Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 22nd - Vaccine Appointment

Once again I am way behind on blog updates. There have been lots of summer projects to do for work, and we have had family visit and today is the first day that I have time to sit and write. But I won't be writing long because I have a nasty sore throat that is crying for sleep.

I wanted to write about our last visit to the doctors office. We have been adhering to an alternative vaccination schedule and forgoing some of the shots all together. With pre-school right around the corner we decided to vaccinate our little man for MMR. He is two now so I felt a lot more comfortable with the vaccine now than I did a year ago.
When we pulled in the parking lot Cyrus said "Doctor Craft, scared" I reminded him that he likes Doctor Craft and Jeanie (his nurse). Cyrus then started saying "see doctor craft, see doctor craft" When we checked in he started saying "choo-choo train" I was clueless and kept telling him there was no choo-choo train. The receptionist kindly came out and asked if she could take Cyrus back to see the train. Then it hit me. There is a Thomas train in Dr. Crafts office, that Cyrus played with at our last visit. Cyrus was very happy to see the train. He went right to Dr. Crafts office and started playing. He recognized both Jeanie and Dr. Craft, which I thought was really good since he doesn't see them that often. Since Cyrus was only getting a vaccine we didn't get to be seen my Dr. Craft or Jeanie, we spent time with the "shot nurse". At my request she measured Cyrus and weighed him. He weighed in at 30.3 lb (2 more pounds before we need to forward face him in his car seat). Cyrus has really sprouted up since his 2 year appointment he measured 37 inches tall. I am pretty impressed with his rate of growth right now, I expected him to taper off at the age of 2 but I guess we are in a little bit of a growth spurt.
Cyrus did really well with his shot, he only cried for a second. When we were all done he returned the train to Dr. Crafts office, and Jeanie let him pick out a sticker. He loves getting to pick out stickers but is over whelmed by the choices. We usually narrow it down to two for him. Thankfully Ryan was with me and handled the sticker decisions.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

2 Year Old Stats

This post is a little over due, but I wanted to write it when I could really sit down and think about what I was actually typing. As I write this we are hanging out in the back yard. Ryan is reading Runner's World, I'm typing away, and Cyrus is very busy fixing his house with his tools and Isabelle is sun bathing/barking at the neighbors.

On April 13th we went in to see Dr. Craft for Cyrus's well check-up

Cyrus's 24 Month Stats:
weight: 27.7lbs but he went back to the doctor on May 13th and was 28.8

height: 34 3/4

As you can see this is an accurate height measurement since a professional did it.

head:  19 1/2 inches

Cyrus had two vaccines DTAP, and his last Prevnar. 

Life with Cyrus
  • wakes up between 6:30 and 7:30am (asks to snuggle with mama)
  • snuggles in bed with Mama until 7:45 ish
  • eats breakfast at 8:00am. Likes: Cereal, eggs, french toast, greek yogurt with granola, bagels
  • still drinks whole milk - Since he was only in 50th percentile for weight Dr. Craft said we could keep him on whole mile. He drinks 1.5 12 oz sippy cups a day
  • loves Pediasure. He asks for shakes and shakes his hand like he is shaking a drink. Since Cyrus only usually eats one really good meal, we started supplementing with Pediasure so he'd get enough fiber and protein before bed. However, now he just wants shakes all the time.
  • has his left bottom molar all the way in, the right is half way through and I'm not sure about the top
  • Stays dry most of the day if you remember to put him on the potty
  • Stays dry through his nap
  • naps from 12:45ish-3:30ish
  • favorite tv show - Bubble Guppies
  • speaks in short phrases
  • somehow he knows pronouns and possession, when he sees a guy in a truck he says "His truck" or "his motorcycle", or "her dog", and my favorite "God's Butterfly"
  • rides his tricycle like a big boy - he and daddy go to greenhill park almost daily so Cyrus can practice pedaling, he has pedaled the whole greenway which is almost 1 mile.
  • thinks that a troll lives under the bridge at the park (thank you Dora)
  • has an amazing imagination. He pretends all the time. It is fun to watch his creative play. Animals are always attacking each other and crashing
  • favorite food: fruit snacks - yep he's 2
  • is starting to pronounce more words correctly, which makes me sad and happy
  • loves playing baseball in the back yard
  • loves his dog isabelle, and shares his food with her all the time
  • goes up and down the stairs by himself, but he has been doing that for awhile
  • loves to do crafts, but mostly he just likes clue sticks
  • he prays before going to bed. The first thing he says is "God beeboo" translation "God Thank You" then he goes on and I understand a few things like, Daddy blah blah blah, and Mike blah blah (handyman mike), he doesn't pray for Mama :( 
  • he asks to sing the Jesus Song a.k.a "All in All" before going to bed. He sings along with me and knows some of the words.
  • he knows that God made him, and bugs and Mommy and Daddy
  • he knows that Jesus watches over him, and that he doesn't need to be scared at night
  • he doesn't seem as scared as often as a few months ago
  • still likes to show me "dark" and "light" by turning the lights on and off 
  • still loves anything train related, construction trucks, or cars
  • sings out of the blue to himself while playing
  • is very affectionate, and empathetic
  • says something that sounds like "i love you"
  • likes to chill out in the running stroller while Mama runs
  • has become very aware of babies
  • When trying to say "Star Wars" he says "Star Whores" - we crack up, at least he's not saying "Dumb F word" for Dump Truck
  • loves to go to the playground
  • he is very fast on his feet. When he runs Mama has a hard time catching him
  • he knows to hold one of our hands in parking lots b/c cars can hurt you
  • is still rear facing in his car seat
  • asks to have his window down when driving
  • best friend is still Naomi Evelyn Kidd
  • each month he looks more and more live his cousin Olivia
  • has been enrolled in pre-school for the fall
I'm sure there are things that I am missing. So often I say "oh I need to blog about that" but I never write those things down. I guess I should keep a note book with me.