Saturday, January 22, 2011

21 Month Update - Risky Business

On January 7th Cyrus turned 21 months! In just 3 short months he will be 2, can you believe it. I love this age. It is so amazing to see his personality emerging. The kid is so funny, he cracks himself up all the time.  Ryan and I look at pictures and we both agree that we see a lot of our niece Olivia in him. So I guess that means he looks like my sister Rachel somehow. Actually, I always thought Liv and I looked similar. I guess my family genes are really strong.

Growth Stats for 21 Months
Weight: 27.7 lbs
Height: tall
Head: seems normal size

Here are some facts about our favorite little boy at 21 months:

  • terrible twos have started early in our house, including but not limited to selective listening, throwing things, climbing on tables and chairs, refusing to sit at the table for dinner etc.
  • has learned the fine art of negotiations "do you want an m&m, okay go pee pee in the potty"
  • says "I love ME" which is really cute, even though he is trying to say "I love you"
  • Uses even more words. I am amazed at how quickly his vocabulary expands. It seems like he is saying new things every day.
  • Loves the song "itsy bitsy spider"
  • loves to play peek-a-boo
  • hides by closing his eyes and covering them
  • Cows finally say Moo instead of boo, but milk is still bilm, and bear is bearm
  • shows his dog affection by chasing her around the house with his lawnmower or one of his riding toys
  • Loves Buzz Light Year and walks around saying "Buzz Buzz"
  • Also loves our handy man Mike and says "mike, mike", Mike was over a lot this week to do some work. Cyrus followed Mike around so he could play with his tools.
  • he no longer eats, well he eats very little
  • favorite food: green beans, apples, bananas and special K
  • Loves cereal, which he pronounces eeeewhooo
  • favorite movies: Toy Story 1,2,&3 and Monsters Inc
  • favorite book: The Belly Button book
  • goes to bed between 7:30-8
  • drinks milk before bedtime
  • wakes up around 7:30, but some days he sleeps past 8
  • naps have started to shorted on an hour and half
  • runs and climbs on everything 
  • love Thomas the train. When he says Thomas my heart melts
 Oh and Ryan and I love the picture we used for this post. This was taken on January 7th. We thought we were going to try and start potty training that weekend, but I totally freaked out about it.  Since that weekend, there has been no time to stay home and work on potty training. So we have decided to go the casual route of potty training again. But doesn't he look adorable in his Thomas the Train underwear!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cyrus' favorite shoes

I seriously love this video. Mainly because I love that Cyrus knows he is wearing Mama's heels. Our little boy loves to try on both of our shoes, but his favorites are my black heels. He doesn't love my Steve Madden pumps, which is surprising since they are stylish and comfortable. His second favorite pair of shoes are my black woolly clogs. I told Ryan we should buy him the little boy version, but Ryan isn't a fan of that idea.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Is it that time arleady

I think Ryan and I are hesitant to potty training for several reason. Those reasons include:
1. convenience - we both agree that diapers, though expensive, are very convenient
2. battle of wills - I can totally see that Cyrus is into the whole big boy potty thing right now, I get it, really I do, but at some point watching Elmo or Toy Story is going to be way more important than sitting on the potty and trying to go. And I for one do not want to battle with my child, nor do I think Ryan does
3. every 30 minutes: I cannot control this. Being a working mom I have very little control over how Ryan runs things during the day. I honestly cannot imagine that he will do the every 30 minute thing with Cyrus - they are boys, they have no sense of time, and they are very busy all the time.
4. House Arrest: I've heard the easiest way to potty train is by not leaving the house for 4-5 days and letting your child wear big kid underwear and pee and poop all over the place - there are multiple reason why this does not get me excited;
      a. what would I eat - Ryan goes to the store just about every day for something
      b. Ryan would go crazy - Cyrus is very active and must be doing something at all times, errands occupy   his time and he loves going out in the car
      c. 3 word Pee, Poop and everywhere - though this probably would motivate Ryan to say yes to getting rid of the nasty rug in the family room and replacing it with new floors.
      d. what would I eat
5. Walmart, Kroeger, and the Library - I am not really big into the public restroom thing, so why would I want my child to use it.
6. Will he tell me: I'm not really sure if Cyrus can handle the stimulation of the outside world and pay attention to his pee-pee urges. I mean I can barely control them myself when I see a sale at Gymboree or Hanna Andersson. What makes me think that my 21 month old is going to be able to recognize the urge while playing on the animals at the mall.
7. What if he doesn't tell me: My biggest fear is accidents in public. I mean I can just see my poor child standing in a puddle of urine after getting SO excited by the tinker bell power wheels at Walmart. He then goes to step towards the Tinkerbell four wheeler and slips into the puddle of urine, wacking his head hard on the ground yelling for mama, and then i have to pick up a pee soaked child - yuck.
8. Road Trips: Ryan has many races scheduled over the next few months. I would really like to go to TN with him. I also know we will be driving to Burlington VT in the summer - car seat accidents do not thrill me at all. Nor does stopping every 15-30 minutes on a 12-15 hour drive b/c Cyrus thinks he has to go.
9. Carrying a portable potty, a bottle of water and wipes in my vehicle for emergency pee breaks - I've watched my sister have to pull over more times than not. This is not fun. But she has a system in place, so at least I can learn from a pro
10. Diaper bag becomes change of clothes for accident bag: Our diaper back is finally just that. We carry nothing but a few diapers and wipes with us. We actually don't even really need a diaper bag b/c Cyrus goes like clock work. We change him after his BM in the morning and then we know we're good for awhile. Now the diaper bag will become the everything related to public restrooms (i'm already getting the heebiejeebies just thinking about it), and the change of clothes for accident bags and I'm sure I'll forget pants or a shirt or something.

Wow I have ten reason and I didn't even plan it. I'm sure I can think of more. However, even though Ryan and I are not ready. I think Cyrus is showing serious signs that he is. And I don't want to miss this window of opportunity. What if we don't act and my child won't potty train until he is four, don't laugh I know someone who experienced this. Cyrus has been pee'ing on the potty at least once every day. I have to prompt him, but he always sits on the big boy potty (which by the way is not a training potty - he will sit on it, but wont sit on it naked) and tries to go. Most of the time he performs, and if he doesn't I can always tell that he is trying to go.
Up until last night I would ask him if he wants to sit on the potty he would say no. I would say please you probably have to go lets just try and he would. Today, after a seriously messy poop in the diaper, which I offered the toilet for but he refused, I brought him to sit on the potty. He did a small tinkle. We went back to his room. We talked about the potty, while I attempted to put a diaper on him. I asked:
"Do you like wearing diapers"
He nodded, yes
I asked "do you like pee'ing on the potty"
He nodded yes
I said "do you know that big boys do pee and poopie in the potty"
He said "potty, potty" and signed the word as well
I said "Do you want to sit on the potty?"
He said "yes" and ran to the potty.
I lifted him up and low and behold we got a big pee pee like really big. And I was so excited and he was proud. I told him he was such a big boy and before you know it he will have underoos on instead of diapers...and then it hit me.
The #1 reason why I do not want to potty train my baby


I'll miss his little diaper butt. Potty training seems to be so final. I know he's a toddler, but he is very much still a baby to me. I'm not ready, I'm just not. But I think he I think, and I'm scared to make this a public announcement but...Cyrus will start potty training next week...Officially and on a schedule. Darn you Cyrus why do you need to be such an over achiever...

ooooh I just thought of another reason "Someone Come Wipe Me" - this will only be understood by my family, and they are all laughing hysterically right now.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Waking Up

Cyrus has been doing a lot of growing up this past month. One of the first things I noticed is that my baby wakes up in a whole different attitude than he once did.

He wakes up and will start playing with his toys. This may not seem like a big deal but it is so nice not to have to rush to him the instant he wakes up b/c he is crying. Cyrus wakes up and will usually entertain himself for 10-20 minutes before calling for me. I especially love how I found him the other day. See images above. I went in to see if he was awake yet and found him playing with his angel bear (who sings "jesus loves you") he was dressing the bear up in Woody's cowboy hat (thanks Mimi).  When I walked in he looked up at me and said "bye-bye" and waved me out. It was super cute.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Big Deal

Ryan and I have not officially started potty training Cyrus. We think he is still a little too distracted by everything to really give it the good ole college try. However, we talk about the potty and he is very interested in the potty. The past couple of nights he has told me when he has gone potty. Which in itself is very cool. But the coolest thing was last night before bath time. I asked him if he wanted to try doing pee pee on the potty and he said yes. I completely expected him to sit for a minute and then sign all done. To my surprise he say and got this serious look on his face and then went the POTTY! Mama was very proud, and really excited.
This morning Cyrus and I were alone, Ryan was running with Bill.  We woke up ate breakfast at the table, and not infront of the Tv, we listened to praise and worship and prayed. When we were finished we got up out of our chairs and Cyrus said "Pee pee" and put his hand down his diaper - which is gross. I asked him if he had to pee. And proceeded to take him to the bathroom. I was completely prepared for no action. I thought he had just pee'd in his diaper and was telling. But we sat on the potty and he performed! When he was done pee'ing he told me he was all done.
So maybe Cyrus is ready to start training, but we are not! I think we will just slowly take a stab at the whole thing. When he wants to use the potty he'll tell us. The only hard thing is that Cyrus will not sit on his little potty. He has no interest in it at all. So we've been having to lift him up onto the big boy potty. I guess we need to go buy one of the little toilet seats.