Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All Cyrus Wants for Christmas

Are his two front teeth. We are pretty sure that he is going to get an early Christmas present. This morning while Ryan was playing with Cyrus he noticed something sharp in his mouth. He excitedly called me into the living room. He had me put my finger into Cyrus's mouth. I felt it too! Then I looked in his mouth and saw the slightest hint of tooth popping through his gums. I am totally expecting to see a tooth tomorrow.
This tooth business has me feeling mixed emotions. On one hand I am glad that Cyrus is growing up and I am proud each time he meets a milestone, but on the other hand I get sad because he is growing up so fast. Today I kept thinking soon I won't be able to look at him and see that toothless grin.
I love his toothless grin. I'm going to miss it. I've been told that toothy grins are cute too...We'll see.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Friday Night with the Kennedy Family

On Friday night Ryan, Cyrus and I went to the Gator Aquatics Center. Mattie and Ben Kennedy were swimming the mile for the first time at a meet. Ryan and I wanted to watch them race and this was the only home meet for the season.
Here is a picture of Pat (he and his wife Mia are our chiropractors) holding Cyrus. Cyrus loves the Kennedy family.

We were suprised at how entertained Cyrus was. He really seemed to like the environment. He especially liked the start of the race when all the swimmers dove off the starting blocks. We were very encouraged by Cyrus's reaction. We are hoping that he loves swimming. He starts lessons this week (hopefully - we are waiting on the new swim center to open, but he is all signed up and will either start lessons this week or next week).
After the meet we went our for Thai food. It was my first time eating Thai, it was yummy.

6 Month Check Up

On October 14th Cyrus had his 6 month check up. While waiting for Dr. Craft, Cyrus had a grand time playing with the paper on the table. After his check up Dr. Craft let Cyrus keep the tongue depressor and Cyrus really enjoyed it! Ryan is pretty sure that it means Cyrus wants popsicles.
Here are the stats from Cyrus's 6 month appointment
weight: 19.7 lbs
height: 28.5 inches
description from Dr. Craft: lanky active boy
Cyrus did a great job at the doctors. He was smiles the whole time even when the nurse came in to give him his shot. Once he realized he had a shot he was in my arms and comforted. He did really well. We were very proud of him.
At 6 months Cyrus is so much fun. He has a ton of personality and makes us laugh all the time. Developmentally he is right on track. Unfortunately, he still is waking up two times a night. Dr. Craft said this is completley normal, but that we have to help Cyrus learn to self soothe so that we do not create a sleeping monster. It has been very difficult for us to do this. It means waking up with him, going in his room reassuring him with out picking him up and going back to our room and listening to him cry. So far some nights have been easier than others. I don't know why but Cyrus really likes to eat at 2 am. His last feeding is between 7 and 8 so I'm thinking he just gets hungry and needs to eat. Every one tells me he shouldn't need to eat at that time, but I think I may give him another month of 2 am feedings. I know I know not exactly great parenting, but I need my sleep. If I feed him he goes right back to sleep. It takes 15 minutes, vs. the 1 hour it takes for him to fall back asleep on his own (just to wake himself up in another hour).
Cyrus is eating solids on a regular basis. He has tried sweet potatoes, avacado, peas, and bananna. He is true to his nick name "little monkey" and loves bananna the most. Last night he ate his full portion of dinner - the first time ever. I think he still prefers nursing to eating, but that is completely fine with me. His main source of nourishment should be breast milk until he is one. This week we are going to try pears and peas again. The one time we tried peas he got gassy, but he loved them. We are not sure if the peas made him gassy or if it was part of the virus he was fighting.
A few of my favorite things:
  • I often have Cyrus's binky in my mouth. I love it when he realizes I have HIS binky and he pulls it out of my mouth
  • I love watching him examine his surroundings
  • Coming home from work and seeing the look on Cyrus's face
  • When Cyrus reaches for me - this is a new thing this month
  • All of his squeals and giggles

Monday, October 12, 2009

What a big boy

Cyrus is becoming such a big boy. On Saturday he officially graduated into his big boy car seat. The salem police installed it for us. He is now in his Britax Marathon and rear facing. The rear facing seat means mommy has very little leg room when she is a passenger in the car. But that's okay as long as Cyrus is safe.

He also sat in a high chair when we went out for breakfast this morning. I forgot to bring my camera so we do not have a picuture of this first, but I'm sure I will recreate the moment. Cyrus really likes to sit at the table with us. He had fun playing with his toys. He likes to drop them and have daddy pick them up. He was also playing drums with a spoon and the table.

It is so much fun watching Cyrus explore the world around him. Ryan pointed out that he thinks Cyrus has found his lips...I know it seems like a silly thing to find since they are right on his face. However this morning he realized he could smack them together and make bubbles with his lips. It was fun!

This week we are working on Cyrus napping in his crib. I put him down at 11:20 and he's been asleep for about 40 minutes...I'm very proud of my little man.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Isabelle Badger Hurley

Today is Isabelle's 8th birthday. I can not believe my baby is 8. I remember when she was just a little tiny pup! She has become such a big girl. Ryan likes to remind me that she is 56 years old. I prefer to think of her as 8 thank you very much. To celebrate Issy had steak, and she had a bone and opened her present. She got two booda stuffed animals, a frog - just like the first stuffed animal she ever had, and a cow - she especially likes cows. Then she helped me finish some chicken. For some reason she didn't partake in nap time with mommy and Cyrus this afternoon. But over all I think she had a good day.

Isabelle seems to really be adjusting well to being a big sister. She loves Cyrus and is very protective of him. We hope this nature continues as he becomes mobile. Of course Cyrus loves her a ton, and he thinks it is so funny when she barks at us.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cyrus 6 months old

It is hard to believe that 180 days ago I held Cyrus in my arms for the first time. I remember holding him in disbelief and awe. I never thought any moment could compare to those first few moments. However, as each day passes and with every gaze I think "how amazing this moment is" every moment is a treasure in a mothers heart. What a beatiful gift from God to have a life time of amazing moments right at your finger tips.

Cyrus's check up is not scheduled until the 17th so I'll write his stat's update next week.

He is such a big boy now. He's already asking to borrow the car!