Monday, March 14, 2011

23 Months

I realize now that I did not write a 22 month update, probably b/c the 21 month update was written so late in the month. All week I have been thinking that I need to write a 23 month update, wow I can not believe that Cyrus is only a few weeks from being two. People are not kidding when they say children change so quickly. My sweet Cyrus is growing up right before my very eyes. There are so many things I want to remember about Cyrus at this moment in time. I try to make mental notes during our times together, but I'm pretty sure I will forget a lot as I try to recount it all here.

Cyrus's 23 Month Stats:
weight: 26.6 lbs...he actually lost weight from 21-22 months and then gained a little bit more
height: about 36 inches tall (measured at the chiropractors office)- I don't know how tall he is exactly, but he is over half my height - it is so crazy to think that a year ago he was around knee height (ryan's knees not mine)
head:  19 inches measured by daddy, his head seems not so big anymore. He totally has grown into it.

Life with Cyrus
  • wakes up between 6:30 and 7:30am
  • loves his vitamins
  • two is his favorite number, two vitamins, two cookies, two m&m' get it
  • favorite breakfast food - "ench oast" or what we would call french toast. We took him out to famous a's and he got french toast, now when ever we drive by he says "ench oast"
  • still drinks lots of whole milk - at least 2 12 oz sippy cups a day
  • loves to brush his teeth
  • likes privacy when he is pooping
  • favorite tv show - Dora the Explorer
  • likes to count to ten in Spanish - he repeats the numbers after you
  • favorite phrase - "OH MAN" and hits his head - thank you Dora
  • loves to play crash derby
  • stops eating when he is full - even chocolate - this is such a strange concept to me
  • favorite food: green beans, apples, bananas, french toast and special K
  • Cereal is no longer pronounced eeeewhoooooooo (which makes me sad)
  • talks all the time, we understand most of the things he says
  • when he wants to hold your hand he says "hand" - omg he has the sweetest little voice ever
  • favorite word: No, but he says it in such a cute voice that I don't mind - "Cyrus its time to put on jammies", reply "nooooo" I truly need to get video of his "no"
  • drinks milk before bedtime
  • love to go to the play ground, and the YMCA - he will say "play" and do the sign to play
  • naps have started to shorten again...maybe an hour and half on a good day.
  • says scary about outside at night, and some shadows - this just started recently
  • likes to show me "dark" and "light" by turning the lights on and off 
  • still loves anything train related 
  • loves to dance, and he has some great moves
  • gives kisses just because, sometimes I don't even have to ask for one
  • says something that sounds like "i love you"
  • is very affectionate, everyone can have a Cyrus hug
  • loves to play with the big kids, and wants to be a little brother
  • can navigate most playgrounds all by himself
  • when he see's a runner he says "daddeeee, run"
  • looks a lot like his cousins Olivia and Tess - they have the same facial expressions, which is funny since they don't live anywhere near each other
I know there is so much more that I want to write/capture, but it escape me at the moment. I'll have to update this post later.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

News Flash

I've been under the weather. I actually ended up taking half of a sick day yesterday. I thought I would get to come home and nap while Cyrus napped and then we could snuggle in bed and watch a movie before dinner. Cyrus of course had other plans. He was not interested in napping in his bed at all. He was tired and wanted to sleep just not in the bed. He actually wanted to sleep on the floor. So I thought okay you can nap on the floor. The minute Ryan or I left the room he screamed bloody murder. He is definitely not getting the hang of this big boy bed thing. At bed time I was armed and ready with all the advice I read online. Keep the same routine, give them a pillow yada yada yada - who writes this stuff - it doesn't work. After two hours of trying to convince Cyrus that shadows were just shadows and there was nothing scary in his room I gave up. My poor little boy was exhausted and terrified. So I did what any mom would do. I asked daddy to change his bed back into a crib. It took only a few minutes. Cyrus and I snuggled in bed while Daddy did all the work. When daddy was all done, he came in our room and got Cyrus.  He said its bed time Cyrus and laid him in his crib. Cyrus snuggled down under his blanket, we closed the door, Ryan said "It can't be that easy", and Bam Cyrus was asleep...not one single peep, no "scary" coming from his little mouth.
Ryan did place a whole bunch of cushions around his crib in case Ninja Cyrus tries to escape again, but we are hoping he learned from his one big escape that you get hurt when you climb out of your crib. I slept better last night knowing Cyrus was sound asleep and happy. I guess even though they have the skills to climb out of their cribs, they aren't always mentally ready - I am amazed how just because the crib side was gone and replaced with a guard rail, that his room became scary...I guess he just loves the security of his crib.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cyrus's Big Weekend

Pooping in the potty, bubble cake cupcakes and to finish off an already exciting weekend...Cyrus climbed out of his crib. Which meant Ryan and I had to convert his crib into a toddler bed. I was hoping that we would make it to at least two years old before moving up to a big boy bed. Cyrus was one day shy of 23 months when he attempted the big escape. He woke up about 7:15 cried for one second, found his binky and got very quiet. I thought well it must be my lucky day, he has gone back to sleep. So I did what any good dog mama would do. I turned back over and continued to snuggle with Issy. Forty minutes later I hear a thud, and then crying. Ryan and I both ran to his room (Ryan was downstairs drinking coffee). I got to his room first and found him sitting on the floor. He was fine, no injuries.
At nap time Cyrus refused to put himself to sleep. I think we will be learning how to fall asleep on our own all over again. He didn't want to lie down, and kept getting up. After an hour I finally rocked with him and he fell fast asleep. Bed time we did the same thing. I'm a little nervous about how this will all play out for the next week. I'm so sad that my baby is no longer in a crib. And yes I did cry about it...

Bubble Cake

Cyrus had his very first bubble cake cupcake this weekend. I bought him a traditional baby cupcake with strawberry frosting. I figured he'd really like the frosting.
I was right! He loved it. He enjoyed it so much that this afternoon Ryan and I shared our Mint Chocolate Cupcake with him. My only complaint about the Mint Chip was that there was not enough cake and way too much frosting. But Cyrus thought it was just right.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Taking the Browns to the Superbowl

Those of you who are football fans are probably thinking "but the Browns never go to the super bowl" and I'd have to say you are correct.
But tonight Cyrus did just that! We have been trying to convince Cyrus to do #2 on the big boy potty for some time. We always know when he is about to go because he says "buh-bye" which is his way of asking for privacy...
in the middle of pushing and saying "buy-bye"
Every time we have offered him the big boy potty he has declined. Tonight he started to have an accident, in the shower, I knew he had to go because he told me in the only way he knows how "buh-bye mommy", but a little pellet had already come out. Cyrus saw it and got very upset and said "poo, poo" and I said "yes baby that's your poop, do you want to sit on the potty?" totally expecting a no, I'll just finish in the shower, but to my surprise he jumped out of the shower and went to my toilet. He sat and did his business he looked down several times to inspect his work and flush. It was the cutest thing I have ever seen...that sounds so weird. I never thought I would be so excited about poop! Cyrus was very proud of himself. He even touched his toes like a big boy so I could wipe him. Cyrus enjoyed the 2 M&Ms he got for doing his business in the big boy potty. Oh and this whole incident made me think of the episode of Jon and Kate plus 8 when the babies were potty training. Kate took pictures of their poops...and though Ryan thinks I take way too many pictures to document Cyrus's life, this was one event that I did not photograph all the details of.  I do have an adorable picture of him looking between his legs inspecting his work, but you can see his "business" and well his "business" is a private "business" so we will not be sharing that one.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just a Day at the Park

We have really been putting an emphasis on family time as of late. One of our favorite things to do as a family is to go to the park and watch Cyrus play. Sunday after church, lunch and nap time, we went to the neighborhood park.  We had such a great time!
This bridge is actually a fish - you walk up his spine to get to the slide. Cyrus says "pish, pish"
Cyrus did a lot of this....

Our little monkey loves to hang on the monkey bars
But he especially loves sliding down slides. We spent most of our time watching Cyrus go down the slides. I can not express how much joy I get just watching my little man.
Eventually it was time to leave. Cyrus and Ryan ran...and ran. Doesn't Cyrus have a nice stride. Ryan and I think he will be a great runner some day.  I love days like these.