Sunday, August 29, 2010

Feeding Himself

Cyrus is becoming more independent each day.  It makes me sad and happy all at the same time.  I'm amazed by him, truly.  If I loved him anymore I would spontaneously combust, wow that would suck.  There are little things every day, that make my heart patter and melt.  I wish we had video cameras going at all times, so I would never forget a moment of life with Cyrus.  He does the cutest most endearing things. Have I said how much I love him.  I often wonder if I'll love any other child the way I love my first born son. I am so thankful that I have these current moments to relish in the fact that I am a mom of a toddler and that I get to just enjoy him, and be smitten by him.
As he gets older he is becoming very independent.  He must do many things by himself, including brush his teeth, and go forward on his push car, and get up on the couch, and eat his popsicles, and now to add to the list is feed himself.  Well he has been feeding himself for a very long time, but I was resistant to giving him utensils.  He plays with forks and usually will hold one as he grabs a handful of food, but spoons were for Mama.  Anything that required a spoon, he gladly let me feed to him.  Until last week that is.
Cyrus was having yogurt, and refused to let me help him.  He was covered by the end of the first song on his Baby Signing Time DVD.  Yogurt was on the floor on the chair, on the rug, on Issy, on Mama.  He was having a very good time with the spoon.
I am proud to say he is getting much better with the spoon.  He is able to get the food on the spoon and put it straight to his mouth, and not launch nearly as much through the family room.

There are lots of other things to update y'all on.  However, I am so tired.  The busy season is upon me for work.  I have one more week of planning my sales visits before I start hitting the road.  The past two weeks have been filled with endless nights of e-mails and phone calls to customers.  I was averaging 4-5 hours of sleep a night, which is horrible for me I prefer 7-8.  However the late nights paid off.  I am caught up on customer inquires and just have to focus on planning and making my calls.  Maybe some time this week (LOL) I'll have time to blog again, I kill me sometimes.

Friday, August 13, 2010


I have been waiting all week, to hold my sweet baby boy.  It is amazing how much I missed him, and how I longed to hold him in my arms.  I am way to excited to see him this evening when I get home.  If all had gone as planned Ryan would have been picking me up from the airport in about 30 minutes (5:30), however, once again my flight was delayed.  You gotta love commuter planes on Fridays. 
Hopefully our plane will arrive soon, so we can board and fly home.  I have asked Ryan to park the car and meet me at the security check point in Roanoke so that I can my sweet boy run down the hall towards me...yep I'm cheesy but I've missed seeing that cute little boy get all excited when I get home from work.  I hope he is excited to see me tonight.  I'm hoping that it won't be bed time when I arrive.
Over all the week went really well.  My roomie Brigita and I both missed our little 16 month olds, but we made it through the week.  We had a lot of fun hanging out and trying to pay attention during sessions.  The good news is that I am feeling really excited for the fall selling season.  I am prepared and ready! I haven't felt like this since before I was pregnant with Cyrus.  I think selling Sarah is back, and I'm gonna kick butt and take names.  Let's hope this momentum continues through the next few weeks.

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Mama's First

Well today is the dreaded day.  I am sitting at an airport sans Cyrus.  I am leaving for my companies national sales meeting.  Last year, I had Cyrus in tow and my sister Amy came with us to be Nanny for a week.  This year it is just me, and a bunch of my other Mama friends who are leaving their babies for the first time too.
I made sure to spend the bulk of my weekend getting as much Cyrus time as possible.  We had extra snuggle time last night since it was his last night nursing, and I was just a little bit upset. Then he went to bed and Ryan and I watched a movie.
This morning I woke up early, showered, packed, and waited for Cyrus to wake up. Go figure the one day I want him to wake up early he doesn't.  So at 7:15 Ryan and I woke him up. We played for a bit and then went to Famous A's for breakfast.  Then we went to play at the mall (they have a play area, and since it is right near the airport we thought it would be a perfect way for me to get as much play time in as possible).  Cyrus and I hugged a lot and played and it still wasn't enough to get me through this week.

I cried as we left the mall.  And squeezed him real tight before putting him in his car seat.  5 minutes in the car and at the airport, we were.  Ryan helped me with my bags and I started crying as I hugged him good-bye.  I know this week will fly by, and some may not understand why this is so hard, but I've never been away from Cyrus for more than 9 hours.  I hope he doesn't miss me too much.  Luckily Issy will be home to keep an eye on the boys.  I'm sure this week will fly by.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

16 Months

I'm in disbelief that Cyrus is 16 months.  Seriously where does the time go.  Every day I am reminded of how much he is changing and growing up into a little boy.  I think I can say for both Ryan and I that we are amazed at what a difference a day makes.  We are so blessed to watch him grow, learn and experience this world.

Cyrus at 16 months of age:
-If you tell him you have to go potty he will walk you to the bathroom, then he will sign potty
-has signed "potty" a few times, as he is going #2
-Has added "boat", "baby", "cracker", "bug" and "wash hands" to his sign language skills
-Nurses at bed time, but I leave for Miami on Monday morning, so this is our last weekend (not sure if I'm ready for this)
-Loves "Baby Signing Times" and will ask to watch the videos by signing "baby" and clapping
-Has learned to go down the stairs on his bottom - and is getting very proficient at it
-Follows most directions really favorite is when I tell him "sit on your bottom" and he squats and I say all the way and then he sits
-is Finally drinking from his sippy cup all by himself - Thank God!
-mimics Mama, and Daddy's actions, like wiping the table off, or cleaning daddy's bike
-Loves MILK - prefers it to water and will drink it all day long - about 15 ounces a day b/c I limit the amount
-Has learned to ride his fire engine and lion by pushing with his feet, and navigates really well
-Prefers fruits and veggies to any sort of meat (the exception being hot dogs - we need to find a nitrate free dog).
-When he really wants something he says Mama...usually it is referring to his binky...Ryan thinks that is hilarious, I find it to be rather insulting
-Has started cutting his eye his mouth if full of teeth
-Morning nap is merging with his afternoon nap - sort of sucks b/c then he gets cranky before bed time
-Gives Mama kisses just b/c he wants to (with out prompting, and Mama thinks this is the best thing ever)
-We think he is really close to talking, like really talking...there are a few words that he says, but we think we are on the verge of a little chatterbox
-Has grown a ton since his last check up.  I notice the height difference but i'm not sure how tall he actually is
Many people have told us that Cyrus knew how to drink from a sippy cup, but he always asked Mama or Daddy to hold it for him.  On vacation I noticed that he was holding the cup all by himself!
Since Cyrus is teething, and it seems very painful we bought him some Popsicles
Cyrus loves to share, until he realizes that sharing means you eat some of his popsicle
But sharing with Isabelle is totally fine! Now that is real love.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

No Great White Sharks at our Beach

Cyrus had a very hard time sleeping through the night on this vacation. Down the Cape he slept in his pack 'n' play in the same room with us.  That caused a bit of a problem, b/c when he woke up in the middle of the night he could see us, and he wanted me.  So I would get out of bed and take him to the common area and watch TV.  Two nights in a row thank you very much!  While watching early morning news I saw a report on a few Great White Shark sightings down the cape.  The sightings were actually in Chatam, which is on the open ocean side of the cape not in the sound like Dennisport....still you can imagine how nervous I was when Friday morning called for a trip to the beach.  Ok I wasn't really that nervous, because I knew that Cyrus and I wouldn't be swimming past our ankles!  Just a side note...Great Whites in South Africa have been known to swim into knee deep water and strike...thank you shark week and Matt for watching that awesome show with me last night.
So we packed up and went to the beach! We were happily situated on the beach by 8:30.  Cyrus enjoyed chasing the sea gulls, but he wasn't so much into the ocean.  Sand is hard to walk in and wet mushy sand is even harder.  But I think over all he really enjoyed playing in the sun & sand.  He certainly was tired after the beach.  We came home to nap, well Cyrus did and Ryan and I started packing up again for a trip to my sister's house in Westford.  Okay get this Cyrus napped forever.  He went down at 11 am woke up at 1 for a minute, then fell back to sleep on Noname (Kathie).  We went to lunch at the Kreme & Cone, I ate a plate of fried clams, got back in the car and Cyrus was still total we are pretty sure he slept for almost 3 hours.  I think this might be his shift from 2 naps to one long nap.
 "Daddy, please take me out of the ocean"
Looking very cute in his monkey towel!
Playing in the sand. He was throwing it behind him, Ryan was being a very good sport.
"The beach isn't so bad, after all"
Loving Noname
Buried in the sand!

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Trip Down the Cape

It is sort of funny, when we are at home (our Salem home), that I refer to Cape Cod as the Cape. It is funny because no one in VA probably knows what I am talking about. When you are in Boston and you say "the Cape" everyone knows, everyone has fond memories of "summah" time. The Cape is a short commute from Boston, as long as you don't hit the dreaded Cape traffic, which we did not. On Wednesday night we got down the cape in a little over an hour. Ryan's parents have a condo in Dennisport.
Wednesday night we settled in, went grocery shopping and Tom made a steak dinner. It was way past Cyrus's bedtime to attempt going out to eat and expecting the dinner to go some what smoothly. Eating out with am almost 16 month old is challenging to say the least.
Thursday was overcast with a storm brewing. Tom and Kathie wanted to take Cyrus to the zooquarium, which is what we did. Cyrus had a great time at the zoo part. Most of the animals were indigenous to the area, and had been taken in for care and then unable to be released back into the wild. Cyrus really liked watching the raccoons and feeding the goats. But his favorite thing was chasing the chickens that have free reign throughout the park.
Cyrus also liked the ducks!
The goats were very sweet and gentle. Cyrus loved feeding them.
Cyrus was very excited when he finally figured out how to actually feed the goats...he was mid-clap here
Petting the Llama with Bucca
Heading inside when the rains came

Don't worry Mama I'll catch you a chicken for dinner.
Cyrus was worn out after this fun adventure.