Friday, June 25, 2010

Binkie Emergency

Today is the reason why I always wanted my child to suck his thumb. Cyrus and Mama were fortunate to have an afternoon date - just the two of us. I have been working really hard this week, and thought Cyrus could just use some fun time with me. This plan also helped Ryan get his much needed training in. The plan was to go to the pool and play then to come home and nap. Before we went to the pool we had to go to Walmart with Daddy. Cyrus was down to his last binkie (I swear the house elves steal his binkies along with socks, spoons and forks). We needed a few other items like carrots, cheese, bananas, sun block so we made it a family trip.
When we got to the baby section I realized once again that Walmart only carries girl colored NUK pacifiers - what is up with that?
I remembered that Kroeger has them, but we thought well we have one binkie we can wait until our next trip to Kroeger to get more. So it was pool time! I figured if i wore the boy out enough he'd pass out on the way home with or with out the binkie. I was wrong. He looked tired, but he can't fall asleep without his binkie.
Mama had to pack him back into the car and go to Kroeger. Cyrus was very happy, but very sleepy by the time we got home. I put him right into his crib and he cried for about a 30 seconds before passing out.
Now if he sucked his thumb, we wouldn't be having thumb emergencies...b/c you can always find your thumb.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Baby,Puppy, Cyrus

Ryan becomes very excited when he notices that Cyrus is playing like a big boy. Usually it is when Cyrus plays with his toy taxi or his dump truck. I get very excited when Cyrus demonstrates his knowledge and understanding. So this video has it all, at least for the two of us. I hope you enjoyed it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cyrus following in Cohens footsteps

I don't mean so much as footsteps as in climbing skills. Cohen has been a climber for sometime. I have been very impressed with his ability to climb up or down a piece of furniture, no matter how nervous it makes people!
So I was pretty excited when Cyrus did this on May 29th.

We now have to be very diligent in watching Cyrus around the furniture.

Friday, June 11, 2010

More, Please

After church on Sunday June 6th we had to run to the grocery store for a few things.  It was past Cyrus's lunch time, so I was feeding him cookies :) In isle 3 I asked "Do you want" and Cyrus did as I expected him too, he signed more.  Then I said "more please" and he did the unexpected, he signed "More" followed by the sign for "please".  It is truly unexpected, because I have not taught please to him, he watches it on his video but we've never really practice the sign together.  It was very exciting for both Ryan and I.

He does not do the sign perfectly, just like most signs Cyrus has translated the sign to what he can do, or what he feels like doing.

He has even learned how to make communicating more efficient, instead of signing More and then Please, he has blended the two together and instead of rubbing his chest he points to his chest, hits it as if he is signing more. You can see it towards the end of the first video, and then in this one - where he is really saying "More, Please, NOW"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

14 Months

Yes, my son does have clothes, but he just looks so darn cute in his diaper.
I took the above picture the day before Cyrus turned 14 months.  We were hanging in the bedroom getting ready for church and I turned away from my mirror and saw that Cyrus had gotten himself into his old bouncy seat.
It is amazing to see how much he has changed since last year at this time.
Monday, June 7th Cyrus turned 14 months, and though I thought about it all day...I never actually wrote his 14 month old update - and this one has taken me most of the day since I keep getting dragged away from my office for one thing or another.
Here are a few facts about Cyrus at 14 months old
-He has finally used his words! Today when Ryan walked in from his morning swim Cyrus pointed and said "Da..Da" he leaves a long pause between the das - I made sure this wasn't a fluke by asking him to point to "da da" - FYI Ryan doesn't want to be called da-da. Cyrus also repeated Da-da in the correct context several times.
-We think he may be close to saying "yes" and "all done" he tried to say Dog today but got "daw" and fish is "ish"
-He falls, and gets lots of bumps and bruises, and amazingly enough I don't freak out about it (Ryan's add: "Its like a new car, once you get the first scratch on it...
-Nurses 2 times during the day (I'm not really sure how we dropped his 3 pm feeding, I think we just got busy)
-He wears a size four sneaker, but we lost his brand new converse
-Does not wake up at any consistent time...It is never before 5:30 and we let him cry himself back to sleep until 7
-Still loves to be rocked before bed, but some nights he is too tired and signs all done - he then puts himself to sleep
-He is still sleeping through the night
-Goes to bed between 7:30 and 8
-His nap schedule is completely off...b/c something always comes up during one of his naps, I think he still would like two naps
-Is learning to put Issy in her place, he doesn't let her bully him, but he still really likes to share his toys and food with her - so I'm not sure who is winning the battle for dominance
-Does not like when Issy barks in his face
-Has added a few news signs to his sign language bank.  The new additions are: Please, and Bird
-Draws pictures when we go out to eat, and today I let him use some markers at home (is still using both Left and Right hand)
-Will pick up his dirty clothes and put them in the hamper when coaxed
-I've been told that when Ryan & I are not around he holds his own sippy cup
-Is getting really good at throwing fits, has started hitting Mama - really? He's 14 months how does he know how to hit?
-Grabs a book and climbs into my lap for me to read - uhm yeah this melts my heart and I'm still getting use to it, he just started this over the weekend
-Has become a lot more snuggly, and rests his head on my shoulder a lot more these days
-Has learned to give kisses
-knows where his belly button is
-has 9 teeth and 2 bottom ones cutting through in the back (ouch it totally looks painful)
-Favorite toys: Lawn Mower, and any truck
-When you ask "Who's the baby" he points to himself, does the same for "Who's Cyrus"
-weighs about 23 lbs, according to the scale at Kennedy Chiropractic
Cyrus, I love you, I hope you never get sick of hearing Mama say those words, because I am going to say them forever.  I have never known a joy like the one that comes from being a mother.  You truly are my sunshine, as cheesy as that might be. 

Cyrus's First Tantrum

Cyrus demonstrated his first tantrum on May 10th, yeah I'm really late in posting this footage. Back then he had very few actual tantrums. However, we have noticed that toddler's have many more tantrums then babies. Luckily, he gets over himself fairly quickly, and we don't respond to him when he is throwing a fit even though sometimes it is really hard not to laugh while your child is kicking and screaming - I mean seriously does he think that is going to get him anywhere in life!

Last week with Cyrus

Usually I feel really guilt for not blogging.  This is not one of those time :)  In order to blog I usually have to neglect something; either work, household responsibilities, time with Ryan, or time with Cyrus.  Oh and let's face it I never neglect Cyrus so you can imagine what gets neglected the most.  I am really trying to make a conscious effort to be "present" when Ryan and I are spending time together in the evenings.  So last week, I ditched the obligation of blogging and just enjoyed time with my wonderful husband.
But now the time has come that  I should update the grandparents, aunts, uncle's and dear friends on the happenings of the Hurley household.  This blog entry is a typical "catch up" blog entry.
Last Week with Cyrus
We had a great week last week, we were not as busy as other weeks, but still managed to have a lot of fun.  Over the weekend we celebrated Memorial Day.  We spent some time at Memaw Debbie's new community pool.  Cyrus was very hesitant about the pool, but it was really nice for Auntie Rissa and I to have that cute little man clinging to us so tightly.
On Monday we had a lazy day off from work.  We played at the water table a lot! In the evening Auntie Rissa and Uncle Keegan, Sophie, Nathan & Naomi came over for an impromptu BBQ.

Sharing the activity table

Playing with the helicopter
Getting some love from Mama!
Enjoying the banana pudding pie that Miss Sophie made, YUMMY!
Cyrus stayed up way past his bed time and didn't actually go to bed until 9:30.

On Wednesday we had another play date with Cohen.  Cyrus had his first tastes of grilled cheese, and watermelon. I forgot my camera, but I did manage to get some cute video.

On Friday Ryan had a daddy daycare date with Adam Renard.  Uhm yeah I tagged along because they were going to the zoo and I love the zoo.  As usual we had a great time.  Cyrus's favorite was of course the goats, the train, and the playground.
 Watching for the train

Unsure of the slide
Adam & Charlotte
Happiest toddler I've ever met, Miss Charlotte