...
I just love this picture! And I agree with Cyrus, this baby clearly resembles me in the nose and lip area. I never had a 3d ultrasound with Cyrus, so this was, as Cyrus likes to say, "a special treat". I find myself gazing at this picture often, and imagining what it will be like in 7 weeks to hold my precious son, who I have spent countless hours praying for over the past (almost) two years. My heart feels as if it is about to burst, I didn't realize how easy it is to love someone who I haven't even met yet. My love grows for this little boy with each passing is truly awesome...I guess this is the benefit of already being a mom, I know how to love my child. I am thankful to God for blessings us with another son, and for answering so many of our prayers for this child.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Like a Wolf

Cyrus has been potty training since Thanksgiving. Yes, it seems like forever, and yes I know if I would just be brave and let my boy soil himself then it would probably go a lot quicker. But I just can't do the whole non-pull up thing when we are out and about.
For the most part Cyrus stays dry, he has only had a few accidents. The part that is driving me crazy is that he doesn't just acknowledge that he has to go potty and then go...I mean he just waits until we bring him to the potty and that drives me nuts, and probably attributes for the few accidents he has had in his pull up.
Last week we started something different...Cookie rewards for pee in the potty if he initiates it. I'm not sure if he really gets it, because he has only initiated the process 3 or 4 times. But he sure does love the cookies.
On Saturday we spent the morning playing with Naomi at the playground. It was so nice to have time with my best friend while our kids played - I feel like we never get to just chat (she has a 3 month old so our times together have been scarce). Anyhow I told Cyrus to tell me if he had to go potty, I was hoping he wouldn't have to go because we don't travel with a portable potty because he goes standing up and I have realized that the little potty and boys standing up equals a really big mess. This led to Sophie and I having a conversation about where he would "go" she informed me that it is totally acceptable for a little boy to pee outside if it is in a secluded spot...well I always thought this, but really needed to hear it from another mom.
So the kids ate lunch and played and really wore themselves out. Then we packed up for nap time. As I got in the car I realized it had been about three and half hours since Cyrus had gone pee. I asked him if he could had to go or if he wanted to wait until we got home. He said "I need to pee in the woods" and pointed to some bushes. So out we went to pee against the side of the building and bushes. Cyrus was very proud of himself and thought it was such a novelty to pee outside...he started a conversation that went something like this:
"I'm going pee pee like a wolf"
Me: "yep, you are"
Cyrus: "Wolves pee outside on trees" in his half chuckle voice
Me: "that's right they do"

For what it is worth this is not the first time we have had to pee in the "woods" on our way down to the parking lot from the Mill Mountain Zoo on Christmas Eve he had to pee and actually pee'd on a tree like a wolf...which is how the whole "pee'ing like a wolf" thing started.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Taco Night

Taco night is always a success. It is the one meal that we don't have to "encourage" Cyrus to keep eating. He just digs in. For life of me I can't figure out why Taco Night is not a weekly event - it might be due to my acid reflux, but I think I am willing to suffer if it means that my child will eat dinner. 
Cyrus loves meatless tacos. Sometimes we hide a little turkey meat in his, but for the most part he just gets refried beans, black beans and all the toppings.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Summing up the Holidays, better late than never

The last few weeks have been a blur. I sort of feel like we failed in the whole making Christmas magical for Cyrus. Being sick right before the holiday really set us back a bit. And once Cyrus and I were feeling well, Ryan came down with what we had. It was not very cheery around our home.
However, the Friday before Christmas we actually got our Christmas tree up and decorated. Cyrus had lots of fun decorating, and playing with the few other random decorations we put out. Our neighbor, Star, came over and helped us - she comes over to hang out with Cyrus every once in awhile.

Cyrus loves Star!

Cyrus loves these hallmark snowmen, they sing and shake

My Christmas Elf

I love this picture, its scary funny
Once the house was decorated, we were ready for Christmas Eve! This year we celebrated Christmas with the Szuch family, and since both Carissa and Jeremy got married in 2011, we had to share them for the holiday. We did our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. Meemaw (Debbie's mom) did the bulk of the cooking...she is famous for her stuff shells and meatballs, Susan (Debbie's sister) was home from Texas, and then Jeremy and Arin were home from Chicago, so it was full dinner table. Cyrus ate lots of salad, and meatballs. We had a great time of fellowship! At some point I'll get Carissa's pictures, I took very few, but here are a few.
Cyrus admiring our Christmas tree

Opening the first gift from Auntie Rissa and Uncle Keegan

Opening Meemaw Debbie's gift

He was very thankful, he loves Meemaw

after dinner, and church Cyrus came home and posed in front of the tree

Love him, wish his shirt was tucked in

The Firetruck from Meemaw Debbie - he still loves it
Once we got home from Church it was time to get Cyrus ready for bed. We put him in his Hanna Andersson Christmas Jammies (however, he was adamant about wearing his spiderman t-shirt over it, and even told me it matched). Then we, and by we I mean Ryan, wrapped presents. 
his "big" gift was too big to wrap. Daddy wanted this to be from Santa, but I didn't

Stocking and presents waiting for Christmas morning
Cyrus woke so early on Christmas. We were hoping he'd follow his new routine and we'd sleep in until 8. However, little man woke up at 6:30 and said "We go down stairs and play with my fire truck" - you've got to be kidding me. Oh well. We all got up. 

Coming down stairs

Ooooooh singing things (ADHD got the best of him)

Who cares about presents? I'm going to play with these

Not sure what this look was about

Giving Isabelle her presents

Watching her open presents

So excited about the trash truck from Nana

The "Big" present

Playing with super hero action figures
Cyrus also got a balance bike + helmet from Nona & Bucca

Christmas day was spent around the train table. I think we played with it almost all day. The train table doubles as an action figure play ground. One of Cyrus's favorite presents were two sets of little marvel action figures. The packages contained Spiderman (each package had one spiderman), Ironman, Wolverine, Hulk and Doctor Octopus.

Overall we had a wonderful Christmas, and we hope you did too!


I'm not sure about everyone else, but the week before Christmas my child was a wild child. He wasn't sleeping or napping well. Granted we were just recovering from being sick. On Wednesday December 21st I decided to take our little man to JUMP! Jump is the new inflatable place on 419 in Roanoke. Cyrus loves Jump, Auntie Rissa had brought him there before and when I asked if he wanted to go I thought he might pee his pants with excitement.
When we arrived I realized that one of my customers was there with her nieces. So I got to talk to an adult, and Cyrus had a few playmates to run around with.
Cyrus was non-stop running and spinning while playing

Posing with his new friends

Top of the slide

He loved it!