Monday, November 30, 2009

A Boston Treat

A trip to Boston just wouldn't be right with out a little taste of Lobster.

Ryan wan't more than just a taste!
While we waited for dinner Noname (pronounced nonuhm), Ryan's mom Kathie, rocked Cyrus to sleep - he was cranky from a long day of being man handled.
After dinner, Cyrus got in his jammies and spent some time with Bucca (Ryan's dad). Cyrus was on the edge of his seat. Listening to Bucca play the guitar.

Cyrus was enthrawled by the guitar. Our boy loves music. Sunday was over all a very fun day.

Family Reunion, sort of

I'm playing catch up. I was so busy in Boston that I did not have any time to blog about daily events. These posts will be short since they are from a week or so ago.
On November 22nd the family came together again for dinner. It was the afternoon after Unc's memorial sevice so Aunt Ginny and Uncle Bob were still in town. A lot of our family members were under the same roof and not killing each other ;) I think this was the most people reunited since my wedding.
One thing this experiance has made me realize is that family is important. No matter how far away they live, or how unfrequently you see each other, family is family and the bonds can not be broken. I never really realized that until now.
Loosing Unc made me realize how I take people for granted, I think about calling my siblings, but never do, I get busy with life. I no longer want to do that. I love my siblings and want them to know how much I care about them.
Here are some pictures from the day with family.
In true Butler/Geary Fashion we took lots of posed pictures. Above is the next generation. We are missing a lot of the generation. By sister Ginny's kids, my brother's Chris & Kevin's kids, as well as my cousin Tricia's kids were missing. Here we have my sister Rachel's girls (Liv & Tess), my cousin Karenanne children (Brendan and Andrea) and Cyrus.

I haven't seen Brendan in 7.5 years...the first thing I said to him when I saw him was "Brendan you're a man" Cyrus liked Brendan they wore matching hats.

The girl cousins sans Tricia and Ginny and the Geary girls.

The sisters! My mom, aunt chick and aunt gin.

I don't know what they are laughing about, but I love my mom's face in this picture - can you believe my mom is the oldest of the girls? I think she looks the youngest.

A nice picture!
Aunt Chickie spent lots of time with Cyrus.
They were watching Mimi, Liv & Tess in the back yard winter wonderland - Mimi had just put up her outdoor Christmas display.

Brendan, Mom, and my cousin Meaghan (Uncle Kevin's daughter).

Love them.
Just hanging out.

And then Cyrus discovered the puppies. They really are not puppies, but are actually 7, however we still call them the puppies.
Tess, Uncle Bob, and Cyrus. I love tghe expressions on the little one's faces.

My sister Marianne, Tess, Uncle Bob and Cyrus
Aunt Gin, Nana and her girls. Aunt Ginny had bought a Veggie Tales book for Tess and Liv. My nieces love to read so most of the day various people were reading the new book to them.
Cyrus took a liking to uncle Bob.
Reading is fun.
Mimi! AKA my sister Amy was the chef of the day. She made an awesome lasagna and assisted my mom with the chili.
Aunti Rachel. She likes to spoil Cyrus.

Mom with my brother-in-law Matt (Rae's husband). I made mom sit on his lap (LOL).
tee hee...Mom/Nana always has a DD coffee in hand.
Big Mama with Ryan - yep Ryan and I affectionately call my mom Big Mama.
Matt picking his nose...just kidding he did it for the camera.
Aunt Gin and Liv reading some more.
Cinderella, I mean Tess and uncle Rhino in a deep conversation.

The other Mamma and the Other Nana. Amy and I look a lot alike, just like my mom and her sister Ginny. Cyrus sometimes thinks there are two Mama's and two Nana's.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Auntie Maria

One of the nice things about going up to Boston was that we got to see Auntie Maria. Isabelle was so excited to see her favorite person (besides mommy and daddy). We spent a few hours with Auntie Maria on Sunday. It was nice to catch up and Isabelle just loved getting to kiss Maria over and over. Maria has known Issy since she was just a puppy. We use to take long walks with Auntie Maria and her dog Cindy Lu. It seems like a life time ago as well as just yesterday. Lu has been gone for 5 years and we still miss her. However, Lu taught Isabelle everything she knows and I sort of feel like a little of Lu is in Issy.

Handsome Men

Yes I did take a picture of Ryan and Cyrus before heading down to Hanover for Unc's memorial service. Oh and Issy is in the back ground. Though Unlce Kevin's death was very sad the memorial service was a time of reflecting on his life and I am proud to say that he was my Unc. He touched so many people's lives in a positive way. He is greatly missed by us all. We love you Uncle Kevin.

Friday, November 27, 2009

So Tired

On Thursday the 19th Ryan, Cyrus, Issy and I packed up the Explorer and headed north to be with my family after the loss of my mom's brother Kevin (Unc). We drove through the night leaving Salme at 5 pm and arriving in Boston around 6am. Friday night Cyrus and I slept at Nana's and the Auntie's and cousins who live in Boston all came over for dinner. Little man was over whelmed with all the "Butler Love" he gots tons of attention and was very sleepy by the end of the night.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fall Pictures

There is nothing better than holding my baby, the world just seems right when he is in my arms.

This is one of the raw pictures from our fall photo shoot. I am almost positive that Chris took this picture, regardless I love it. It reminds me of a story about Ryan.
Once upon a time Ryan was a young boy, who had a Papa. Young Ryan did something naughty and was punished by Papa. Young Ryan sat in the corner and sang a song...
"No body knows the trouble I've seen, No body knows but Jesus"
Naturally when I saw this picture Louis Armstrongs Nobody Knows the Trouble I've seen popped into my head.

Cyrus had lots of fun with pumpkins that day! I think Cyrus's favorite part of the day was when he got to sit down on the ground with out a blanket. Mommy also let him pick up the hay and inspect it. He was fascinated by it all. Yes, sitting in dirt does not sound like a big deal to you, but to Cyrus who has an over protective mommy it was a milestone. He felt like one of the big kids. Yep Cyrus is such a little boy. I can just picture him now making mud pies with daddy in a few years.
Wait a minute...remember how I started this post...there is nothing better than holding Cyrus, I lied
There is nothing better than holding my baby and kissing him. I can not believe how much I adore him. Thank you God for blessing me with such a beautiful gift.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Ever Wonder What Swim Lessons Are Like

Tonight was swim lesson night. I took some video so y'all could enjoy lessons as much as I do. I would like to pretend that Cyrus was crying because we had such a long day (he came to Liberty with me to talk to a few customers and then visit with Jenn and Lauren), however he got plenty of sleep in the car. He wasn't cranky he just doesn't love swim lessons. He was calm until he realized where he was...then the tears started flowing! Oh if listening to a crying baby gets on your nerves you may want to watch these videos on mute :)

Ta Da! Yep my baby is learning to swim...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pink Lady

Today we tried something new.

Cyrus had a piece of pink lady apple in his safe baby feeder. He really enjoyed it! Oh and I enjoyed watching him eat it.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

No rest for a Working Mom, featuring Tickle Me Cyrus

Today was a very long day for Mamma and Cyrus. Daddy left the house around 7:45 am to run a half marathon (that is 13.2 miles) in Danville. I was not exactly thrilled that he decided to go run the race. A lot has been going on back home with my family, and I'm tired and emotionally drained. Part of me just wanted to do nothing all day with my boys. Sadly, Ryan had made plans with Brian to race, so off he went.

Cyrus and I played for a bit in the morning. Then we had breakfast. Note to self chicken and carrots is not good breakfast food. Cyrus turned up his nose to the bowl and started crying. He really on tolerates chicken if it is mixed with sweet potatoes - I don't blame him. So Mamma made him his favorite Bananna and Oatmeal, Yummy!

Cyrus finished eating breakfast at 8:45 and we went up to read a story before nap time. My little man was asleep by 9:15 and in his crib to boot (yay Mamma). Sadly, he only slept for an hour. After his morning nap we went shopping and I bought a pair of shoes! Cyrus got a few new bath toys and some binkies. We got home just in time for his afternoon nap, but he only slept for 45 minutes...That made for a very long afternoon with a cranky baby and crabby Mamma.

Daddy got home around 6:00 and brought home Outback. That is his way of apologizing, giving me presents and food - no wonder I'm not loosing any weight. Ryan also took care of making Cyrus's dinner. He made chicken, carrots and cereal (YUCK). Cyrus didn't want it. After Ryan and I finished eating I made our little man a bowl of his favorite again, and he happily ate the whole bowl. Then he spent a few minutes on the floor playing with daddy. Cyrus loves playing with his daddy, and was excited to have a few minutes of boy time.

Ryan wanted to show me how sensitive our little man's feet are. It was amusing to watch him tickle Cyrus...I hope you enjoy

Here is my question to working moms out there. If you wake up in the morning and take care of your kids, then go to work, only to return home and take care of your kids, and then look forward to the weekend - so you can clean your house and take care of your kids, WHEN DO YOU EVER FIND TIME FOR YOURSELF?

I love spending time with Cyrus, and I gladly rush home during the week just to see his smiling face, but I am really struggling with life balance...I just new 2 or 3 hours a week to focus on me. I am hoping to find the me time I need. But in the mean time I am just going to enjoy tickle me cyrus - he cracks me up, he is way more entertaining then our tickle me elmo.

Passing the Torch

Or the Huggie Bear. When Ryan was a young boy, probably around Cyrus's age, he was given a little black stuffed bear. Ryan named him Huggie. Huggie has been through a lot in his life time. He served as Ryan's trusted lovie, and then when his boy grew up he lived a lonley life on a shelf, until Tilby (the family dog), decided Huggie Bear would make a great chew toy. Huggie survived thankfully, and is now living in our home. Ryan thought Huggie needed a new boy and passed his beloved bear onto his son.
Above is a picture of Ryan giving Huggie to Cyrus.

Graciously, Cyrus accepts.

However, Ryan has second thoughts and goes to take Huggie back, and Cyrus stands firm (or sits) on the transaction "no daddy, I bite you, this is my Huggie now"

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Boys

The look of an adoring melts my heart.

A son looking adoringly at his daddy...or the TV - it is often the same look

The inquisitive look of a baby discovering the world around him.

I love my boys.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Aqua Baby part III

On Monday night we had our third swim class. Ryan and I debated who was going to get in the water with Cyrus. I honestly did not want to get in since this was the class where Cyrus would get pulled under the water and let go. This exercise was to teach him to turn to his back and rise to the surface on his own. Uhm yeah, no thank you Daddy can do that.
I was in charge of taking pictures :)
The first skill they worked on was just dunking under and getting pulled through the water, then rolling over into a back float. Ryan has his focused face on.

After the skill Ryan picked Cyrus up out of the water to make sure that the baby didn't take into much water. Cyrus was not very happy.
Here is Cyrus's swim instructor Mary showing Ryan the back float. Cyrus hates the back float. The water rushes into his "little" ears and no one likes that feeling. However, it is very important getting babies familiar with that sensation.

Here is the exciting part of the lesson. The big dunk release manuever. Ryan counted to three and pulled Cyrus under.

Here he is under the water, Ryan is pulling his hands away from Cyrus.

And here you can see Cyrus in the midst of rolling to his back. If you look closley you can his open left eye. For this skill Ryan did help start the roll, but Cyrus came up to the surface all on his own.

Mary took Cyrus from Ryan after the skill and patted his back...."he swalled this much water".

I am really excited about swim lessons. I hope that Cyrus starts to enjoy them as much as he enjoys playing in the water.