Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lot's of updates

Wow September has been a very busy month, sadly I don't remember most of it.  In general I have been working a lot, and spending very little time at home.  When I am at home I don't want to blog or upload pictures I just want to enjoy my family or sleep.  I haven't even taken many pictures or video to document life around here...I've taken 18 pictures since 9/16 - that is totally unlike me.  I'd tell you how many videos I took, if I could, but I can't b/c i left my flip video camera out side all weekend - and it rained - a lot. So enjoy a few of our last videos taken on 9/16
okay so now you are going to have to wait for more videos...b/c though I have a bunch that I took in September...I have not been able to go through them and decide which to post...Ryan just asked me to stop blogging and go eat ice cream and watch a movie with him.  So I gotta go.

Friday, September 10, 2010

17 Months

On September 7th, Cyrus turned 17 months old.  He has grown up so much in the last month, It is scary how fast these little ones grow.  I was talking with my friend Brigita about it last night, her son Aras is the same age as Cyrus.  It seems like just yesterday we were talking about being pregnant, and the anticipation of meeting our boys, and now they are 17 months old. 
Each week Cyrus is exploring new things, and demonstrating new skills.  I hope I remember to document everything...

Cyrus at 17 months of age:
-I weighed him (completely dressed so we can subtract a few ounces I'm sure) this morning = 24.4 lbs
-You can tell him "let's go upstairs to change your diaper" and he goes upstairs
-Has added "horse", "train", "drink", "sorry", "phone", "sleep", "teeth, brush teeth" and "go" to his sign language skills
-Has not nursed in one month :( , and I still miss it
-tells me when he wants to go to sleep
-plays in his crib before falling asleep, and plays when he wakes up - this is so nice, and sweet to listen to
-likes to test "the boundaries", I'm seeing now why we must be consistent with our discipline starting right from the start
-picks his nose...he is very curious about his nose...
-When we read "I love you Through and through" he touches the body parts the book mentions
-Wants to stand on all of his riding toys and try to balance
-Does downward dog
-Does not like nitrate free hot dogs
-Typically goes to sleep by 7:30, wakes up at 7:15 am, and takes one two hour nap a day (some days he might take two depending on how busy his morning is)
-is still working on his bottom eye teeth, they are slowly pushing up
-snuggles on Mama for a least 15 minutes every morning, and after his afternoon nap
-says his version of "goat", "car", "dog", "duck", "cow"
-his favorite animal seems to be tied between monkey and goat
-favorite exhibit at the zoo = farm yard...seriously kid you live in Southwest VA there are farms all around, no need to go to the zoo to see "GOATS"
-road the zoo choo...I'm not sure if he liked it or disliked it.  He didn't like the tunnel that's for sure
-loves to play in the 'entire' yard...he runs around like a little maniac
-squishes his face up like Mama, poor kid is going to get my forehead lines if he keeps doing that

I feel like there are things I'm forgetting to write.  I may add things later.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Yes, we are still blogging, no we have not had much time to do so.  There is so much I want to write about but I am just too tired.  Labor Day weekend was amazing. Cyrus and I went to the zoo on Saturday while Daddy did his long work out, we went to church, we played in the back yard a lot, we went to Memaw Debbie's for a cook out, we played football and did yard work. 
I shut my computer down Friday at 5 and did not turn it back on until Cyrus's afternoon nap today.  After Cyrus went to bed I had to do a bit of work to prepare for the week. Now I am officially exhausted and heading to bed.
I'm not looking forward to this is my first week of work travel. I already feel like I do not see Cyrus enough, and I know that this week will be hard on the both of us.
The good news is I'm staying local two days this we can ease into my travel schedule.

Happy 17 Months of Cyrus - I'll write an actual 17 month update at some point this week - or maybe have Ryan write one since he gets to spend more time with our little man.