Friday, February 18, 2011

Inflatable Family Fun

On February 12th the Salem YMCA had Inflatable Fun Day! Ryan and I had to choose between going to Inflatable Fun Day or going to the train museum, which was also holding a kid event. In the end we went with the event at the YMCA because it seemed the best place to let Cyrus run around crazy and burn off some energy.
We were not sure if Cyrus would be big enough to really play on the inflatable.
As you can see his size was not a problem.  Cyrus attacked the inflatable obstacle course with no problem. He had so much fun, and so did Ryan and I.
After going through once with Ryan, Cyrus was going through the course all by himself. He even started climbing up the ladder all by himself - of course we made sure to be right behind him.
His favorite part of the obstacle course was the slide.
Here he comes
So much fun
Cyrus realized that there was a cow in the room and became completely focused on the cow. He would run up to it and say moo and then run back to me. He really wanted to touch the cow but he was too scared. It was sort of cute. 
I love spending time as a family, I am so thankful that Ryan has adjusted his running schedule a little bit to make room for fun family events like this one!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Dream Come True

This post has nothing to do with Cyrus and everything to do with me. So my dear precious son, I apologize for hijacking your blog. But I'm hoping some day when you read all the blogs I made into books for you, that you will be thankful for the profound affect a certain preacher has had on your Mama's life.
Me & John MacArthur 2-11-11 at Liberty University

John MacArthur has been one of my heros since my early twenties. When I lived in Boston I did not have a home church, thus adopted John MacArthur as my pastor and listened to his sermons daily. I am so thankful for this mans commitment to preaching the unadulterated gospel of my Lord and Master Jesus Christ! 

The way that God has used this man in my life is such a blessing to me, no words can really describe it. The work of the holy spirit is amazing. I have never met a preacher like John MacArthur. He delivers absolute truth with humility and grace, and you can feel his compassion and love for the people he ministers to.

I have always dreamed of meeting this pastor and telling him how thankful I am for his obedience to Christ in preaching the true gospel. God used this man, and continues to use him,  to change who I am at my core.  Before listening to MacArthur I was more of a liberal christian believing that what was good for me, didn't necessarily have to be true for everyone else. And I knew nothing about the doctrines of grace. Through this slaves faithful preaching, I learned what God's love really meant, and my blurred vision of the human condition was made clear. My eyes were opened, and I started living my life for the Glory of God.

I never thought I would have the opportunity to hear John MacArthur in person, let alone meet him. But this week he was speaking at Liberty's Friday morning convocation. Debbie and I drove up in the morning arriving at LU by 9:30. We had seats in the front row. We were less than 50 feet away from John as he preached. The sermon was amazing, it was about being a slave to Christ.  I'll write about what I gained from it on my own blog. After he preached there was a book signing. Debbie and I actually got to talk to him! It wasn't a one minute interaction while he signed his name on our books; He took time with us, even though the LU folks were pressuring him to be done.  Debbie thanked him for writing a book that ministered to her after Bill passed away three years ago. He talked to Debbie for a few minutes. He asked if Bill knew the Lord, which she answered yes. He said "then you haven't lost him have you." He acknowledged how it is something that never goes away. I thanked him for a sermon he just did a few weeks back at his church "let the little children come" and for addressing child loss. This man had such compassion for us. I of course was crying when I thanked him for the words he preached about child loss, and miscarriage. He has such a loving look on his face and said "Have you read Safe in the Arms of God" I said no. "He said please write down your address so I can send you a copy, you need it, it is my gift to you". If you thought Debbie and I loved this man before Friday you should see us now. He loved us with out knowing us, he just loved us because we were his sisters in Christ and he wanted to minister to us because he understood our suffering ~ He cared.
Cyrus my prayer is that you will become a faithful man of God, that you will care for the people that God places in your path. That you will always take time to listen to people and hear their hearts, and that you will minister to them, as Jesus has ministered to us ~ Show the world Christs love, so that they may know Him. I pray that you will have heroes in today's world that you look up to and admire, that challenge you to be a slave to Christ and to walk in manner worthy of your calling. I pray that your daddy and I will be strong examples of the christian life, that we will show you what it means to be enemies of sin, and obedient to God and that we will continue to be transformed into the image of our Lord and Savior. I pray that you will follow Christ, no matter the cost. I love you Cyrus, I love you enough to give you to God, and trust Him with your dear soul. You are His, and I am blessed that He has entrusted me to raise you, I hope that I am a good and faithful slave!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kid's Winter Carnival

I'm so behind on updating the blog! I have good reason. The craziness of selling season is upon me, and when I am not working I am spending quality time with Cyrus & Ryan. Of course all this quality time means lot's of things to blog about, hence the back log.
On January 29th Ryan decided it would be fun if the family went to the winter carnival. The carnival is very similar to most carnivals, accept that it is indoors, and most of the rides were geared towards 3-10 year old children.
We arrived before the doors opened on Friday night, which allowed for Cyrus to run around the hallways and explore. Once the doors opened Cyrus was very excited. There were so many things to explore.  The first ride that caught his eye was the "Early Bird Gets the Worm" ride. You could choose to ride on the worm, or some birds. Cyrus thought the worm seemed the closet thing to a choo choo, and decided the first car was a great place to sit. However...
Once the ride started going Cyrus was scared. Daddy was very good about being a cheerleader on the side line clapping and waving every time we went by him.  Cyrus eventually warmed up to the ride, but I had to hold him to calm him down. This was Cyrus' very first carnival ride! I think he will enjoy it a lot more next year when he doesn't need Mama to ride with him.
His favorite thing at the fair was this work fork lift. I thought it was very funny that we brought him to the fair and he was impressed most by a common work truck. That's my boy! While at the fair we went on the Dizzy Dragon ride, Cyrus hated it. The gentleman running the ride even let our whole family ride for the price of one because he thought it would calm Cyrus down and make him more comfortable. Well Cyrus just couldn't see the fun in whipping around in circles - but Mama had fun. Daddy didn't really enjoy it either.  We then went on the Carousal, which Cyrus also did not like at all.  Then we took a break and played a few games. Cyrus loved the fishing game. Then we went on one more ride...the little cars and truck ride. Cyrus rode on the fire engine and rang the bell the whole time. I actually think he enjoyed the ride for the most part.
It was so much fun spending time as a family! You would think that we get a ton of time as a family to do stuff like this, but sometimes I feel like most of our time is spent one on one with Cyrus and we sort of tag team him. I spend early mornings with him while Ryan mentally charges up for the day...I leave for work...and the boys play...I come home and tag Ryan so he can get in his training...then its dinner as a family and bed time. So I cherish the nights when we do something special as a family and don't worry about dinner and bedtimes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monekying Around

On January 22nd Ryan, Cyrus and I met up with Nathan, Naomi, and Sophie at the Burger King indoor playground. The goal was not to feed Cyrus fast food, I really hate McDonalds and Burger King, but was to let the kids run around like crazy almost two years old and blow off some of their built up steam. The winter months seems so much longer with a toddler. I miss the days of spending countless hours at the park and enjoying the outdoors.
Cyrus and Naomi had a wonderful time running around shoeless and climbing all over the structure. At first Cyrus was a little nervous, but once he saw how much fun Naomi was having he "bought" in. Cyrus also enjoyed a few bites of chicken fries (they look like fries but taste like nuggets), and one or two french fries, oh and a whole lot of fruit punch. It was definitley hot in the playground.