Friday, October 28, 2011

Fighting Pavement

Cyrus fought the pavement, but the pavement won
Last week Cyrus took a face plant on his way into the YMCA. He was so excited to hit the automatic door button that he tripped and scraped up his nose and right under his nose. He has been very cute in retelling the story of how he got his boo boos. This is the first time he has done a full on face plant. He has since realized that picking scabs is fun, but I keep reminding him that he is making his boo boos hurt more by doing that. I'm hoping the scabs go away and there will be no permanent markings left on my boy.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Making Memories

I'm not the greatest at creating memories, or coming up with family traditions or following thru on the traditions that I think we want to develop. But this year I am really trying to make it all happen. I've been trying to think about what memories I cherish from my childhood, so that I can recreate them for my children.
A few of the things I remember doing as a child in the fall are - apple picking, raking leaves and jumping in them, decorating cookies, watching mom bake pumpkin bread, mulled apple cider, watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, eating beef stew before going trick or treating on Halloween. I have failed miserably at apple picking. Not once have we gone, but that is because the apple picking season starts when it is hot out here and it doesn't feel like a very fall thing to do. But we have substituted apple picking with the pumpkin patch. I also fail miserably in the kitchen, so I'm not foreseeing beef stew next Monday, and even if I made it my child wouldn't eat it. But I can make cookies and I'm not afraid of messes so...

We baked cookies! And by we I mean Ryan, because even though I know I can bake cookies, I'd rather play with Cyrus and Ryan prefers cooking. Cyrus was in charge of decorating, and only needed a little help to frost the cookies.

I think Cyrus ate more of the decorations than he actually put on the cookies. He was eating hand fulls of chocolate sprinkles and trying to spoon frosting into his mouth (yes he is my child).
Cyrus's Masterpieces I like the Ghost with 4 random eyes

Very serious about decorating cookies

Marshmallow mouth

someone had to taste a cookie!
This was fun for the whole family. Even Isabelle enjoyed cleaning up the mess that Cyrus made on his chair and the floor.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall, Fun, Family & French Fries

Ryan, Cyrus and I had such a wonderful weekend. On Friday night Cyrus went to the Y for Parents Night Out, and Ryan and I went on a date. It was a simple night we just went to Annie Moore's because we haven't been there in forever. Cyrus was excited because his friends Kyleigh-Jo and Zack were going to be there as well. I was excited to have a night out! Ryan and I soon realized how truly lame (or old) we are because even though the Y had our baby until 9:30, we were on our way home to pick him up by 8:45. I was literally exhausted.
On Saturday we had a very big day planned. Family fun day - I was so excited. With Ryan back to coaching I thought we would miss out on a lot of traditional fall stuff, but luckily he has had several weekends at home.
Saturday morning we all slept in until 7:15, then daddy went downstairs and made chocolate chip pancakes (yum). After breakfast we all got dressed and loaded up the car for a day at the farm. Layman Family Farm is a short drive, and they do an excellent job creating a fun fall atmosphere for kids as well as parents. Cyrus was so excited about going to the pumpkin patch (I honestly don't get this excitement because I'd much rather buy my pumpkin after it has been washed).
We took a hay ride to the pumpkin patch

I love my scab faced boy!
Cyrus wanted a big pumpkin

But his muscles are still a little underdeveloped for heavy lifting

So he settled for a smaller pumpkin

But got distracted by this one

and was excited to show me the "bumpy pumpkin"
Lovin' on daddy on the way back to the farm attractions
After the hayride and pumpkin patch we (meaning Cyrus) participated in the other fun activities.
bouncy pillow thing - I so wanted to play on this
Excited to ride the moo-choo
I can't believe I actually fit in the cow! Ryan got a few funny pictures of me trying to maneuver myself into the thing (not made for 21 week pregnant women apparently). I love how when Cyrus is excited, or really focused he sticks his tongue out or bites his lower lip...I think Ryan and I both do that.

One of Cyrus's favorite activities was the No Left Turn Maze. It was the perfect size for a 2.5 year old.
He ran through a ton of times

Seeing the joy on his face each time he rounded the exit chute was priceless

Full steam ahead

exiting and sprinting to the entrance again

Trying to slow down
After the small maze we decided that it would be fun to do the big Corn Maze. I was a little nervous, but Cyrus was so excited that I didn't want to disappoint him. The most amazing thing was that we followed Cyrus from the entrance to scarecrow 3 (over half way through the maze). The workers in the maze told us he was doing an excellent job. We only ran into trouble when Cyrus and I started feeling hungry and fatigued. Instead of following Cyrus's lead we followed the parental instincts - which were wrong. It probably only took us on a 5-7 minute detour but my anxiety kicked in.
Cyrus really loved the corn maze and loved that he was our fearless leader through it. I seriously love my kid, and love having family fun days!
We should go this way

Keep up guys!

Found a scarecrow, lets find another one

This is the way, I know it!
Cyrus's new way of drinking his beverages when at a restaurant

Proud Mama moment my child is dipping his fries in blue cheese - JUST LIKE ME!

Silly daddy pose
Mommy was starving by the time we finished the maze. And we still hadn't played in the corn crib yet. My body was also achey, but I didn't want to miss out on any of the fun. We made a quick trip to the corn crib so Cyrus could play with trucks and stuff. Then we whisked him away to Applebee's (not our favorite restaurant - it use to be good but its gone down hill), it was near by and on the way home and Cyrus had requested french fries for lunch, and who am I to deny him that after he lead me out of the corn maze. We had an excellent lunch (meaning the company was good and we laughed a lot), then we all went home and took naps! Best Saturday Ever!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Kangaroo Pouch

I promised I would share with everyone why we thought Cyrus had figured out he was going to be a big brother. Ryan and I were very careful not to talk about baby heffalump around Cyrus. However, Cyrus is a smart kid, and seemed to pick up on the fact that I was pregnant all on his own.
The Tuesday before our big ultrasound appointment we took Cyrus to see Dr. Craft for a croupy cough. Cyrus was being a little rough, so we told him to be careful of mama's belly. He said "baby in there" which pretty much shocked me. I looked towards Ryan and he reminded me that the kangaroo episode of Wild Kratts had been on in the morning. After a few minutes of shock I decided that Cyrus really had figured out that his Mama had a baby in her belly. We know Cyrus is very smart and observant and never forgets anything, so it shouldn't really surprise me too much since we spent the summer watching my best friend Sophie's belly expanding and talking about Naomi's baby sister Abby.
Though during the conversation Ryan did ask Cyrus "like a Kangaroo", and Cyrus said "yep baby kangaroo in their"
After that day we determined that it was pointless to hide our pregnancy from Cyrus. When I would break out my fetal heart rate doppler I would ask him if he knew what mommy was doing and he would say "Listening to heart beat" and I asked "who's heart beat" and he said "baby". We then realized that there was no point in not bringing him to our big ultrasound appointment, because no matter what happens Cyrus has figured something out. He was very cute at the appointment he even told the ultrasound technicians what his baby brother or sister would be named. This just goes to proves that kids hear everything even when you think they aren't listening. I'm sure Ryan and I have discussed names while Cyrus was in the room, but never thought he really understood what we were talking about.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Well we all know how certain toddler words can sometimes sound like profanity. Ryan has a cousin who just could not say "Dump Truck", it would come out "Dumb". To people who are not the parents, this common occurrence is quit entertaining. I now feel bad for being one of those people who would chuckle when "frog" would not sound like frog at all.
For the past few months Cyrus has been yelling something. It actually started back in July, while Ryan and I were in TN. We came home and noticed him saying something that sounded too similar to a certain four letter cuss word and You. For the first couple of months we ignored it because we have learned from friends with older children that the more attention you give the child for an unacceptable behavior, the more they will do it. Then a few weeks ago when things were starting to get quiet at church Cyrus yells out "fuuuuukgooooooooo" or something like that. I could feel myself turn many shades of red. Ryan tried to hush our boy down, and I instantly thought "OMG these people are going to think he learned cussing from us" We do not cuss, okay maybe by accident sometimes but never ever have we said the FU combination or the F alone in front of our child. I mean we are from Boston and sometimes the F work is used as an adjective, but we have really cleaned up our language.
Cyrus has been saying it more and more often. Usually while playing or when Mama is getting ready for work in the morning. It is driving Ryan and I crazy. We know he is not saying what everyone thinks he is saying, but we just can't figure out what he is trying to say. Over the weekend he wanted me to say it. I mimicked the sounds he made, and he laughed, he got quiet and said "that's a bad word". Well I was appalled. I mean honestly I know it isn't a bad word. So I took the direct approach (Ryan still isn't happy about this). I asked Cyrus if he was saying "F*ck" he looked at me and said "No".  I was satisfied, my child is not cussing.
This morning Ryan came home and asked Cyrus to say "Yahoo" obviously we are trying to figure out what combination of words sounds like FU when put together by a two and half year old. Sadly, it wasn't yahoo. Then it dawned on us. Ryan asked Cyrus what a rooster says and there we had it "Fuuuuuuuuukgoooooooooooo" we are satisfied. If you hear my child cursing please know he is actually pretending to be a rooster - I'm so glad he got the little people barn yard for his birthday. Now I need to send a note to school with him so his teacher knows that he isn't saying a bad phrase.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rise of the Heffalump

I love all things Winnie the Pooh, but I especially love Pooh's Heffalump. When I was little I remember being slightly scared by the "Heffalump and Woozle" song and movie. However, at some point Heffalumps became very cutely drawn and were no longer scary looking. Isn't that heffalump above just the cutest thing?

 But this one is even cuter, and yes I am biased because it is our very own special little heffalump

Are you surprised? I hope not, because if you are it means that you have been thinking that I have been turning into a heffalump myself as my belly has expanded each week. Actually, that is how Ryan came up with baby's womb name. I was worried that I looked fat (I had lost over 25 lbs prior to getting pregnant, but all of a sudden you couldn't tell I lost a pound). Ryan said "why because you are heffalumpy?" and I said "I'm not a heffalump" and he said "well you have one inside you" or something to that extent. And so a baby name was decided on.
We have not talked much about Baby Heffalump. We have only shared the news with our family and nearest and dearest friends. It was a special secret, that I just wanted to hold onto for as long as possible. We were very cautious in when to share our news. Even as we entered the second trimester, I felt uncomfortable sharing with people, but I did manage to tell my bible study girls so they could pray for me and baby. Ryan and I would pick a point in time to share, and that time would come, and neither one of us would say a word. Until my belly got so round that we really couldn't hide it anymore, that is. I am obviously pregnant now. More of my customers know I am pregnant then people in my personal life - I think that is sort of funny. But my customers see me every day. And I have done an excellent job avoiding people through out the summer.
Ryan and I had our big anatomy scan of baby yesterday morning. And he looked beautiful! We are so thankful to God for blessing us with another son. Baby Heffalump is due on March 6th, but I am almost 100% sure that he will be born on February 28th by scheduled c-section. I know it will be a c-section, we just haven't scheduled the exact date and time, but Dr. Keeley thinks the 28th at this time.
We told Cyrus that he would be a big brother yesterday, but he seemed to have already figure it out. I'll write about that story at a later time.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

13 Years is a long time

Yesterday was a sad day at our home. As many of you know, when Ryan and I first started dating we purchased a tiny beautiful bunny. We named him Spaz D. Bunny but have affectionately referred to him as "bun" or "the boy" for most of his life.

Spaz has been with us every step of our relationship, and he is very dear to us. Even Cyrus has developed a bond with him. Well it has been obvious that our 13 year old rabbit has been getting "long in the tooth". I knew his time was coming soon, but I just wanted to out it off for as long as possible.

Yesterday afternoon Ryan discovered that Spaz wasn't moving at all. After picking up Cyrus from preschool, Ryan noticed that Spaz seemed worse off. His breathing has been labored for awhile now, but yesterday he became paralyzed. The change was quick since the night before he seemed back to him self jumping up to see me when I came in his room. I even thought "maybe you aren't dying after all"

Ryan called me while I was 2 hours away on campus, to let me know what was going on with our sweet Bun. Ryan was a hero and brought Spaz to our vet. Spaz had lost over 1/2 his body weight. He had been eating a ton and drinking a lot, so I didn't think to bring him to the vet because I was looking for typical signs of being sick (not eating, not drinking, not going to the potty).

There was nothing that the vet could do to make him comfortable. She said it was time to say good-bye. I was mess because all I could think about was that I didn't get to say good-bye. I am so thankful that Ryan was home and that my bun didn't suffer for too long. I'm also thankful that he took care of cleaning Spaz's room out, I honestly could not handle doing it. Ryan is thankful that I didn't have to see Spaz in yesterday's condition and that my last memory was of him as his old self.

When we got home from running errands yesterday Cyrus went right into Spaz's room. He came running out to me asking "Mama where'd my bunny go" his face got all red and looked very concerned. Seeing little tears in his eyes made me start crying.

Ryan came upstairs to explain to Cyrus that Spaz was with God in heaven. Cyrus calmed down when he heard Daddy's explanation. Then Cyrus said "Spaz live with God, in Gods tummy" okay I know that is sort of an odd statement. But my best friend just had her second daughter and I am pretty sure Cyrus is making some sort of connection between God giving Sophie and Nathan their daughter Abby and Abby growing in Sophie's belly. Anyhow it was terribly cute to watch him go through the whole thought process.

Today after a few errands Cyrus wanted to take me to work - which on Wednesdays is my office/spaz's room. I told Cyrus I didn't want to work in the office, he of course asked why. I told him I was sad, and he said "Spaz is in God's tummy" once again Cyrus made me smile.

We will always miss our little bun. He was our first child, and we have so many fond memories of him.
April 2011 - he started really looking his age this spring

Cyrus and Naomi loving on Spaz

Bun cleaning the smell of small children off of him