Friday, December 23, 2011

Baby Birds

During the first trimester and early weeks of the second trimester of this pregnancy I lived on hard boiled eggs. It was literally the only protein I could eat. So I usually at two a day. This week with the whole gestational diabetes scare (by the way I passed my 3 hour test woot woot), I have realized that I have really been neglecting eggs in general. This week I have decided to go back to eating hard boiled egg, at least one a day.
Yesterday, Cyrus was helping me in the kitchen. Which really means he was hovering as I was trying to get all my stuff together to leave for work for the day. Yesterday this consisted of me starting the hard boiled eggs (Ryan always takes over when I'm in the kitchen - b/c lets face it I am not gifted in the kitchen arena).

While Cyrus and I were getting ready we had a funny conversation
Cyrus: "Baby Birds Mommy" pointing to the carton of eggs (I looked at Ryan with a look on my face that I'm sure said Uhm how do I handle this one)
Me: "Yes, sometimes eggs have baby birds in them, but these ones don't" (then I was transported back to my youth when I was making eggs and swear to God that I saw a little itty bitty bird embryo which swore me off eating eggs for good).
Cyrus: "Baby birds in eggs"
Sarah: "You are very smart, but these eggs aren't fertilized so there are no baby birds in them" (Hopefully, I really couldn't handle reliving my childhood experience all over again).

I quickly put the eggs back in the refrigerator and started a new conversation with my very sweet, very smart little boy.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Womb Wednesday, but its Thursday!

I wanted to write on Monday the 19th after my actual OB appointment, but the virus I have been fighting was truly kicking my butt. And then I thought well I'll have to time write before Womb Wednesday, but in reality I didn't. So here you go:
This past Monday I had my 29 week appointment. I took my glucose challenge and failed miserably. I was very surprised. This pregnancy I feel like I have been eating relatively healthy, and handling sweets in moderation. I thought for certain this would help me pass the test based on the fact that I ate mainly carbohydrates and sweets while pregnant with Cyrus and passed just fine. Well I learned that the glucose tolerance test has nothing to do with my regular diet and has everything to do with how my pancrease and the placenta are tolerating stuff.
My blood pressure was excellent and my weight is awesome! I have only gained 19.5 lbs this entire pregnancy. By 28 weeks with Cyrus I was +30lbs so I am feeling very accomplished.
Baby Heffalump was on a sugar high and his heart rate was up in the 160s. My fundal height measurement is 29.5 which is slightly ahead, but normal.
I spoke with Dr. Keeley about some concerns I have regarding my MTHFR mutation and impact it has on babies heart development. Dr. K, being the sweet wonderful doctor that he is agreed to schedule another ultrasound to check out babies heart on January 4th. I am really excited to see him again, and to make sure everything has continued to progress normally.
At this point we are back to having appointments every two weeks. This makes me feel so much better. I don't know why going to see Dr. Keeley makes me feel so much more at ease regarding being pregnant but it does, and it also means that we are in the final countdown!
At 29 weeks the average size of a baby is 2.5 lbs and about the size of a butter nut squash. I think our baby is bigger than that. I think he is rivaling Cyrus in size. Actually thinking back on Cyrus and his size I'm wondering if I developed gestational diabetes with him and got a false negative on the one hour test (it can happen, and you can manipulate the test by eating lots of protein). Anyhow I went in for my 3 hour glucose test on Tuesday and should hear the results by tomorrow. If I do have gestational diabetes I'll have to go to a class and learn all about GD. I'll have to monitor my blood sugar daily, and change my eating habits. The upside is that I'll probably gain very little weight in the next 2 months. The negative side is doing the blood testing. I hate finger pricks, I would much rather get a vile of blood drawn out of my arm (I've just become use to this in the past two years) then prick my finger - it hurts so bad.
Well this was just the most thrilling post ever! Oh well in the spirit of counting down tomorrow we will be officially 9.5 weeks away from delivery. That may seem like a long time to most people, but to me it is right around the corner. WooHoo!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pizza Time

I have been wanting to make pizza with Cyrus for a very long time. This past summer I made pizza with my nieces Olivia & Tess and it was so much fun. Cyrus wasn't very interested in the process. Then back in the fall Cyrus and I went to Kroeger and picked out everything we wanted to put on our pizza. However, Ryan wanted to be helpful and made the pizza for us. He didn't realize I wanted to do a fun activity with our little boy.
Well this past week has been anything but fun. Both Cyrus and I have been sick. Cyrus came down with a virus on Saturday night. We brought him to the doctor on Monday and discovered on top of the virus he also had an ear infection. I would have say that the antibiotics made Cyrus feel so much better. By Tuesday morning I had a sore throat, by Wednesday I was full blown bed ridden sick and I actually haven't made much progress in getting better.
So since Mommy hasn't been much fun, Daddy suggested we make pizza last night. It was a great idea, accept for the fact that I was miserable b/c my virus went to my right eye and I now have pink eye. But still Cyrus had so much fun making his pizza. And Ryan had a ton of fun making our pizza.
Enjoy some of the pictures I took.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cyrus's Big Boy Room

We have been working on Cyrus's big boy room for some time now. It started with many conversation with Cyrus regarding what he wanted the theme of his room to be. I could not decide between dinosaurs and construction trucks. Cyrus eventually decided on dinosaurs. Then came the difficult task of finding the perfect bedding. I searched for months and months and months until I found exactly what I was looking for.
The challenge was finding realistic dinosaurs in non-obnoxious colors. I found lots of "cartoony" dino sheets, that were in aqua, orange and red, and things of that sort. But every where I looked I could not find the greens and tans of the realistic dinosaurs. Until I searched on Pottery Barn Kids website. I had missed these sheets because they are not featured in the catalog, they are online only. I saw them and instantly fell in love. The perfect sheets!
Next we had to determine the perfect color for the room. I knew it was going to be a green but not sure which green we would go with. I really love muted greens, think "celery" or "lambs ear" etc. However, I couldn't find a shade that looked right. It actually took nine samples, and about 4 weeks until I found the perfect green. The only reason I was able to find the green was Sophie pointed out that the PB Kids catalog has all the paint colors they use in their rooms listed in the catalog. Finally I decided on Stem Green. It is beautiful, but a lot more bold and vibrant than what I am use to. I let Cyrus and Naomi have the final say on which color to put on the wall...leave it to two two year olds to pick out the boldest color sample on the wall.
The picture does not do the color justice. It is actually really beautiful, and perfect for a little boys room. It also compliments the sheets perfectly! After we had the paint, the bedding, and the bed I was then tasked to find the perfect book/toy shelf. It took a few weeks. It would have taken five minutes if I had listened to my sister Amy and my friend Carissa. They both mentioned the closet maid cubicles from Target, but I hate going to the mall area. Finally after exploring all other options I realized that I had to go to Target. And the shelving was perfect!

Window treatments and decals were difficult to find as well. Once again the dinosaur decals that I found were mostly cartoonish. And the curtains that I kept finding were not the right color brown. After some searching I did finally find the perfect decals, and the perfect curtains. I'm still looking for the perfect sash to hold the curtains back so you can see the decals underneath the window.

I love Cyrus's big boy bed. We went with a full size sleigh bed, and a really comfortable mattress (I should know I sleep in it almost every night). So far I have only put up a few decals, because Ryan says less is more. We even found a dinosaur pillow pet! Now the only thing we are waiting on is our custom art. Sophie is painting four original dinosaur paintings. They will be simple just a white background featuring four types of dinosaurs (T-Rex, Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and Stegosaurus). Two of the paintings will go on the wall next to Cyrus's bed, and the other two will go on the wall above the bookcase.  Oh and we would like to find a Pterodactyl to hang from the ceiling. 
I actually love this bedroom, and am very pleased at the way it came out. I am not a creative person, and this was one of the hardest tasks I had to do so far as a mom. Silly I know, but true. I wanted everything to be perfect for Cyrus's room, and I really feel like it is!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Potty Training

Ryan and I decided that it was time to get serious about potty training. We have been going about it in a very relaxed manner for about a year. Sometimes Cyrus used the potty and sometimes he did not, and in general we were okay with that.
However, we started noticing that at school he is completely potty trained. Which made us realize that we should really step up our game at home. We may be missing out on the perfect time to lay down the potty law!
The problem with potty training is that it is a huge commitment. First you need to pick a few days that you can afford to not leave the house so that your toddler can run around the house nude, secondly you, as a parent, need to be ready to be vigilant on the war against pee-pee accidents. This means becoming a slave to the clock and bringing your child to the bathroom every 45 minutes. Last but not least you need to become "unafraid" of public bathrooms (YUCK). While potty training you will most definitely visit every public bathroom that you come in contact with. I get anxious just thinking about it.
So we officially started potty training on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving because I had some extra time off from work and was going to be around to help with the endeavor. Cyrus stayed home all day Wednesday, and if we needed something Ryan went out for it. We had a few accidents, and a lot of moments where Cyrus didn't want to try and go potty. Two year olds have a mind of their own which is why I should have done this last year. Wednesday was a rough day on everyone. Thursday was Thanksgiving and we broke our potty training rule, we left the house to enjoy a movie as a family. Luckily Cyrus did great at the movie and used the potty twice while we were there. Friday we broke our rule again and went out. When out we had Cyrus wearing underwear with a pull up over them (this was advice that came from his preschool director). On Friday we just had to run a few errands and Cyrus had no accidents, but did visit several public restrooms. I am so thankful that Cyrus is a boy, hence pee's standing up. Saturday, Cyrus went to Saturday Sitter at the Y, and had a great potty training day. His only accident came upon us right before leaving for church on Sunday, which doesn't surprise me (Sunday mornings = chaotic in our home).
Okay so I think that is enough of the day by day play by play. As you can see Cyrus is doing really well with the whole potty training thing. Two weeks later and we are still feeling successful, though Wednesday was a "hard potty training" day in Ryan's words. I was gone most of the day, but noticed that when I came home he had two accidents. Ryan said he was very distracted all day and didn't make it to the potty much. Ugh. But Thursday he was back to himself. So who knows what Wednesday was all about.
Poop potty training is a totally different story. Sorry to go there but I am...Once we started potty training Cyrus all of a sudden became freaked out by poop. He doesn't want to go in a diaper, or a pull-up or on the potty. He would like poop to just disappear. It is sort of cute how he reacts to "poop". We are pretty sure he has been holding it in. We think this because he has gone from a once a day goer, to a maybe once every other day with no change in diet or schedule. The other night he woke up at 10pm and called for me from his bedroom doorway. I went to him and he said "I don't want you to see my poop", I asked if he had to go and he said "yeah" I brought him to the potty, and looked in his diaper, he freaked out. He was "going" and didn't want me to put him on the potty, but he also didn't want to go. Daddy came up to assist. We told him it was okay to poop and that everyone does it. I also told him it is okay to go in his diaper until he gets use to going in the potty. I guess it is actually a big transition to go from diaper to potty at least for #2. The ordeal lasted a good ten minutes. I felt so bad for my little man he seemed so traumatized. However, after all was said and done he wanted to look at (in his words) "my huge poop".  We are hoping that he makes the transition to pooping in the potty soon.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Womb Wednesday

I don't have an appointment with Dr. Keeley until December 19th, but I thought I would go ahead and write a "Womb Wednesday" because this week marks the transition from 2nd trimester to 3rd trimester. Woohoo!
 Today I am 27 weeks and 1 day pregnant, some days I just can't believe it. I am so thankful to be this far along. No day goes by that I take for granted, I am truly blessed.
Many people back home have requested to see my belly. This pregnancy I have not taken any pictures of myself. Today is a milestone...The first pregnant picture was taken.
Here are a few pictures of my 27 week belly.
I hadn't noticed how low I am carrying Baby Heffalump! I mean I notice in his movements. Most of his movements are still down feels so odd. When he is really wild I do get some big kicks up above my belly button (or what is left of it).

Cyrus is really excited about becoming a big brother! He loves to kiss his baby brother already. We are really looking forward to watching our boys develop a bond like no other.
 I am feeling really good! I have not gained nearly as much weight as I had with Cyrus by this time. The back pain that I had with Cyrus has finally paid me a visit. It isn't constant yet, but comes and goes. With Cyrus I think the pain started by 20 weeks. I am happy that I've made it as far as I have with out the back pain. I chalk it up to better weight management, being stronger than I was first time around, and working out 3-4 times a week (5 times in a really good week!).
Baby Heffalump moves a lot! He is very active in the evening usually around 9:00 pm-11:00 is when he is practicing his acrobatic routine. Sometimes I even wake up around 3 due to his shifting. This week I started noticing his them! I also started noticing that my morning sickness is trying to return. I'm keeping it at bay by becoming a "grazer" I'm eating several small meals instead of three regular meals. Grazing is also helping with my heart burn.

Other news in the pregnant world of Sarah:
  • I can still wear my low rise jeans (non-maternity), but only wear them once in awhile
  • Loving Spiced Apple Cider
  • Indulges in at least 3 bagels a week
  • Dessert - yes please - ice cream is my first choice
  • Cravings: soup is still number 1 and if I eat it for dinner I have no acid reflux issues at night, tuna fish sandwiches (this was a huge craving during 1st trimester, and it came back this week), grapes, olives, pickles
  • Aversions: still not a huge fan of meat, but can tolerate chicken and the occasional hamburger
  • Hungry: When I was pregnant with Cyrus I remember being hungry all the time, this time around not so much. I'm really hungry after I work out, but other than that I eat when I need nourishment, but no hungry horrors.
  • Okay I do notice days here or there where I can't eat enough I chalk that up to baby growth spurts or something
  • Well Endowed - I didn't think it was possible, but I am now larger on top than I have ever been in my entire life (including while nursing Cyrus). I'm not thrilled about this, and neither is my back.
I think that is it for now....

Attempt Number 1

Last year Cyrus, Ryan and I had so much fun decorating our Wilton's pre-assembled ginger bread house, that we thought we'd get a little crazy this year and do a ginger bread train. Cyrus loves trains, so this is perfect for him.
We pulled out the train on Sunday after nap time. I started carefully separating the pieces of the train (this is easier said than done). Cyrus took a bite out of one of the train sides, I got frustrated b/c every piece of cookie I touched seemed to crumble in my hand (at least a little bit). Nothing seemed to be working for me, and poor Cyrus was getting very impatient waiting to decorate. I probably should have let him assemble the train I'm sure he would have done a better job. When I was finally finished this is what my train looked like...

I gave up! Seriously this was the hardest project I have ever attempted. Now I remember why I wasn't all that into decorating ginger bread houses as a kid. In my pregnant state I flat out had enough, plus it was really hard to do crowd control (Cyrus was trying to eat the frosting and all the candy), and build at the same time.
Thankfully Daddy came to my rescue. Ryan sent Cyrus and I upstairs to work on a different project, while he finished the train. See I'm not the only one who couldn't put it together with Mr. Grabby Hands (Cyrus) trying to eat the cookies and frosting.
Obviously, Daddy did a much better job than Mommy. Granted he had to make do with all the broken pieces Cyrus and I left him. Eventually this train will even be decorated!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Flock of Sea Gulls

Cyrus was rocking his "Flock of Sea Gulls" hair this morning. Ryan thought we should gel it and let him go to school sporting the look. I am pretty sure the emo kids have stopped styling their hair like this - at least I hope so.
Cyrus experienced a restless night, literally. The boy was up at 12:00 am, 2:00 am, and 4:00 am. At midnight, Daddy brought him back to his bed room and settled him. At 2:00 am mommy went to sleep in his bed with him. At 3:00 am mommy left frustrated that her chatterbox wouldn't stop talking. Daddy went in to settle him. At 4 am a certain little man came pitter pattering in to my room again. I once again went to snuggle. Finally he fell asleep and we slept until 8 am. But Cyrus tossed and turned a good bit. Resulting in the wonderful hair style. I guess this sort of sleep pattern is what I get for letting him nap from 12:40-4 yesterday afternoon.

At least he woke up in good spirits!

Friday, December 2, 2011


On our way home from the gym last night....
Cyrus: "Venom needs to eat"
Me: "I'm sure he does, we all need to eat dinner when we get home"
Cyrus: "What we eating for dinner?"
Me: "I'm not sure, I told daddy that I would like soup"
Cyrus: "I don't like soup. Its not yummy in my tummy"
Me: "Really? I think it is delicious."
Cyrus: "Soup is not delicious in my tummy"
Me: "That's okay, you don't have to like everything that mommy likes. How about pizza or Mac & Cheese"
Cyrus: "Maybe Soup in my tummy"

When we got home daddy had prepared cheesy broccoli (one of Cyrus's favorites). He then looked at daddy and said "No, I want soup"
Love how my child changes his mind. Oh and no he didn't want soup. Once we offered it to him he turned his head and went back to eating his broccoli, and mac& cheese.