Monday, March 29, 2010

A Bunny Tail

Today was a very exciting day for Cyrus. 
He finally was able to get up and personal with Spaz D. Bunny.  He has been wanting to get his hands on Spaz for months, but the bunny room is always so dirty.  Last night I gave it a good cleaning so that Little Man could visit with bun today.
He certainly enjoyed himself.  I can not say the same for Spaz.  He tolerated Cyrus for the first 5 minutes and then retreated to his little refuge.  Cyrus wanted to follow him in, but I told him that we need to respect the bun's boundaries.  Overall Spaz did very good with Cyrus.  I could tell he was scared, but he let Cyrus touch his twitchy little nose and even pet him a few times.  I started getting a little nervous when Cyrus started doing the bam bam slam with his arms and decided that Spaz had had enough baby brother time.  I thought we shouldn't tempt fate since Spaz is geriatric - 12 years old this year...I can't believe it.  We love you Spaz.

Mickey and Minney Birthday Party

This past Saturday, we celebrated Lilah and Jaxon's first birthday.  My friend Kristin did an amazing job planning her twins first birthday bash.  Kristin is known for being super organized, a planner, and very creative.  Her organizational and planning talents were realized in the culmination of Saturdays events.  The party was amazing, the decorations, the balloons, the goody bags, the time capsule box, the cakes - were just precious.  I think all of the kids and parents had a really good time.  Cyrus really enjoyed the hot dog, mac & cheese and the chicken Caesar wrap.  He also enjoyed playing with his friends Cohen, Kate, and Vivian.  But his very favorite part was meeting Mickey Mouse.  I did not take a lot of pictures b/c I was on my own for most of the time and it is hard to take pictures and police your child at the same time.  I did manage to snap a few cute pictures when Cyrus met Mickey.

Oh and I almost forgot...
He LOVED the cupcakes...momma enjoyed them too!

Thanks Kristin & Darren for inviting to celebrate the twins birthday.  We are looking forward to watching them grow up with Cyrus!

Cyrus came home from the party ready to nap...
Okay not exactly ready to nap...he wanted to play with his new mickey mouse cell phone that he received in his goody bag.

Ooops I did it again!

This time I might really mean ooops. 
This is my new hair cut...I got it on Friday
I'm still getting use to it, but I think I went too short.  Oh well thank God hair grows back, and mine grows rather quickly.  I went with a full on stacked is very cute, very trendy and not at all me.  I am wondering if I'll even be able to wear it curly...I'll try that tomorrow.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Word of the Day: Procrastination

Fridays are a wonderful day.  Friday is the day of the week that really seems to be better suited for the weekend.  I mean honestly, who actually works on Friday, it is the laid back day of the week.  It is the day of the week that I set aside for "office time".  It is the day of the week I am supposed to be super productive, and catch up on all the e-mails that have piled up in my inbox.  It is the day that I pack up my office and head to Starbucks, so that I can be productive.  Something always happens to halt productivity.  Today my mind is consumed with everything but work. 
These days I seem to be distracted by the possibility of a second child.  Wondering when it will happen, if it will happen by accident or if we will have to give it the good ole college try.  It is no secret that I deeply desire a sibling for Cyrus to play with, I actually want a lot of them.  It would be amazing to hear 5 or 6 sets of pitter pattering feet through out our house - well not our current house it is not big enough for that many children.  I can just see Ryan and I with a brood of babies, if only money was not an issue.  It is amazing how being a mom changes you.  I was the young lady who was adamant on not having any children and here I am telling the world I want a brood, but time really isn't on my side. 

I am trying to not dwell on what I do not have and instead focus on what the Lord has given me and to be content with that. But oh how my mind and heart travel down the road of hopes and dreams.  Is that wrong?  So yeah preoccupied with everything babies right now.  I need to either get the chicken pox, or get the vaccine for chicken pox before I get pregnant.  I am not immune to the disease, which can cause complications during pregnancy.  Now that we have a little one in the house I figured it was time to make sure I am protected against the disease.  If I get the vaccine I need to get two shots 4 weeks apart and then wait another month before trying to get pregnant (that sort of sucks in my mind). I am not a huge supporter of vaccines that I think are unnecessary, but in the effort to protect a future child I will do anything.  One of our friends has chicken pox, Cyrus and I were both exposed on Wednesday night, so I'm hoping he will get the pox.  The disease can incubate for 2 weeks, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

So in an effort of procrastinating well (see Ryan I'm doing something excellent)...I will update you on
This week with Cyrus

We met Naomi and Sophie at the park on Monday.

We read a book.  This book is awesome b/c the pictures move.

Cyrus loves the book as much as mamma!

We practiced getting up to a standing position, we have not mastered this skill at all.

Discovered a new favorite toy compliments of Olivia & Tess! This is the ice cream cone from a picnic basket toy. It has a bell inside, Cyrus really likes shaking it to hear the noise. 

Isabelle also likes this toy. It is plush, squishy and makes noise, who wouldn't love it.

Cyrus learned to play keep-away from Isabelle

"Do you wanna play too, Issy?"

We learned to share, well actually Issy stole the toy, but Cyrus kept handing it to her.  Then he would cry b/c she took it.  And he would chase after her.  It was really funny.  I have video to post of the whole thing.

Oh and Cyrus is getting faster and faster at walking around the house each day.  He is going to be running soon.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Birthday J Ryan Hurley

32 years ago at 8:42 in the morning Ryan was born (actually J Ryan was born, but we dropped the J).  Happy Birthday to my dear sweet irresistible husband.  Ryan life is better every day because you are part of it.  When I am overwhelmed and frustrated you make me laugh, and make me see the big picture.  I may not tell you often enough but I appreciate everything you do for our family.  I know your job is not easy and never ending, but you always do it with a smile, and make me feel okay about leaving our home every day.  I know that Cyrus is in the best hands every day and no one could raise our son better than you.  It is so comforting knowing that I do not need to worry about him.  I love the opportunity that he has in having a dad as active in his life as you are.  I love watching you teach Cyrus and the pride you take in his accomplishments.  Thank you for being a wonderful husband and father.  You provide for us in so many ways, I am fortunate to share this life with you.  You truly are the man of my dreams, you know good looking, killer blue eyes, dedicated to working out, spiritual leader, kitchen cleaner, laundry doer and family chef...honestly I wouldn't survive with out you...well I would but I'd be eating a lot of take out and I wouldn't have any clean clothes.  Here is to eternity together my love!

Family Time

We have been having some amazing spring weather the past few days. It has been so nice that we felt the need to take advantage of it. On Saturday Ryan woke up and taught spin at the Y, then he came home and I went to the Y and lifted. After we both did our in door work outs we both went running. Ryan did the trails and I went to the park to do 3 miles with Cyrus in the running stroller. After our runs Ryan suggested we have Family time! I love family time. In my mind Saturdays should always be spent together.
Ryan went one step further in making me happy. He suggested we go to the Mill Mountain Zoo. Ryan never wants to go to the zoo, and the zoo is one of my favorite places to go. I think Ryan was more willing to go because Cyrus is finally at an age where he can enjoy the zoo...and that is just what he did.
 Here is our little walking man strutting his stuff over to the goats...he was a boy on a mission.
Mission accomplished! He saw the goat as soon as we walked in and boy did he want to see him up close and personal.  Yes I did let him pet the goat, and yes I did worry it would bite his fingers off.

He did not want to leave the first exhibit! I told him the wolverine was next and was very cute.  But he insisted staying at the farm animals while I sang Old McDonald...yep I sang it out loud in front of everyone because it made Cyrus happy. Oh the things a Mamma does.

Oh my gosh they have PUPPIES!  Cyrus loves him some puppies.
And then after the zoo and an afternoon nap we went to celebrate daddy's birthday at Texas Steak House.
Cyrus convinced daddy to share his birthday ice cream was a big hit with our little man.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I wasn't sure how to define walking. I mean I know that Cyrus can take a few steps and topple over, but when can you actually say "Yes, my child is walking?" This past week I witnessed him take several steps to an object of desire, but he would loose balance and confidence and quickly get down to a crawling position. Then today when I got home from work I witnessed Cyrus taking Frankensteps - we think that Cyrus walks like Frankenstein. He wasn't just taking 3 or 5 steps and getting down, he actually would pull himself up on a piece of furniture and then walk to where ever he wanted to go. I was amazed, even last night he was unable to take more than a few steps before toppling over.

Here is another video:

I wonder what the rest of this week will hold, will Cyrus continue walking around, or will crawling be more enticing? Oh and yes I was wrong in predicting that Cyrus wouldn't be walking by his first birthday. I am comfortable admitting when I am wrong.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Boys vs. Girls

Yesterday Ryan and I had the privileged of having Adam, Kathleen, and Charlotte over for lunch after church.  It has been a very long time since we have all gotten together.  Ryan made Digorno Pizzas and Charlotte and Cyrus played for a bit.  Then it was time to eat. 
I was amazed at the difference between Cyrus and Charlotte.  Cyrus is such a boy, and Charlotte truly is a little lady (her name suits her perfectly).  By the time Cyrus was finished eating his pizza he had sauce all over his face, his hands, his shirt (even though he had a bib on), and his hair.  Charlotte looked poised and perfect.
Cyrus had to go down for his afternoon nap right after lunch.  He did not like leaving all the fun, but eventually he fell asleep.  While Cyrus napped we watched Charlotte play with all his toys.  Ryan and I were amazed at how different she plays than Cyrus.  Our little boy is all boy right down to the way he plays.  He is loud and his favorite toys make loud noises.  He screams and likes to destroy everything in his path, he hates to play by himself, and wants to make sure that he has all of your attention.  Charlotte was very calm, quiet, and collected.  She played with his books and all of his toys, but just was not as crazy as Cyrus.  We were also amazed that she seemed to enjoy independent play and was very content entertaining herself.
For some reason I didn't take any pictures :(

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mamma 7, Cyrus 1

Isn't he precious?  That is why he got one point in the bedtime battle! For seven nights, Ryan and I have had very restful nights.  If Cyrus has been crying, we haven't heard him.  I am pretty sure he has slept through the night a couple of times.  However, last night he was very fussy.  I thought it might be his tummy because dinner didn't settle for me either.  He woke up at 2:30 and after only 15 minutes I went into the nursery.  I knew it was a bad move, soon my little man was hugging me and yes...I picked him up out of the crib.  I tried to rock him back to sleep, but he was wired.  After 35 minutes I brought him into our room (sorry Ryan).  He didn't fall asleep until 4:30, no one got much sleep.

Baby Steps

Today Cyrus and I were playing with one of those big bouncy balls from Walmart.  I read in one of my activity books that you can teach your child to kick a ball by swinging them at the ball and hitting it with their feet. I don't know how much this actually teaches them to kick the ball, but Cyrus sure did have a blast.  He was laughing non-stop.  At one point we took a break and he stood all on his own...then he took 3 baby steps until he reached the ball.  Do you think he will walk before his first birthday? I have my money on no.  I'd be happy if he crawls for a bit longer, it is just so darn cute.  I love my crawling baby.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Signing Times

I am a huge fan of Baby Signing Time ( My older sister Rachel used it with her children, and I was amazed at how easy I could communicate with them when they were under the age of two.
I remember being up at Lake Winnepesauke for Timberman weekend, playing with Olivia. She kept signing eat, more, apple, while we were building sand mountains. It was amazing. She would also sign thank you and please. I was pretty much sold way back then (4 years ago) she is about to turn 5.
When I found out I was pregnant, I started day dreaming about my little signing baby. Easier said than done! Cyrus watches the videos a lot, not every day but definitely a few times a week. Most babies do their first signs by 9 months. Cyrus only just started doing signs in the past two weeks. Of course he has his own version of signs, but that is okay as long as we understand what he is trying to communicate to us.
He actually uses a combination of signs and sounds. All done is arms waving up in the air and he says something that sounds so much like all done, I swear he is knows what he is saying. He also knows the sign for Dog, which is patting your leg like you are calling your dog. When he is really excited to see Issy he pats his leg, I think he thinks patting his leg is the sign for her name - oh well. He also understands the sign for milk, which we have actually used for nurse. The other night I asked him if he wanted to nurse, he ignored me...then I asked again and I did the sign for milk. He stopped what he was doing, pulled his binky out of his mouth and crawled over to me. Then he got a little fussy because I was not quick enough to pick him up and start nursing him. Funny little man! I have been testing his knowledge of the sign for the past few days. When it is about time to nurse I do the sign, and he does the same thing (binky out, crawl to mamma, get up on his knees and pull up on Mamma). So I think he has that one down too. It is pretty amazing to watch him understand and learn.
If you are interested in using sign language with your baby I highly recommend Baby Signing Times. Cyrus loves the music, animations, and all the children signing. Mamma loves the music too!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Time to Eat and signing All Done

Cyrus really enjoys meal times. I think his favorite part of sitting down for a meal is the company. And by company I mean Isabelle. Issy is always close by if food is involved, however if there is no food she usually avoid Cyrus. So meal times Cyrus gets to spend quality time with Issy. He is really working on building a relationship with her by offering her plenty of his food.

In the above video you can see Cyrus leaning over and feeding Isabelle pieces of his dinner. Usually when he gets bored with a certain food he just throws it to her. I am amazed that Issy has actually lost a pound with all the food that Cyrus throws her.
You can also see that he has mastered communicating "all done" to us. It is nice to know when he has finished eating, but I've learned that "all done" does not always mean "I'm done eating" it can also mean that he is bored with what he is eating and wants to move onto better things.

Cyrus has somehow learned that it is funny to tease Issy with food. He obviously does not know his puppy very well. I caught him teasing her on is a long video and the teasing doesn't happy until the very end, so I won't be offended if you don't watch it.

Luckily, Issy is learning her boundaries and did not try and eat Cyrus. Granted later in the meal she did get up on her hind legs and try to eat off his tray.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Learning to sleep

Last night we had to let little man cry himself to sleep...he was just not going to sleep for me.  So I put him down and walked away.  Ryan and I ate some dinner and then peeked in on him.  He obviously exhausted himself and just fell over.  Poor Cyrus, guilty mamma. 
We did talk to Dr. Craft about his sleeping issue, and letting him cry.  Dr. Craft pointed out that before Cyrus got sick he was putting himself to sleep so he has proven he knows how to self soothe.  He assured us that we are doing the right thing, and causing no mental damage.

11 Months Old

I am in denial that in less than a month my baby will be a toddler.  Why does time seem to speed up as soon as you have children?
Cyrus turned 11 months old on Sunday March 7th.  Though we did not have a routine well check up, we did go to see Dr. Craft today to make sure that Cyrus's double ear infection had cleared up 100%.  Thankfully Cyrus's ears are doing perfectly - Praise God.

Since we were already at the doctors I had them weigh and measure our little man.  Here are his stats:
Weight: 21.9lbs (he's actually lost a little weight but still in the 50th percentile - so not to worry)
Height: 30.5 inches - okay this could be wrong I thought it was 31.5, but Ryan thinks it was less.(soon he will be half of Mamma's height)

Here are a few facts about Cyrus at 11 months old
-He babbles A LOT, but has not said his first word yet, says things like Dada, and Mama, but we don't count it as words

-He cruises on furniture or anything he can get his hands on
-His nickname has become Godzilla, b/c he likes to knock anything and everything over especially things that daddy has on the coffee table
-He tries to climb the baby gate at the bunny's room, I am pretty sure he is going to climb right over the thing soon.
-Separation Anxiety is upon us.  He cries when ever anyone leaves a room (even at church in the nursery), but it is the worse when Mamma leaves :)
-He is a total Mamma's boy, and I love every minute of it
-He is in constant motion, unless napping or sleeping for the night
-Has been sick so his sleeping has been off schedule, we are working on sleeping through the night right now
-Wakes up between 7 and 7:30
-Naps twice a day, one 45 minute nap in the morning and an hour to two hour nap in the afternoon.
-Loves going on errands with Daddy, especially to the library.
-Likes to pick out his own books while at the library, by grabbing books off the shelf and throwing them on the floor
-Loves anything that is dessert like especially chocolate
-Does not like wearing winter hats or hats in general but will tolerate them if I insist enough
-Still enjoys walking behind his lion toy, but realizes that crawling is a much faster mode of transportation
-Is nursing any where from 3-5 times a day (depending on his mood, and if I'm home)
-Eats 3 meals a day, and sometimes has a small snack
-Love just about every thing we offer him, but there are a few things he does not like
-He is signing, his first sign was dog, and he just started doing all done, but he won't do more even though he knows it
-has 3 teeth on the bottom, 3 on the top and 2 more top teeth breaking through

We are amazed at how much he is changing every day!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sleeping Cyrus Update

Surprisingly last night was not harder than Saturday night, YAY!  Cyrus had tubby time, and then spent some time playing in the nursery while I read to him.  Then we nursed, he did not bite me, he snuggled me instead. He fell asleep very easily and I put him down all in one try.
Ryan and I ate ice cream and read in bed for almost 2 hours before turning off the lights.  I watched the clock and waited for Cyrus to start crying.  I fell asleep, and there was no baby crying.  I woke up at 4:30, and there was no baby crying.  Ryan's alarm clock went off, he tried to motivate me to go to the gym.  I was worried that if I went Cyrus would wake up and want to nurse and I wouldn't be there.  I was torn, I don't want to miss his first feeding of the day - to me it is crucial that we spend those moments together.  Ryan's alarm clock went off two more times and by 4:50 little man was crying.  I went to him and nursed him and passed him off to daddy.  Then I went to the gym.  I'm not sure how to get back into a gym routine and keep up the nursing schedule.  I guess as spring settles down I'll be able to wait until he wakes up...I'm hoping that Cyrus starts sleeping until 7, but for right now 4:30/5 works well...wakes me up and gets me out the door to the gym.

Extended Session

Ryan and I do not normally help out in the nursery at church.  Neither of us is extremely comfortable with babies.  I know that is funny since we have our own, but up until Cyrus we didn't really like babies we weren't even sure if we wanted one.  Thankfully God changed our hearts on that, and we have our precious boy.

Jill e-mailed me this week that she was desperate for workers in the nursery during church.  Ryan and I were more than happy to help.  For me I was just excited to spend the morning with Cyrus and watch him interact with the other children - this is always a real source of joy for me.

We arrived early to church - which is a first.  Cohen was the only child in the nursery so far.  Cohen is just a little bit older than Cyrus and he is super sweet.  Cyrus crawled right over to Cohen and started playing with the same toy.  The boys pretty much played with all the same toys all morning.  They actually played very nicely together, I hope Cyrus has made his first buddy!  I love imagining what these children will be like in a few years.  I picture them all being the best of friends.

Here are just a few pictures:
All of the babies love this piano, they all gravitate to it as soon as they are dropped off.

It was a long morning, but we had a ton of fun!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Downtown with Daddy

The best thing about Ryan being a stay-at-home daddy is that he does not have to work Saturdays anymore. I know this may change as spring approaches and the bike shop needs some extra hands, but for now I am totally going to enjoy having family day every Saturday.

Yesterday, I went on a breakfast date with Cyrus and Ryan went for his morning run.  Cyrus and I came home and napped.  Ryan got home at the end of lunch time and we decided to do something fun as a family.  There really isn't much to do during the winter months around here so we decided to try out the Art museum. 
I never knew that a fuzzy man could be art, Cyrus thought it was the coolest piece of art in the whole place.  Cyrus's favorite part of going to the museum was being able to hear his voice echo.

We only got a few pictures while we were out. I hope you enjoy them!

Peek-a-boo daddy

Their Irish eyes are smiling!
Love my boys!

The evolution of a Mamma

I have learned a lot since becoming a mamma. One of the things I have learned is that sometimes you have to do hard things, so that your child is well adjusted. Most of you know that in general I am mostly earthy crunchy when it comes to raising my child. I truly believe that attachment parenting is wonderful. However, regardless of what a mamma thinks sometimes the personality of a child may cause a shift in parenting style.

This is currently happening to me at this moment in time. A few of you are going to be appalled at this post, but there are some who will be thinking "finally, Sarah!".  It is funny how mixed my friends parenting views are, this is great for me because I learn so much from all of them.  Then I pick and choose what will work for our family.

I've mentioned several times over the past few weeks that we have been experiencing a "few" sleepless nights. It all started with the teething, which brought on a cold, which turned into a raging double ear infection.  We spent countless hours trying to sooth Cyrus to sleep, failing, and breaking the cardinal rule....yep that's right I succumbed to Cyrus's pleading and picked him up out of his crib. I would rock him back to sleep, and lay him gently back in his crib. He would sleep as long as my hand was on his chest, and then as I slowly removed it, his sleep ridden eyes would shoot open and I could hear him thinking "You aren't leaving me right?" I would rub his fuzzy head and he would close his eyes and I could feel him relax underneath my touch. I would make it to the door way until I heard him turning over and then pulling himself up to a standing position. Typically after about 30 minutes of this I would give up. Baby asleep on my shoulder I would walk, defeated, down to our bedroom and ease into bed.  Cyrus would sleep like a baby, and I would sleep like a mamma in an awkward position holding her child. 

I actually do not mind getting up multiple times in the night to see my sweet little boy.  However, I always have this nagging thought in the back of my mind.  My son is going to be that 2, 3 or 4 year old that wants to sleep in our bed, and forever has to be rubbed to fall asleep.  I know that it is extremely important for Cyrus to learn to fall asleep on his own (which he was doing before all the crawling, standing and ear infections started), and even more important for him to learn to put himself back to sleep when he wakes up in the middle of the night.  But it is so much easier to hold your child then listen to him scream, it is so much easier to say "next week we will work on letting him fall asleep on his own".  Exhaustion leads to giving in.

Then Friday came along.  Ryan and I were both exhausted.  We have both been a little more persnickety with each other due to lack of sleep, I know that my patience with Cyrus has been short.  I hated recognizing the short fuse, but thankful that God allowed me to see it.  I spoke with one of my good friends, Val about our troubles with Cyrus.  Val is a great mamma and we have very similar views.  She is neither hard core baby wise nor let your child's every whim rule your life kind of mamma, she is right in the middle, truly thinking about what is important for Grace and then doing it.

After chatting with Val and being encouraged I was resolved to try something that I have failed to do many times, let Cyrus cry it out. Yikes, did I just say that...Oh yes I did.  The longest that Cyrus has cried has been 45-50 minutes and that was this past week.  You see we truly our at our whits end on this one.  Cyrus's little personality is becoming very clear these days, and this week I have seen enough fits being thrown to realize that my son is stubborn, and wants his own way and will not reason with me. Okay he may be unable to reason at this point, but I do believe that Cyrus is the perfect combination of his parents and Ryan and I are both stubborn.  I am pretty sure that if I keep giving into Cyrus during the night time hissy fits that he will learn this screaming behavior works for just about everything.  That truly scares me. So resolved we were!

Cyrus went to bed between 7:30 and 8. I nursed him, he bit me, I nursed him some more, he bit me again, I pumped for a few minutes, he nursed better, but then decided to bit me anyhow. We rocked, he bit me, we rocked some more he bit me...finally I pinned him to my chest and rocked him to sleep. Into the crib he went, and his eyes darted open. We went back to rocking. Lately going to bed has been taking two attempts. Finally, Cyrus was alseep and in his crib.  At 11 we woke to his crying, but we were resolved, and I think we both partially slept.  At 11:45 little man was still going strong, but I was not budging. I knew if we could just get past the 45 minute mark he would tire. And so he did. He woke again at 3, and he cried until he fell asleep again.  He fell asleep sitting up I am pretty sure. When I checked on him at 6:30 his little butt was up in the air.  Some guilt washed over me, but I kept telling myself that in the long run I will be happy and so will Cyrus.

Last night was a little bit of a different story.  Cyrus didn't fall asleep until 8:30 and then he woke up at 10.  My arms longed to hold him, and Ryan said "it is too early for this".  That was his way of telling me to go to Cyrus.  So I went.  The moment I picked him up he snuggled into my neck and fell asleep.  I told him it was bed time and he had to sleep in his crib.  I rocked him, he slept, I put him down, he woke up. I rubbed him he slept, I creeped out of his room, successful.  Ryan and I watched the rest of our movie and he fell asleep.  The movie ended and when I turned off the TV I heard little man wailing. I wanted to go to him, I wanted to hold him so bad, just for a minute. I started thinking that he was thinking that he was all alone and he was scared.  He probably thought we left him at home with Isabelle.  I pushed these thoughts from my mind and replaced them with "he's not hungry, he's not wet, he's not sick, he is just tired and pissed that he is alone" I reached for Ryan's hand. I asked him if he thought we were doing the right thing, I took his silence to mean yes.  He sometimes pretends to be asleep I'm not sure if this was one of those moments.

Cyrus's wails became whimpers and then silence. He fell asleep in less than 30 minutes.  The thought that he gave up so quickly made me feel like I may be doing some permanent damage to my boy, but I know that is crazy, right?  He did not wake up until 5:30.  I think tonight will be harder than last night.  I think each night will get harder because not only am I listening to my baby cry, but the better he gets at sleeping, the less likely I am to see him at 3 and 4 am.  I'm glad that I have continued his 3 or 4 am nursing habit so that I had extra time holding my sweet child.  I'm not sure what tonight will be like, but I pray that I do the right thing.  My baby is 11 months old today he's not such a baby anymore.
I titled this post the evolution of a mamma but I guess it should really be the adaptation of a mamma because I have not become a new kind of mamma, I think I am just adapting to my child's personality.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cyrus's First Play Date

Yesterday I told Cyrus he was having his very first play date! He was very excited when he saw Sophie's car pull up in front of our house. I love how he is trying to climb over the door to get outside to the girls.

This is my sweet friend Sophie and her adorable daughter Naomi! Sophie and I have been friends for a long time. We met through a woman's bible study and then became running partners. Then we gave up running and just worked out together. Eventually we became pregnant buddies - which was so nice.

This is Naomi! Isn't she precious?

Cyrus and Naomi are 2 months apart in age, but Naomi has always been a little ahead of him on baby milestones (like crawling and now walking).  Cyrus spent most of the day pulling up on Naomi and practically knocking her down each time since he is about 3 lbs heavier and many inches taller.  It was so much fun watching them play and explore together. 

Cyrus shared his toys really well. Even his piano.
But the most fun they had was probably with the bee bop band and the angel tin you see in this picture. Naomi liked the drum sticks a lot.  She made sure Cyrus kept in line by bopping him on the head every once in awhile. It was so much fun to have our friends over.  We are looking forward to a lot more fun as the weather turns warm here in Virignia!

Monday, March 1, 2010