Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cyrus's First Wedding & Daddy Time

On July 2nd good friends of ours, Arin and Jeremy got married. It was a beautiful wedding and we really enjoyed sharing in the couples special day. Unfortunately, Ryan was extremely sick, and had to stay behind. That was okay because I had a fabulous  dance partner...
Clapping while dancing

He has some original moves

break dancing

All done
He ditched me to play with the flower girl
Cyrus did so well at the wedding. It was a very long day. We left our house by 10, and didn't leave the wedding until after 3:30. Cyrus did a lot of dancing, and running around. Mama did a lot of chasing, and had very little time to chat with friends. Thankfully, Auntie Rissa danced with him a lot because I was too tired from chasing him around to cut it up on the dance floor.

We missed daddy during the day, but I'm glad that he stayed home and slept. We didn't want him passing the germs on to everyone else. It was a quick moving virus...Cyrus has it Tuesday, I had it Thursday and then it ended with Ryan - thank god.
Cyrus and daddy read books together before bed

I really enjoy when Daddy does story time. It is very different than when I do it. I love watching my boys interact with each other. I love my boys so much.

Big Boy Adjustment

This picture is from a few weeks back, but it is so cute I had to share.
Cyrus has been seeing Dr. Pat since he was 6 weeks old. When we went to the Y, Pat was there doing free adjustments. Cyrus saw the table and jump right up and put his face down for his big boy adjustment. As you can tell Cyrus has spent countless hours watching Mommy & Daddy get adjusted, so he is an old pro now.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

First Hair Cut

Cyrus had hockey hair, for a long time. I also referred to it as "play-off" hair because in professional sports, when a team is in the play offs they don't change anything...not their socks, or underwear, but especially not their hair. Okay I'm not sure on the whole underwear thing....

Anyhow Cyrus's hair was unruly in the back. However, it took so long for him to get hair that I refused to cut it. Oh and it just looked so cute when he wore a hat and had his little locks hanging out from underneath. But all cute things come to an end. When the Bruins won the Stanly Cup I decided it was time for our hockey hair to say good-bye. My sister was coming to visit, and we were taking the kids for portraits, it seemed the perfect time for Cyrus's first hair cut.

My friend Sara offered to cut his hair for me. We met her on the morning of June 25th at the YMCA. Her kids had swim lessons, so we decided to do it in the bathroom while she waited. Don't worry Sarah works for the YMCA so this was perfectly acceptable.

Cyrus did amazing. Mama on the other hand cried. Olivia, my niece, was with us and did a great job of entertaining Cyrus. I also forgot my camera so I didn't get any pictures of his first hair cut...but I do have his baby hair for his scrap book.

Sara trimmed him up in the back and neatened up the front as well. Ryan really liked Cyrus's shaggy locks in the front, and was a little disappointed that I let Sara cut his bangs, but I think it was a good choice for the summer.

I actually don't have any great pic of his Hockey Hair, or Tom Brady Hair

Side profile -

Front view - isn't he precious?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Friends

On June 24th my sister Rachel, her daughters Olivia, and Tess, and my mom came to visit. It was so much fun watching the girls and Cyrus play. Cyrus loved having his cousins stay at our house. Every morning he would wake up saying "Friends, Two Friends" as in Where are my friends. Then he could come downstairs and wake them up and the playing would start.

While the girls were here we went to the zoo, chick-fil-a, the park, portrait innovations for our cousins portrait, went to the pool, and played in the backyard a lot. Cyrus still misses his cousins and asks for them everyday. He can now tell us that his two friends are Olivia and Tess, and they are in Boston, and that we are going to see them soon. I am really looking forward to our trip home this summer.
Our first attempt at the zoo ended up being a nature walk b/c the zoo was closed for a special event

The woman at the discovery center showed the kids a turtle

Nana shows Cyrus the working bees

Since the zoo was closed we took them to Chick-fil-A...Cyrus had to hold Olivia's hand

After lots of playing the cousins snuggled up on the couch and watched a movie

Tess and Cyrus playing in the house
Nana and Cyrus
My cousin Katlyn came over for a cook out the kids love her

She brought the girls princess rings

Nana and Cyrus again
When we went to the pool we saw Pat and Cyrus hopped up on the table for a big boy adjustment

Making there way to the pool
We had such an amazing time with the girls. The house was never peaceful and bed times were late, but it was so worth it to see Cyrus play with his cousins. It is moments like this that make me want to move back to Boston even more. I hate that Cyrus is far away from family, but I'm glad we all make such an effort to see each other each year. I am so excited for August when we get to see the girls again!