Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busy, busy, busy weekends

The weekend before I left for Vegas was very busy for the Hurley family. Friday night we were invited to have dinner with the Johnson family. They have been members of our church for a really long time, and they noticed that they hadn't really had an opportunity to get to know us yet. It was so nice to sit down, share a meal, and have wonderful casual conversation. Cyrus had an amazing time playing with Glenn and Denise's children...but Hannah kept him especially busy. The two of them ran around non-stop until 10:00pm. Cyrus was exhausted, and slept so well that night.
On Saturday we had another really busy day. In the morning we did our family pictures with my dear friend Jenn of Jennifer Israel Photography. We met at 9:15 am to capture Cyrus at his best time of day. Jenn & Chris are an awesome team, and I am always amazed at how they can capture such wonderful pictures of my less than cooperative child. I can't wait to see the finished product from our photo shoot!
The hardest part of "picture time" was that Cyrus knew that Saturday was a very special day besides seeing Jenn & Chris. The whole time we were being photographed he was saying "Touch a Truck" "see huge big trucks Mama" My boy has a one track mind, and on Saturday it was all about big trucks. So after a whirlwind photography session we drove to Greenhill Park, so that Cyrus could enjoy the Touch a Truck event.
Have I mentioned how hot and humid it was? Well it was, and I was sure that I'd be ill from the heat, but I managed to not get sick. I hate July weather and rarely do I venture outside unless it is early in the morning to play at the park. So going to the park at 10:30 am was crazy for me. However, the only thing that mattered was that my little boy was having the time of his life. Seriously seeing his eyes light up at the site of all those trucks made suffering in the heat worthwhile.
Here are a few pictures:
Nothing says fun like pulling the horn of a mack truck

One of his favorites, he loves tractors

His other favorite

Driving the "huge big truck"

After lunch we went to Famous A's for family lunch, and then it was family nap time. After nap time we went shopping for a few shirts for my work trip to Vegas.
Sunday was filled with good ole' family fun. We went to church, where Cyrus wanted to sit in-service and listen to Mark talk to God - my boy says the cutest things. Then we went to a BBQ at the Allen's house with a few other families. Cyrus got to play with all Cael's toys and spend a whole afternoon with Meemaw Debbie, Auntie Rissa & Uncle Keegan - the boy was in pure bliss!
By far this was our busiest weekend of the summer, but I wanted to cram everything in since I knew I'd be away for a whole week missing out on lots of family time.