Thursday, July 29, 2010

Franklin Park Zoo

Before we headed down to Cape Cod we met up with Rachel, Liv and Tess at the Franklin Park Zoo.  Cyrus had such a great time.  The highlight of the day was the Gorilla house.
The Gorillas were awesome.  They came up to the window and  were very entertaining!
My sweet niece Liv!
My littlest niece Tess!

The girls were so good with Cyrus and he had so much fun with them.  I didn't take a ton of pictures, but Auntie Rachel did, hopefully she will share with me.

Going for a ride with Daddy

We spent Tuesday night at Ryan's parents house.  Wednesday morning Cyrus realized that Bucca had a riding lawn mower.  Cyrus had to go for a ride...of course!

Day at the Lake

On our second day of vacation we wanted to do something low key.  So we drove to Westford, to Rachel's house and went to the lake around the corner from her house.  The lake was beautiful.  Cyrus was not such a huge fan of swimming in the lake, he liked splashing, but did not want to go any deeper.  Thankfully Auntie Rachel wanted to hold Cyrus in the water and Ryan and I were able to play with Liv and Tess and Amy.  We had so much fun in the water with the girls.
Okay I can not believe that I have no pictures of Auntie Mimi.

Dah nah nah nah, you say its your birthday

On July 25th Ryan, Cyrus and I left Salem VA and headed for Belmont, MA. Our goal was to be at my mom's house in time to have my birthday dinner with my family. We arrived to my mom's by 10:30 on July 26th - Happy Birthday to me! Luckily my mom had her mama intuition going strong, and took the day off from work, even though we didn't expect to get into town until the afternoon. So I lucked out and had a whole afternoon hanging out with my mom.
Cyrus really enjoyed my moms Garden.
For dinner my mom made home made Mac N Cheese.  It was amazing.  We had a great time playing with Olivia, Tess, Auntie Rae, Auntie Mimi, Nana, and Uncle Matt.  My mom bought me a Pandora Bracelet with my birthstone spacer and the girls bought me a bear and a bible charm.  What a great idea of a gift.  Thanks for such a wonderful birthday, and thanks for driving me home Ryan.

Infrequent Blogging

I know I said I was going to be more faithful about blogging, and I haven't. For those of you who are faithful followers and have been disappointed I am sorry. The absence has been for good reason. I don't want to waste my life writing about Cyrus's milestones or cute things he has done and miss out on all real quality time with him. I have realized the lesson that God may allow us to be part of the amazing act of creating a being, we are his vessels for it, however we do not sustain life, that task belongs to God and it is God's alone. For this lesson I am thankful because it has made me realize just how blessed I am that God would allow an unworthy being such as myself to be a steward of one of his amazing creations. He allows me every moment with Cyrus, He has ordained it for a time, and I have decided that when I have free time that I will be spending it with my little man. Enjoying every moment that God allows me.
This is not to say that I am going to throw in the towel on blogging. I just won't be as dedicated. Maybe I'll blog once a week I'm not sure. When Cyrus goes to bed or naps maybe I'll sneak in a post or two...
Right now Cyrus has been put down for bed. So I have a few moments to catch you up on our vacation. I'll write about each day in separate posts.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dance Cyrus, Dance

Mama, Daddy and Cyrus had a dance party this morning before I started my work day. We love to watch our little man enjoy music. Cyrus truly loves to listen to music. When the music stops he claps his hands in appreciation and when it starts back up he gets very excited. I hope you enjoy the video!

15 months

Yes, I'm aware that Cyrus is actually 15 months and 12 days, however there has been a lot going on in the Hurley household, and I just couldn't keep up with blogging. My favorite mantra is better late than never. So here I go...
On the morning of July 7th Ryan, Cyrus and I went to visit Dr. Craft for Cyrus 15 month well check. The visit went very well. Dr. Craft said Cyrus has above average bruising on his knees so he knows our little man is getting plenty of exercise. We told him how Cyrus is non-stop moving unless he is sleeping. Dr. Craft pointed out that Cyrus has an above average sense of humor. Cyrus understands that some things are funny, and he is very funny himself and laughs at his own jokes. Ryan and I were glad to know that we were not the only ones who thought our child was funny. Dr. Craft also said that Cyrus follows direction really well. And understands really well too, now only if we could get him to talk more. We really love Dr. Craft, he spends so much time with us and really watches Cyrus and gets a good sense of who he is and what he can do.
Here are Cyrus's Physical Stats
Weight:  22lbs and 12 oz (that is only a lb more than he was at his 12 month check up)
Height: 32 1/4 (1 inch and 1/4 more than at 12 months)
Head: 19 inches (only a 1/2 inch more than his 12 month stats)

Obviously Cyrus is starting to taper off the growth chart.  His weight is in the 25th percentile (Dr. Craft said not to worry about it since Cyrus is so active), and he was in the 85th percentile for height.  Dr. Craft also said it is perfectly normal for bigger babies to start tapering off at this age.

Now on to the fun stuff, Cyrus at 15 months of age:
-He runs every where, I don't think he ever walks
-walks on his toes, if he walks
-Has added "Cat", "Tired/Sleep", "Shoe" to his sign language vocabulary
-Nurses, once a day, right before bed, but if I let him he would still nurse morning, afternoon and night
-Loves music, and will ask for you to put in on in his bedroom
-Loves to climb up on the couch and sit like a big boy
-Climbs from couch to couch, it is a fun game
-likes to sit on the first step of our stairs...I need to buy him his very own comfy chair
-Can safely get out of a chair or off the couch - but you need to remind him that he's not spider man sometimes
-Loves lemonade, latte's, and sweet lemonade passion tea
-Drinks cows milk finally! I'd say he gets some where around 7 ounces a day.  His favorite is chocolate milk, but he's only had that once
-Still wants mommy or daddy to hold his sippy cup.
-talks all the time, we don't understand him but it is very cute
-Has started letting us brush his teeth just took a new cool brush and some training toothpaste
-Morning nap has pushed back to 10:30/11 and he will go down in his crib (YAY for daddy)
-Afternoon nap is at 3:30/4, we have to wake him up by 5:30 to preserve bedtime (7:30)
-Loves our neighbors cat, and calls for it (by doing sign language) every time we go outside.
-Loves to play in the seriously if you are doing laundry he wants to get in...sort of funny
Cyrus, I love you more and more each day. I know that you are a precious gift from God, we are blessed that He has given you to us, and allowed us to raise you in our home.