Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Safety Day

Ryan has started coaching crew for VT again. Which means I have most of the day Saturday with just Cyrus. Ryan wakes up early and goes to the lake and then he also needs to get his work out in as well. So far we have seen Daddy a lot, I know that the weekends are going to start getting more hectic, with less family time.
This past Saturday Cyrus and I went to the gym, mostly so he could play with the train table, but I did work out, I just wasn't into it. On our way home Ryan called to see what our plan was for the rest of the morning. We thought it was going to be a park morning, but then Ryan discovered that it was Safety day at the state police station down from our house.
To a two and half year old boy, there is nothing better than safety day. There was food, trucks, and most importantly helicopters. We really just went so Cyrus could get up close and personal with his favorite form of transportation, but he was also excited by the fire engines, and the K-9 unit.
Cyrus and Trooper Teddy (he loved him)


Cyrus was so excited to see real live helicopters

Armored Car

Cyrus was very excited about this
Mommy and Cyrus had so much fun!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Things to Remember

Cyrus say's the cutest things. I know that some day I won't remember all of the Cyrusisms that make laugh and melt my heart. So I am going to try and get better about writing about them.

Hopperpopper = Helicopter
Manimails = Animals
Milm = Milk (but I miss Bilm)
Other things he says
"When I'm 14 I'll mow my lawn"
"God says no climbing out of crib" I'm not sure where he learned this verse

Both Ryan and I really love the way Cyrus says helicopter. I actually think it is by far both of our favorite mispronunciations, well that and Star Whores.

On a different note today Cyrus surprised me. We were snuggling and reading a story (Bed Time for Little Bears from Auntie Rae and Aunti Mimi). And Cyrus came across a page that had lots of starts. He decided he wanted to count the stars. My boy counted all the way to ten. I had no clue he could count to 10. He can also sing "Jesus Loves Me" all on his own.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Shoe Shopping

Lot's of updates, but it is 8:30 and  I should be doing my follow up work for campus, however I'm slowly turning into a zombie and desperately need to go to bed. So a quick blog update because I want to remember this experience for a long time.
Have you ever take a 2.5 year old shoe shopping? Well I haven't, okay that is a half truth. We tried to take Cyrus two weeks ago but he wouldn't cooperate in the store and told us he didn't like any of the shoes. Finally today we decided we had to go. It's getting cold and the boy only has sandals, and though mommy can get away with wearing wooly socks and birks, my 2.5 year old looks like a fool sporting socks and sport sandals.
We went to Super Shoes in Salem because it is right down the street from our house, but their selection was pathetic so we made the treck up to Rack Room at the mall.
Once we were there Cyrus was excited. He loves the shoe store for some reason, but he certainly doesn't love the idea of new shoes. For the first 10 minutes Cyrus told us he didn't like any of the shoes, and that he likes his shoes (sandals). We put an adorable pair of Converse on him. They were army green truck shoes. The boy through a full on fit. Screaming for his old shoes. So I did what any good mother would do. I took his sandals and told him I through them away. That led to more crying but eventually I pointed out how cool the converse were and he tried them on again, so that my friend Amy could check the fit on them. At this point our little man is saying "Chic-Fil-A" over and over and over. I've never seen my son so unhappy. In the spring he was excited to try on sandals...I guess he is like his Mama, bare feet or sandals is what I prefer.
We always get him two pairs of shoes for a season (One fun, one preppy/dressy), because Rack Room always has buy one get one half off. So we started looking for another pair of shoes. Cyrus still wasn't into his converse and in general was not happy that his sandals were gone. I showed him these
Last spring he tried them on and loved them until Mommy said "Those are sort of scary" then he hated them. However this time I pointed them out and showed him how they light up and I was careful not to say anything negative (which was hard b/c I'm not completely into the whole skull and cross bones thing, but I do love  skater shoes). Cyrus tried these on and his little face beamed in pleasure. He was so happy and just wanted to run around the store in them. I never thought I would buy shoes with flashy lights, nor did I think I would ever put anything skull and cross bones on my child. However, some battles aren't worth fighting and my son needs some fall/winter appropriate footwear.
They do look adorable on Cyrus, then again I think everything looks adorable on him. I'm just glad that we now have something besides his crocs and sports sandals to wear out and about.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

1st Day of Preschool

Today was another first for the Hurley's. We sent our firstborn son to preschool. Of course it took a lot of convincing by Ryan and everyone else that Cyrus was ready for school. He is a very smart, talkative child and we know he will thrive in a classroom environment, but part of me can't help but wish this moment hadn't come so soon.

We talked about school a lot over the summer, and read a lot of books about school, so in general Cyrus was very excited about going to school. He was most excited about seeing Cohen, Jax and Lilah. He doesn't get to see them often, but is always so excited when he does. I also told him that my good friend, Erin, has a little boy in his class. So hopefully Cyrus and Collin will become buddies too!

This morning Cyrus woke up at about 6:15, after a night of restless sleep. He didn't actually go to bed until 9. Daddy wasn't home to put him in his crib, and Cyrus knows that Mommy is a sucker. Cyrus wanted to sleep with Mommy and snuggle, and of course I let him. But he never sleeps...he talks, and talks, and talks. So finally after an hour of trying to get him to fall asleep, I got firm and put him back in his crib. Guess what? Being firm worked and my boy went to bed.

Then he woke up at 2 am calling for me. But Daddy told him it was bed time and that I was sleeping. Then he woke up again at 3:59 - 5 minutes before Ryan's alarm, which really annoyed him. I was sure that Cyrus would sleep until at least 7, but no such luck. He woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed. So we did our new routine of  "Is the sun awake yet" and it wasn't so we stayed in my bed and snuggled until 7.

Cyrus ate breakfast and watched Sesame Street while I packed his lunch...I packed his lunch can you believe it. And then we went back upstairs to take showers and get dressed. I was amazed at how I was able to get both of us ready in record time.

Daddy got home and finished making Cyrus's lunch. Cyrus really likes tuna and it is one of the few things we know he will eat so that is what we were giving him today. Ryan is the tuna master in our home so I got everything ready for him but let him actually make the sandwich.

Then we packed up and left for school. This is when it really hit me, and the tears started coming.
Cyrus was ready to go! I love this shirt on him. Sophie bought it for him!

He prefers to pull his backpack and not wear it

He had to have Spiderman!

We actually got a cute picture of us together

This is when I started tearing up
He was a little unsure at this point, but then he saw a big truck and was ok

Walking into school

Smile for the camera
This is what happened when he realized Mama was leaving
Ryan and I went to pick Cyrus up together in the afternoon. I was so excited to see my little man. I realize that for Ryan and the other stay at home moms, the time flew by and they probably could have used a few more hours off to get tasks accomplished, however not me. I was distracted all day wondering what he was doing and I missed hearing his sweet voice echo through the house up to my office.
Cyrus seemed to love preschool. He was a chatter box the entire drive (and pit stop at subway) home. He told us that he played, he sang (not sure about this), made a picture for mommy, and learned about blue squares - though we think from the take home art that he learned about yellow squares.

Funny story - on the way home I said "Cyrus you are a leaping lion" which is the name of his class and he adamantly corrected me and said "No, I'm Cyrus, I'm boy, I'm 2" so there you have it. 

Here are some pictures of the end of his day:
Cyrus leaving his class room

Swaggering - love his little walk

Realizing that Mama is picking him up from school

Hanging with his friends after school

Kristin suggested getting a pic of the kids, but Cyrus and Cohen were too busy

Oh and here is how he did for the day:
He was happy and busy, accept towards the end of the day when he seemed sad. I think his sad was his sleepy b/c he is usually in bed at 12:45 for nap.
He was willing to sit on the potty at every potty break accept one. I forgot to tell his teachers that Cyrus likes to pee standing up. I am pretty sure that the potty's are low enough that he can pee standing up with out a stool.
He did pee once in the potty while at school. And he only had to have one diaper change. He came home in a dry diaper and went to the potty before nap time.
He was not a good eater. He gets distracted is social settings so this did not surprise us. He only ate a couple of bites of his sandwich, no yogurt and no apple. I'm thinking that I should just pack a much smaller lunch next week. 

The teacher said he had fun playing with new friends!

I missed him, I'm glad he is home napping in his crib and I can't wait to wake him up for snuggle time.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


On the drive from Boston to Burlington Vermont we were listening to the radio. The song "Downtown" came on the radio. All of a sudden Cyrus starts belting out the song. So like any good parents Ryan and I joined it. In my mind it was a total Brady Bunch moment minus all the other kids.

Now, when ever we say downtown, as in I am going downtown to meet my boss for lunch, Cyrus starts singing "Downtown" it is actually the one of the cutest things I have ever seen. The other night we took some video of it. 

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm loving the little moments

All summer long I have had the wonderful privilege of enjoying breakfast and eating lunch with my little boy. I have been working from home. This has been such a wonderful time, and a true blessing to me. This extra time with my little boy has shown me just how grown up he is becoming.
In the mornings I would wake up to "Mooooommmmmy". I'd roll out of bed and go down the hall to Cyrus's room. Cyrus would say "Snuggle Mommy in bed". My heart melts when he asks to snuggle with me. We would make a potty pit stop and then snuggle into my bed with Clifford on and a glass of milk. Cyrus would pull me close and say "snuggle, snuggle". Eventually we would make our way downstairs for breakfast. A lot of the time Ryan would make french toast, Cyrus's favorite. Cyrus would say "I love french toast". After breakfast I would go to my office to work. Cyrus would say "Bye bye Mommy, go work, see you soon"

Every day daddy would send Cyrus up to my office to retrieve me for lunch. I would hear Issy barking, signaling that Cyrus was on the stairs. Then he'd come to my office and say "Time for lunch, come eat" or if by chance I came down before Cyrus had a chance to come get me he would run to me and say "Mommy! I missed you , I love you" and give me a big hug.

I'm loving all these little moments where Cyrus expresses himself to us. I am so thankful that God has put us in a situation where my son can be home all day, and I have the ability to spend time with him.

My favorite things:
When Cyrus offers me kisses for no reason
Asks for a "big big kiss" and "big big hug"
Tells me he loves me just because
Asks to snuggle with Mommy
Tell me that he misses me when I've been at work
Asks me to play big trucks with him
Rubs my back when I don't feel well or am tired
When he breaks out in song for no reason
His dance moves
His love for music
When he tells us that he loves Issy

There are probably lots more things that I love...but I can't think of them right now.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Burlington VT with Nona and Bubba

We spent the last half of our trip up north in Burlington Vermont. It is absolutely gorgeous there. I forgot how much I love Vermont. I could totally see myself living their accept for the fact that it is very liberal and I am anything but that.

We stayed at a Marriott Residence Inn. The rooms were amazing. We had a full kitchen and living room and two bedrooms with king size beds. Cyrus was partial to mommy and daddy's bathroom. He thought the shower was super cool, and asked to take a standing tubby as soon as we got settled into our room. Mommy of course obliged.

Cyrus loved the open concept shower and really enjoyed wearing a towel around! Though we couldn't figure out a way to fasten it on. Which upset him a little bit.

During this part of the trip we learned that Cyrus is too long to sleep in his pack n play, and he can climb out of it with ease. This meant instead of him sleeping in his own room and mommy and daddy sleeping in their own very nice comfy room, Mommy had to sleep in Cyrus's room. He slept every morning until 7 or 7:30 but man the boy is a little acrobat during sleep. The more room you give him the more he moves. I would wake up several times a night with a foot in my face or a head on my stomach. It was actually comical. We also learned that Cyrus talks in his sleep. He will sit straight up in bed and say things like "My shoes, where are my shoes" or ask about our bunny spaz. He also told me to move over a few times. Even though the bed was huge, and very high end I woke up really tired every morning. Mommy's don't get great sleep when their little ones are next to them. It is like I am on high alert all night. Regardless, I love snuggling with my boy and I sort of miss cuddling every night.

Out first full day in VT we went to:
THE VERMONT TEDDY BEAR FACTORY! I am a huge fan of teddy bears so this was really fun for me. And Cyrus likes bears too, because I have been diligent in brainwashing him.
Cyrus not cooperating for a picture with Nona and Bubba

Being silly

More being silly and daddy jumps in

Chalking it up

oooh bear paws and chalk

Big Bear, Little Bear

Loving the big big bear

Kissing the bear
Saturday morning was daddy's big race - Cyrus did great. Mommy thinks daddy is hot on the bike!

Trying to get Cyrus to pose in front of the race course maps - no luck

He loved the boardwalk and all the boats

I love his face!

Trying to get a picture with Mommy - no such luck
 We had a really great time with Ryan's parents. The time was short, but it was jam packed. Cyrus really enjoyed the hotel pool and the hot tub. He was brave enough to jump in the pool to mommy. He loved the bubbles in the hot tub, but we didn't let him go in far and only for a few minutes. He also loved playing outside with his grandparents. Nona and Bubba bought him a birdie and rackets and a baseball bat to play with in the yard of the hotel. This was great and gave Ryan and I a little bit of a break. Oh and Cyrus now is the proud owner of a firefighter bear who doubles as a police bear!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Make Way for Ducklings, Swan Boats and Mama's Family

On our way to Burlington VT for Ryan's Age-group National Triathlon Championship race we stopped in Boston to see my family. If you live in the area, and are one of my good friends, and didn't get to see me please don't be mad. We had very limited time Monday-Wednesday and spent it all with my Mom and sisters.

Some of Cyrus's favorite things about Boston were:
Staying at Olivia and Tess's house - he loves playing with his cousins non-stop
Celebrating Nana's birthday at Kimballs Farm - he ate some of his dinner, and lots of ice cream
Playing with 4 week old puppies
Swimming at the lake
Riding the swan boats, and seeing all the ducks and turtles on Duck Island
Riding a big wheel at Nana's house
Nana's Bichon's Buffy and Spike
Sitting on the Make Way for Duckling statues - every kid loves this and should have documented images of it.
Honestly, I wasn't in the capturing pictures kind of mood for most of our trip. And the pictures we took were not great. But hey its proof that we went to the Swan Boats, and saw the Make Way for Duckling statues...FYI Make Way for Ducklings was one of my favorite books as a child. I have fond memories of it being read to me, and lots of memories of my family going to the Boston Gardens to see the ducks. I'm hoping Cyrus will have the same memories even though we live very far away from the home of Make Way for Ducklings.

Here are a few more pics of our time in Boston. 

Auntie Meaghan couldn't go to VT with Daddy's family because she had to work she spent the first part of the week with my family. All of the kids love her, especially my niece Tess.

Childrens/Science Museum - This exhibit shows you how a Tornado spins

Nana being silly

Cyrus being adorable, we love trains!

Keith helping Cyrus with the ball track

Kisses for another ball to put on the track

Nana and Cyrus playing with the ball track - this was Cyrus's favorite exhibit

Watching the ball go through the track

Making bubbles with Tess

Loving a Dinosaur with Nana

We really love Dinosaurs!