Sunday, February 28, 2010

Long Days and Longer Nights

I've said it before and I'll say it again. The spring selling season is upon me. This of course means that I am on the road more than not. It means that I dream of early May when I no longer need to travel. It means that I fervently wish to be home with my boys and Issy. When I drive away in the morning or back home at night my thoughts drift to the endless hours of fun we will have when the selling season comes to a stand still. I think about hours at the park as a family, with Issy splashing in the river and Cyrus laughing as she gives his toes kisses. I picture us at the zoo for the billionth time even thought the zoo only has like 10 exhibits and only takes an hour to see everything, but still we will go there weekly I'm sure. I dread the miles I will put pushing the running stroller, yes I am going to get back in shape, and yes I may even enter a few races this summer. I'm looking forward to our family vacation sans puppy and bunny in the White Mountains with my family and possibly Ryan's family (don't ask how we are paying for it, we haven't thought that far ahead - I just know I need to spend time with my family). These are the thoughts that get me through the days and what seems like endless travel and endless hall walking and door knocking.
I still love my job, and am thankful for it. I just hate how it seems to be taking a toll on Cyrus. January is slow, my days are not long on campus because school is just ramping up. February and March are bears! Professors are more willing to talk and you can really get down to business. The nice thing about March is that starting the second week and continuing through the end of the month at least one of my schools is on spring break. This just means I actually have to look at a calendar before I head out for campus. April is like a sprint. It is the last month to really actively sell anything. It is a refreshing month and actually my favorite month on campus because it is warm and beautiful and college campuses are just wonderful places to be in April (everyone is anticipating May). So it is the end of February and I've survived. Cyrus on the other hand has had a hard time adjusting to mommy leaving so early everyday. For the most part I have been getting home at 5ish. And then I only have 2 hours before the bed time routine starts. Cyrus has been sick and teething. The double ear infection that he came down with two weeks ago stuck around. He is on his second round of antibiotics. This new stronger antibiotic seems to be doing the trick, but the upper molars that are coming in are keeping Cyrus fussy and up all night.
Cyrus wakes up several times during the night. He has forgotten how to put himself to sleep and sits up in his crib and screams until one of us goes to him. Ryan can usually get little man to go back to sleep just by laying him down and rubbing his head, but not Mamma. Cyrus wants me to snuggle him. So I nurse him. Yes I know that I shouldn't, but Cyrus hasn't been nursing well during the days and he isn't taking a bottle so I'll nurse him when ever he wants at this point.
The only problem is that Cyrus no longer lets me put him down in the crib so that he can fall back to sleep. He wants to sleep in my arms. Last night I tried to be strong. Cyrus cried for almost an hour. I couldn't take it anymore. I decided that the cry it out method is not for me. I went to him and as soon as I had him in my arms he rested his sweet little head on my shoulder and passed out. I spent the rest of the night with him on me and got very little sleep, but it was worth it. This was the third night of family snuggle time. I am praying that the routine will be broken tonight. Here is to wishful thinking.
I have two main thoughts these days or should I say nights. 1. When will Cyrus start sleeping through the night, and 2. Will I get a reprieve from getting up in the middle of the night before the next child is born - and no I'm not pregnant, I just keep thinking ahead to what God may have in store for our family.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back to Richmond

The last time Cyrus went to Richmond I was 5 months pregnant, Ryan's longest run was going to be 26.2 at the Richmond marathon, and we were still shocked that he was a boy. One year and 3 months later Cyrus is a crawling, babbling precious boy, Ryan's longest run is 32 miles and we can not imagine our life any other way than it is right now.
The spring selling season means that I must take every opportunity to network and see my customers. Which means attending peer group meetings (where a specific discipline of community college instructors get together and listen to presentations about all different topics, professional development if you will). This past Thursday and Friday the business peer group was meeting in Richmond.
Thursday morning we packed up the family, dropped Issy off at the vet for boarding and picked up Rissa so that we could head to Richmond.
When we got to Downtown we were informed that our hotel didn't have any rooms available until 3 which meant life was going to be interesting. Ryan took his running clothes from our luggage and changed in the bathroom, while I showed Cyrus off to my co-workers. Once Ryan was done changing he and Rissa headed out. Rissa dropped Cyrus off at some running trail, and she took Cyrus to play at Cartwheels & Coffee. Cyrus had a great time playing with a little girl named Jordan. I was a little jealous that I didn't get to take him.
That evening once the meeting rapped out we went out to dinner with Uncle Cj, his girl, Sarah, Aunti Rissa and Uncle Keegan. I was surprised at how happy Cyrus was to see Keegan...he was laughing and playing with him through most of the meal. I think everyone had a good time. We went to a nice Irish Pub named Sire Pub...the food was yummy. Cyrus had a bowl of pasta and some of my mashed potatoes and black bean patty's. For dessert he had a brownie sundae. He did not eat all of the dessert by himself. I actually only gave him a little bit (sorry Auntie Rae). Cyrus was starting to melt down so we took him back to the hotel to go to bed.
Once back at the hotel Cyrus made it very clear that he was not sleeping in the pack n play. Ryan wondered why we even bring the thing with us and I pointed out that we are hopefull that he will use it.
The next day I had to be downstairs very early. Once I was done with the meeting we met up with my friend Kathy and her twins Maya and Miles. We went to Cartwheels & Coffee and I got to watch my precious little boy play.
That was about it for Richmond. I would like to go back just for pleasure, as long as I don't have to drive. It was nice having Rissa with us to navigate through the city.

Blog Break

It feels like a life time ago I wrote about Cyrus & Mr. Lion. Yet, it was only 3 weeks ago. I guess in the world of blog updates that is a life time. So why haven't I been updating. I wish I could say that it was for some noble reason, but in all honesty I was just tired. The spring selling season is so busy and I am trying to get into a good routine. Everytime the computer beckoned me to sit down and write, I looked at Cyrus and decided my time was better spent with him, instead of writing about him. I would promise myself that after he went to bed I would sit down to write. However, then I would look at my husband and see how much I love him, and wanted to spend time with him. So there you have it, I guess that is a noble reason for not blogging afterall.
Today I am still tired. However, Cyrus is taking his morning nap, Ryan is playing video games, and I am just waiting for little man to wake up so we can make it to church on time. Ha! That isn't happening today - it is already 10:24 and church starts in 5 minutes.
So I guess I should do a 3 week recap. The first week of February Cyrus tested out the stairs, he is getting more confident, but we don't encourage him climbing the stairs since we have yet to put up baby gates. He also realizes that it is much faster to walk up the stairs vs. climb. The second week of February Cyrus came down with the crud again. I thought he was just teething. He had a third tooth on the bottom and a third tooth on the top poking through, which I noticed on Thursday. Cyrus always gets sick when he is cutting a tooth so I did not worry about his symptons too much. The third week of February I started worrying about Cyrus's symptons. He had a 102 degree fever and was very unhappy. He had to be held all weekend and Monday. By Tuesday I started to really worry. Ryan brought him to the doctors and Dr. Craft informed us that Cyrus had a double ear infection and was cutting his upper molars early. The amoxicillian and ear drops cheered Cyrus right up.
By Thursday he was acting more like himself and he went with us on a road trip to Richmond. I had to be there for work. Auntie Rissa came to help us entertain the little man. I'll write more about that in a seperate post. So three weeks have gone by and nothing big has really happened accept for his very first ear infections - which was a double...