Sunday, January 31, 2010

Strollin' with Mr. Lion

This weekend was one of the best weekends we ever had. I guess the reason I liked it so much was that we had a lot of family time. Honestly, I sometimes feel like even though Ryan is a stay at home dad, we never get good quality family time. We have been really good about having quality us time once Cyrus goes to sleep at night, but we never seem to spend a lot of time together as a family.
The main reason for this is that Ryan takes care of Cyrus all day during the week, and we try and coordinate our schedules so that when I get home from work, he gets to work out. Sometimes I feel like one of us is always coming or going. Once we are all home it is usually dinner time. Ryan cooks our dinner, while I play with Cyrus. Of course we all sit down together at the table to eat dinner, but soon after Cyrus is whisked away to the bath tub or the nursery for bed.
This weekend was different! We were snowed in, and it was wonderful. Cyrus spent most of his weekend crawling around the house exploring things, while Ryan and I contentedly watched. We also enjoyed watching as our little boy became more and more confident in his cruising ( what I called furniture walking - thanks Kathleen) ability.
Since church was canceled due to the snow storm we had a lazy Sunday lounging about the house. Alright Ryan and I had a lazy Sunday, but Cyrus was still just as busy as he always is. I decided that since our little man is obsessed with cruising along anything he can put his hands on he might actually enjoy the lion walker that Mimi bought him for Christmas. Cyrus has used the lion several times in the last month, but he was never happy about it. Usually he would cry because he didn't feel secure. Sure enough when we put the lion in front of him he grabbed the handle with both hands and was ready to run.

He had himself some serious fun tearing it up around the house. I lost count of how many laps he actually did with the lion, and I also lost how many times I wanted to reach out and grab him so that he wouldn't fall. He actually only fell two or three times and that is not just because I caught him all the other times. He is surprisingly stable with the lion as long as he doesn't try and run...that is when the falling comes into play. Cyrus you must learn to walk before you run. I'm sure he has some of his daddy's "don't tell me what I can't do" mentality, because Cyrus is just going to run and he doesn't care what we have to say about it.
After a long day of crawling, assisted walking, and strolling (yes we ventured out to the mall as a family just to get some exercise), we had dinner and Cyrus had an extra side of fussy. Bath time was short and there was no story time because our little man bit me deliberately and then laughed. I knew he was sleepy, and I should have known not to try and nurse a wild sleepy baby. We took a break, he took a bottle. I pumped to get things flowing. Ryan held Cyrus and tried to give him another few ounces of pumped milk, Mamma came to the rescue with flowing milk. I held my little man and rocked as he nursed. He got very very sleepy and pointed to his crib. Yes my little man is not so little today. I love him even more right now, than I did this morning. Does it get any better than this?

Pancakes for Lunch

It has been a snowy weekend here in Virginia. The snow started between Friday night and Saturday morning. By the time Ryan went running there was about 4-6 inches of snow on the ground all ready. When he came home he made pancakes. Cyrus was taking his morning nap during our breakfast so we saved him a pancake for his lunch. Pancakes were a big hit with our little man.
This picture is sort of goofy and not at all "great" but Cyrus just had his first bite of pancake and he just looked so satisfied with the yumminess of it. I had to post this picture for y'all.
Pancakes are great for Cyrus to feed himself. Accept for the fact that he likes to stuff his mouth full. 
Thank you Daddy for making us a yummy breakfast/lunch. Cyrus is looking forward to the next time you cook him pancakes.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Boy in the Cupboard

After dinner & a movie Ryan and I cleaned up the kitchen. While cleaning Cyrus discovered his new favorite place in the kitchen. He has become very interested in the cabinet where Ryan keeps his pots and pans.
His favorite item is our pasta strainer. Maybe our little man will become a great cook just like his Daddy!

Dinner & A Movie

Friday night we did something special. Dinner and a movie. Ryan made my favorite, chicken fingers and he also served an organic spinach pie. It was lovely. Cyrus was served meatballs and banana and some spinach pie as well. It was a very nice, relaxing evening.

Ryan and Cyrus before dinner.

Daddy nibbling Cyrus (his favorite appetizer)

We brought Cyrus's chair over to the couches

The featured movie for the evening was UP!
Cyrus loved the movie! He was very concerned for "Kevin" and barely took his eyes off the television. I was surprised that he actually had the attention span to watch the movie. Overall the movie made me really sad. It was very well done and the story is good, but you can totally tell that Disney owns PIXAR. Disney can not just have a happy story there always has to be some tragedy. They always have to make you cry. That is what I did. Several times through out the movie.  Still it was a really fun family night.

And when Mamma comes home from work

I get Cyrus kisses...sort of

The Best Part of Being a Working Mom


Is coming home to this everyday! Ryan usually meets me at the door with Cyrus. My little man always has the best expression on his face when he see's that his Mamma has returned home. It melts my heart.
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Friday, January 29, 2010

Furniture Walking

Being the proud Mamma of a crawling baby I made sure to call the grandparents. Nana (my mom) was of course not home to see the big news over skype, but Noname, Buca and Auntie Meaghan were all available to rejoice with us.
While on the phone Cyrus crawled to the coffee table, pulled himself up and started furniture walking. Daddy told me that Cyrus has been doing this for about a week, but I have never seen him in action. I was ready with my video camera to capture this fun moment!

Houston we have lift off

It has been a few months of wondering, but we finally know the answer. Yes, Cyrus will crawl. In fact he crawled for the first time yesterday, January 28th while we were at Pat & Mia's office.
It was very exciting. Tracy had just finished feeding Cyrus some garlic mashed potatoes that Mia made for him and he got up on his knees and shuffled two steps (or crawls).
Mia was disappointed to have missed out on the big moment, since she has been trying to encourage him in this milestone for the past few months. Cyrus didn't want to elt her down so, our little monkey decided that crawling wasn't half bad and did it some more. Everyone in the office was able to see the big development. Too bad Daddy was with Nick and missed out (mommy doesn't have video on her phone).
When I got home from the office I did manage to take a video, okay that is a lie I took like 20 videos.

But I wanna see the bunny

Cyrus knows exactly where Spaz D. Bunny lives. When ever we are upstairs and practicing our walking Cyrus pulls me to the bun's room. On Monday Cyrus just hung out in the hallway staring into Spaz's room.
He pulled himself up on the gate all by himself. He also tried to climb the gate, which looks cute, but we don't want to encourage that dangerous behavior.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Standing & Balancing

As of Sunday morning Cyrus could not stand by himself. By Sunday night he was doing this

And today he is walking around the edge of the coffee how things change in 24 hours with a 9.5 month old.
Are you curious as to what we are doing in the video? We are skyping with with Noname, Buca and Auntie Meaghan (Uncle Todd is in the room but he does not actively participate in video chats).

Feeding Myself

For several weeks Cyrus has been trying to feed himself, however he just couldn't get his fingers to grasp the food correctly. Then last weekend boom...

It amazes me how these little ones go from struggling with something to watch up Mamma I'm going to grab everything in site and eat it.
Since last weekend Cyrus has fed himself Challa bread (thanks to Chef Rob at church who made us some), banana bits, avocado bits, meat ball bits, hot dog bits, northern white beans, biscuit bits, yogurt puffs, oh and the item in the video Digorno supreme pizza bits - but mostly the sausage on the pizza! Yuck - I don't like sausage.

This Should be Interesting

Last Tuesday, I wrote about Cyrus's new trick. He was able to go from lying on his back to sitting up with no help from Ryan or myself. Of course this demonstration of physical strength made me start to think. What I thought was "It's time to lower his crib mattress". Up until now his crib has still been on the highest setting. Since our crib is not a drop rail, it makes putting Cyrus in much easier for this short Mamma.
Last week Cyrus really did not have the hang of getting up into the sitting position. It was almost like he did it by accident. I thought we would have at least a week before he figured out that he could get himself up when ever he wanted.
Ryan and I resolved that we would change the crib settings over the weekend. Saturday afternoon Cyrus was having a hard time. In general he was cranky and wanted to have his way. I realize that now is the time that habits form. I prefer that Cyrus does not learn that Mamma is a sucker for him, and will always give him his own way. When the tantrum (can a 9 month old have a tantrum?) started I just put Cyrus in his crib (lying down). I was hoping that he would take a nap, he desperately needed one. He cried for a moment and then got quiet. Then I heard something hit the floor. Hmmmm I wonder what that could be. It didn't sound loud enough to be Cyrus. Down the hall I went to poke my head in his room and who did I see standing up with the smile of accomplishment on his face (and excitement because he loves to see Mamma)? Yep...Cyrus. He had thrown his little sound maker out of the crib.
Still I thought something like this "Surly he just got up to a sitting position and pulled himself up because he really isn't tired and he's sort of angry". I went about my day with Cyrus (see I'm a good Mamma I didn't leave him in the crib that he could easily topple out of since he is so tall).
Ryan and I are not taking our chances. The one thing that we have learned is that Cyrus is persistent and once he has learned a new physical milestone he likes to practice. Yesterday afternoon the crib mattress was lowered to the middle setting.
It is a good thing that we went ahead and lowered it because at 3 am this morning our little man started crying. I have bought into the whole "let him cry it out" thing at least at night. After listening to him cry on and off for 20 minutes I went into his room and there he was sitting up in his crib looking worried. Poor little guy hasn't learned how to lie down from the sitting position.
I can just tell that this new development is going to lead to many interesting nights. I am really not sure how to teach my infant son how to put himself back to bed...but I am sure that eventually he'll figure it out or he will fall asleep standing up.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Day of Firsts

It is 9:00 pm and well I am still working, so I am just going to keep this short and simple.
We are still waiting for Cyrus to crawl. He is very very close.
But today he did manage to get himself into a sitting position from laying on his tummy and he fed himself bread! Oh and he drank water out of a grown-up glass at Pat & Mia's house last night (thanks Mia).
That's it I have to get back to work.

Monday, January 18, 2010

MoHawk Baby...Maybe

We always envisioned our child with a mohawk or with a shaved head like Daddy. Ryan has been working real hard at perfecting the look. Can you see Cyrus's wispy little mohawk. Maybe some day...

The Big Boy Tub

Cyrus love to take a bath! He especially likes to splash. It was getting more and more difficult to splash in his baby tub. Oh and the baby tub also was providing Cyrus with enough stability that he was kneeling and standing and doing all sorts of things in the tub that made Mamma nervous.
Therefore, we moved the baby tub out and let Cyrus have a go at the big boy tub.
It was pure bliss for him! I was a nervous nelly.

The big boy tub was also necessary so that Cyrus could really enjoy his new bath toys from Aunti Meaghan. The tug boat propels its self through the water - I think it is really cool. Cyrus like to take the top off the tub boat and splash with it.

Oh and yes I know 9 months in the baby tub is a bit long! To top it all off Cyrus is just as mobile in the big boy tub as in the baby tub. He was holding the edge and standing, and cruising - I guess there is no way of making them just sit in one place.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bitter Sweet

This blog entry may be a little different from the rest, maybe a little more personal & intimate. Some of you may not be as interested because it does not contain any Cyrus updates, but still I write because sometimes a girl just wants to document her feelings.

The busy season for work is upon me. Next week I will be leaving my house bright and early every day, or almost every day, and setting out to make my family proud! I have mixed emotions about the busy season. I am excited because there are a lot of opportunities for me out on campus this spring, but I would be lying if I said that there is no dread in my heart.

I feel blessed to work in the industry that I do which allows me a really great schedule, but I still hate the thought of leaving my son every day. Yes, there are those moments when "working" feels like a break from the real work of being a Mamma, but about an hour or two into "work" and I am desperately seeking Cyrus. My mind just wonders to where he is and what's he doing, and I wonder if he crawled for daddy today, is he napping well, did he take his bottle, does he miss me as much as I miss him, I can't wait to get my arms around him and bury my face in his sweet little neck, oh and those thighs I can't wait to squeeze them and hear his contagious giggle. Oh how I love his laugh and need more of it every day.

I must work. God has given me an amazing job, that I complain about way too much. I have a wonderful manager and I work with great people. God has given me this job for a reason and it may only be for a season of my life, I do not know what His plans for us are, but at this time I am the working Mamma and Ryan is "mommy" - funny story behind that for a different blog entry. I am thankful that my husband is able to stay home with our son and that I do not have to drop him off at a daycare each day. Yes I am lucky.

Though there are moments where I just don't want to do it, where I just want to throw in the towel and say "No, I'm not working", deep down inside there is a part of me that knows that I am a good Mamma because I am a working Mamma. Does that sound confusing, let me explain.
I take things for granted all the time. My husband, my dog, my friends and my job. I am pretty sure that if I was with Cyrus every day all day eventually I would take him for granted too. I would find it very convenient to put him in his exersaucer so that I could do laundry or put away dishes and when he cried I would plead with him for just a few more minutes (or hours) of time to do work around the house. I would cherish him, but would I cherish him the way I cherish him now. Would I see every minute with him as a beautiful memory to lock away and hold onto forever. You may be thinking I'm crazy or silly or just trying to justify my current situation, but in all honestly I know in my heart that I would squander away precious moments with Cyrus to get things done. Not to mention I hate cooking and doing laundry and really I have the perfect gig.
Yes, I am going to leave my son on Tuesday and do an awesome sales presentation, but I am going to do it so that he has a roof over his head and food on his table and toys in his toy chest (that we don't have - he has a cardboard box that holds his toys - at least until I make goal!). And while I am away from the home, Ryan will be playing with Cyrus, taking him to the library and on other errands, he will be feeding him, getting him dressed, putting him down for naps...doing all the things I love, but then he also has to manage our home and make sure dinner is on the table - that would never happen if I was a stay at home mom.
So yes I am going to miss my baby, but I know that when I get home every day I am going to be excited to take him up in my arms and play with him until bed time. I know that I will always look forward to a fun filled weekend of Mamma and Cyrus time - and I truly feel blessed that God has given me these circumstances.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

9 Month Check Up

This morning Cyrus, Ryan & I went to visit with Dr. Craft. Both Ryan and I were very sleep because Cyrus woke up at 12 am last night and Ryan held him until 4am, when I took over. Poor little Cyrus is having a really hard time with this cold.
Though we were tired, we still made it as a family to Cyrus's check up, even though Ryan could have used the extra sleep.
At the appointment we found out that:
1. The amount of milk Cyrus is drinking is normal for a baby who eats three solid meals a day
2. It is normal for him to become disinterested in his food, and more curious about our food
3. It is fine to feed him from our plates, but we should avoid peanuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, paprika, shell fish and habanero peppers ;) Oh and anything that is considered a choking hazard.
4. Products made with milk products, such as yogurt would be okay to introduce in small amounts
5. Egg whites are okay too

Cyrus's 9 Month Stats:
Weight: 20lbs 10 ounces
Height: 30 inches
Head Circumference: 18 1/4

Cyrus did really well during his appointment! He seemed to be excited to see Dr. Craft and wouldn't take his eyes off of him. Cyrus is still up in the 99th percentile for height, but he's dropped down in weight. I was shocked to find out he grew an inch and a half in 3 months. I knew he was getting taller but I didn't realize how much. Cyrus had another shot of prevnar and he did not like the needle at all. Usually he handles them so well, but today was not one of those days. The boy thing just needed his Mamma after. I will chalk it up to him feeling crummy in the first place. Dr. Craft is not concerned with the little man's cold. He said as long as he has no fever then it is just that...a cold. I can not wait for him to start feeling better.

Meat Mamma Meat

Cyrus has been on a hunger strike lately. Well not exactly. He is no longer interested in his food. You know the wonderful food that I prepare for him myself. At first I just thought he wasn't hungry due to his cold, but last night at dinner time he refused his sweet potato mush and kept his eyes fixed on my plate of risotto chicken & black beans. I made an executive decision that we are just going to feed him what we eat moving forward. Last night he had a little chicken and some black beans...and he was totally into it! This is just another one of those things that make me feel like my baby is growing up.

Spaz D. Bunny

The other night we brought Cyrus into Spaz's room. He was fascinated by the little ball of fur.
Hey Mom did you know there is a bunny in here!
He really liked watching Spaz run around. I have not cleaned the room in two weeks so I couldn't let them get up close and personal. Once we have cleaned I'll try and capture more pictures.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sick Baby

I honestly feel that we have done a very good job of keeping Cyrus healthy in the first 9 months of his life. However, he has had about 3 colds in that time. We are now on our 4th, and it is only a week after his 3rd. Though I think his 3rd cold was due to teething - he seems to get congested when a new tooth is breaking through. I'm not sure if teething can result in congestion, but with my child it seems to be the case (I'll ask Dr. Craft tomorrow at our 9 month check-up). I remember thinking with the 3rd cold "Oh this isn't so bad, totally manageable" I did not freak out at all - I thought I was becoming a real pro! HA...

Bring on the fourth cold. Ryan was very sick last week. We think it was something like a sinus infection. He was very congested and had sinus pain. It actually got in the way of his ultramarathon training, so you know it was real bad. We did our best to keep Cyrus away from Ryan as much as possible, but no matter how careful we were...Cyrus still looks like this
Oh I know that is totally gross! And I am a horrible mother for asking Ryan to wait on wiping his nose so I could grab a picture. But our Lil' Man has never been this snotty. We have been calling him snot face (Drop Dead Fred reference ha ha ha). Honestly the snots really just started up Sunday night, before that he was just slightly congest and fussy. Now he has become the snot monster and has a yucky cough and goopy eyes. In spite of all this he is stillsmiling and happy! He wasn't very happy when I wiped his nose. He hates that.
So as I was saying, the last time he wasn't feeling great I felt like a pro. Then last night I had a hard time falling asleep. My mind kept racing towards my sick baby. I was so worried that he wouldn't be able to breathe and I wouldn't hear him struggling during the night. I slept with the baby monitor on so I could hear every noise in his room (not just voice activated like we usually have it set to). I got up to check on his breathing several times. At 3 am he started coughing and sounded like he was struggling to breathe. I most certainly freaked out. Typically, I would not get up and go to him until 4 am - that is when he likes his first feeding. But Ryan didn't think he could settle the poor guy, so I got up and nursed him. His breathing made me very nervous. I do not know how to explain it, sort of like a wheezing/gasping. I decided to rock him for awhile. Cyrus was very snuggly...which is not like him when we are rocking. He only snuggles when we lay down in Momma's bed. I did finally put him back in his crib and he woke up at 6:45 this morning. His cough seemed to be more normal this morning so we did not rush him to the doctors...even though last night I was so freaked out I wanted to take him to the ER.
All of this made me realize that I will never be a pro at being a mother!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Real Deal

Back in the fall Cyrus went to the park with his friend Vivian and Auntie Carissa and Uncle Keegan. We had a ton of fun playing and Rissa had her camera ready. This picture is my new favorite picture of our little man. This is the real deal, Cyrus in all his playfulness. He is constantly making funny faces and funny noises and making us laugh, but I'm just not good enough with my camera to capture them - thank God for Carissa and her picture taking talent.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yoga Baby

This video was taken while in Boston on Christmas Day. As you can see Cyrus still does not like the whole concept of crawling. But he did figure out how to go backwards! He still has not actually crawled yet, he gives up and goes back on his belly, then he flails his legs because he is trying to figure out how to stand but he is lying on his belly LOL. We are confident that he will figure out the whole crawling thing soon.