Okay so this whole going into labor thing is a lot more difficult then it seems.  I am officially 8 days past my due date, and time is running out.  My doctor will not let me go past 42 weeks, before last night I think I would have fought him on that, but then I got worried about Cyrus’s health.
Yesterday was a pretty lazy day for me.  I went to church as usual and then came home for lunch and nap time.  I realized that Cyrus was not very active, so I laid down to count his movements over 2 hours.  The first 2 hour interval I fell asleep around 5 kicks.  It took a long time to get 5 kicks.  Then Ryan woke me up at 3 to start over (he also fed me a cinnamon roll and some sweet tea in hopes of giving Cyrus a sugar high).  The movements were low and eradict.  Usually Cyrus is not a big mover, but when ever I do my kick counts he seems to understand that I need him to move.  Since I am over due I decided to call the hospital.  Dr. Walsh was on call and wanted me to come in for monitoring.
When we got to the hospital they put me in a wheel chair (b/c obviously pregnant ladies can not walk on their own).  Then they took me up to the 13th floor.  When we arrived to the OB Triage station I was pleasantly surprised by a familiar face, Wendy, Dr. Keeley’s nurse was on duty.  I instantly felt better, knowing my nurse and knowing that she knows me so well.  I explained to Wendy what was going on and she got me hooked up to the monitor.  She warned me that If Cyrus didn’t do well on the monitor that it was unlikely that Dr. Walsh would let me go home before delivering the baby (by induction).
After a few minutes it was obvious that Cyrus was not happy or was in a sugar comma thanks to Daddy.  Dr. Walsh came in and checked me…still not dialated (Uhm hello God…could you do something about my cervix), but according to him I am 75% effaced – oh good I am glad these contractions I have been having are doing something to my body.  Then he checked my amniotic fluid – it measured at an 11 which is fine.  Dr. Walsh still didn’t seem happy.  He seemed to me to be induction happy.  I told him I did not want to be induced – then I started crying – they were real tears, but I’ll have to remember that a crying pregnant woman gets her own way for future situations.  Dr. Walsh decided to leave me on the monitor while he went to do a C-section.  During the time he left and came back Cyrus woke up and his strip looked really good.  He had lots of A-cels, and even started moving around.
When Dr. Walsh came came to release me he asked how we were all doing.  I was beaming and said “Great we’re going home, Cyrus has lots of A-Cels and is moving around like a champ”.  Of course the good doctor wanted to recap why we came in, so he did.  Then he through in his personal opinion that it was his belief that we should be induced because no women should still be pregnant at 41 weeks and we have everything to lose and nothing to gain by waiting.
So now I am worried…that I won’t go into labor naturally, that I won’t make the right decision for my baby, and that I will hurt him.  A few weeks ago I did not think this is how my pregnancy would go.  I thought that some night soon I would wake up in labor…