Sunday, September 27, 2009

It amazes me that children can be amused by the simplest of things. On Thursday I took a short break from work to play with Cyrus. I realized that we didn't have any fun, new and interesting toys. So I remembered when I was little and how much fun I had in the kitchen playing with pots and plans. I figure eventually some day he'll be getting the pots out himself, so I brought him some bowls to play with.

First we started with his bowl, spoon and sippy cup. We are trying to get him use to these items for dinner time. I think his face says it all "you aren't going to try and feed me mush again, are you?"
Spoon! He likes to chew on the spoon. Obviously he is still teething - no sign of teeth yet.
Then I gave him the big bowl. We like to make pancakes and brownies in this bowl. I like this bowl.
Cyrus likes it too.

On Saturday morning Cyrus woke up early and would not go back to sleep, even when I brought him into bed with us. So we did what we do best when we can't sleep...We went to Walmart YAY. It brought back memories of when this little guy was growing in side of me and I had many early early early morning walking around Walmart. So Cyrus and I figured bowls and spoons would only be entertaining for so long. Which is why we moved from bowls to balls! I didn't realize that by the time I left Walmart I had bought three new toys for Cyrus and they were all balls...I guess I want to start motivating him to crawl. Regardless of my reasoning he really seems to like the balls and so does Issy!

Look Mom, no hands

Look everyone Cyrus is sitting up. He has been working on this for a couple of weeks now. First he would sit up and keep his hands between his legs and balance that way. Then he would pick up his arms but topple over after a few minutes. But this week he sat up and didn't topple over, now it seems like he has been sitting like this forever. He has finally mastered balancing. He has a very strong core. I think he seems very proud of himself. Who am I kidding, I'm proud of him too.
Here is a picture of Cyrus after Church today. He found my notes as he was going through his diaper bag.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

What's that a Hat

Cyrus can make me smile with just a glance.

And his smile melts my heart

Daddy put one of my hats on Cyrus, it was stinkin' adorable. SO we naturally took a billion pictures.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things

It has been about three weeks since Cyrus started reverse nursing. I am finally use to interrupted sleep and I have to say I am handling it much better this time around. Cyrus is eating about every three hours. Days that I am gone he eats about 3-5 ounces from a bottle, but does the bulk of his eating once I get home. This causes me to be very thirsty and hungry all the time. I have actually woken up a few times during the night nauseaus because I need to eat. Thank God for banannas.

This week Cyrus got a new teether. He has been teething for some time now, and we think we will see a tooth or two soon.
He makes the funniest faces when he is chomping on his RazBerry teether.

Ryan and I have also had some fun with the camera this week! I was starting to feel like I hadn't taken pictures of Cyrus in weeks (it really was only a week). So we took some fun shots through out the week.

Cyrus's Gymboree shipment came in on Wednesday. I washed his new clothes and then dressed him in one of the outfits.

Whoever said you can't have fun dressing boys up...I think I have proven multiple times over that you can!
I also started back up running. I have run a few times with the BOB Ironman stroller it is a great work out. And I went running by myself twice this week. I'm on a roll to get rid of my maternity rolls...

Forget Solids Cyrus likes his liquid Diet

So after a long day at Liberty on Tuesday the 15th, Ryan, Cyrus and I drove home. Ryan and I have been discussing the introduction of solids into Cyrus's meal plan. The conversation first started when Cyrus stopped sleeping through the night. Though we know that solids won't necessarily make him sleep through the night (he's not hungry, he just wants mommy), we started seeing other signs that suggested he might be ready.
He grabs for our food when we are eating.
And if we let him he would put it in his mouth...just like in the above picture.

Mamma was not ready! I cried just thinking about giving him solids. I just don't want Cyrus to grow up. I love nursing him, it is such a special time for us. Some times, as I rock Cyrus, I can not help to think that there will come a day when he does not want to be rocked by me. And then my mind starts racing down the road of his life. And before you know I am reciting the story "Love You Forever", and sobbing. We don't even own the book because Ryan thinks it is depressing. If you have never had the pleasure of reading it you can at this website
But I digress...
So solids. Yep yep. We tried them on Tuesday night. Cyrus did not enjoy the experience.
Oooooh Mamma is giving me something different, hmmm this is interesting.

I've got a four letter word for you...YUCK. That's not 98.6 degree milk (now I know you may be thinking he reacted this way because I was not acting excited and happy, but I said Yum and all that other good stuff you are supposed to do).
I want MAMMA's Milk...

And Mamma Milk You shall have! You can see it in the picture but we are nursing, Isabelle is very interested in nursing. Phew, what a relief. I guess we will exclusively nurse for a bit longer.

Worrying Mamma

I am going to post a few short entries to catch up for the week. So Monday I spent the day at New River Community College. It was sort of a rough day on campus, for many different reasons. First I received an e-mail from my boss with my sales numbers...that made me cry. Then I found out some of my business is in jeopardy. Then I went to pump and only pumped 4 ounces when I am use to pumping out 6-8.
I could not wait to get home to my little boy. Monday night was uneventful. But I was very tired due to Cyrus's new sleep routine or lack their of.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Baby is soooooooooooo SMART

Or stubborn. We haven't decided which it is yet. I say he is smart because this week he has started reverse cycling, or nursing. This is when a child eats mainly at night and through out the night to get their nutritional needs met. There are several reasons a baby might start reverse nursing.
  1. They are distracted during the day and don't nurse well.
  2. Mom is distracted/busy during the day - okay I'm not sure how a mom get's so busy that she forgets to sit down and nurse her child, but I guess it happens.
  3. Mom goes back to work, and baby eats just enough to take the edge off his hunger and then do the bulk of eating once mom gets home.

I think it is "genious" that babies have enough logic to change their schedules to meet both parties "time constraints". It is almost like Cyrus is saying "Mamma our nursing relationship is very important to me, we have a great relationship! I like our time together, but I understand that you have to go to work. Daddy says it is so you can buy me all those adorable outfits from Gymboree. I like how cute I look in those clothes, so thanks for working. But I'm not giving up on our relationship, nope nope, it is just too important. So Mamma I'll adapt, compromise if you will. I'll nurse when you are home. I'll take a bottle from daddy once a day, and then we can nurse all night. I think this will work into both our schedules perfectly. You can go to work during the day, and I'll catch up on sleep and being cute."

Isn't that amazing! A male of our species willing to compromise LOL, just kidding. Here is the positive side of reverse nursing.

1. Cyrus eats a bulk of his meals at night, which means less need to pump during the day (though I'm not buying into that one and I'll still pump like crazy)

2. I don't miss out on that special nursing time with my son. I actually end up nursing him 7 times (some times 8) through out my time with him. Okay I know some moms would hate this, they love when their babies nurse less, but I am very attached to it. I think because I have less time with him now I just cherish the moments when it is just me and him focused 100% on each other (okay he's focused on milk too, but still it is a special time between mother and child)

3. This is the perfect excuse to bring him into bed with us during the night. Co-Sleeping helps a working mom cope with a reverse nurser. I don't have to get up and "wake up" to feed him. He can almost help himself through out the night. Daddy has not yet bought into this. He does not want to make a habit of Cyrus sleeping in our bed. But Mamma loves snuggling with her little boy - even if it is not a great nights sleep for me, it is better than getting out of bed and walking down to the nursery.

4. It is great birth control! I was starting to think about talking to Ryan about another baby. Notice I said I was thinking of...TALKING, not trying LOL. We've had it so good with Cyrus for so long. He started sleeping through the night very early on, and even when he wasn't sleeping through the night I was still getting 5 hour stretches of sleep. So of course a well rested mommy and daddy might think this parenting thing is easy and we should get started on the next one. Well then God laughs at you and throws you a curve ball. Cyrus's new eating schedule has revealed to me that I am in no shape or form ready for sleep deprived nights with 2 children. One is enough for right now. Let's see how we make it through this new challenge, and then we will consider a sibling for Cyrus (sorry Rae).

5. Reverse nursing gives me the perfect excuse to have Ryan bring Cyrus to work with me...okay I know that is not a solution and is a bad habit. But today I did it. I had to see a few people in the morning at Virginia Tech. So we just packed up the car and went as a family. Cyrus nursed on campus once and was a very good boy. He got to meet two of my customers and charm them.

Note: I do not plan on bringing him to campus. College students carry lots of germs, and I don't want Cyrus being exposed to such yucky stuff. But every once in awhile I will bring him. Hopefully I can figure out a work schedule that works for both Cyrus and I. Maybe he can just nurse every three hours from 3:00 pm - 10pm and sleep through most of the night :) We'll see what happens.

Monday, September 7, 2009

5 Months Old

Happy Labor Day! But more importantly Happy 5 months since the day you were born Cyrus! We have not seen the doctor yet so we are not sure of Cyrus medical stats. However we can fill you in on the latest and greatest with him.

But before I get into all that is new with Cyrus I want to thank my friend Traci Foster for the adorable monkey costume Cyrus's is wearing in the above picture. We woke up this morning and decided that the house was a little chilly so it would be the perfect time to try on his costume.

Cyrus seems to be changing day by day. Those teeth he has been cutting still are not throug yet, but he is diligently working on them.

He has also been trying very hard to get enough balance to sit all by himself

He has also discovered the mirror on his activity gym
And he likes what he sees.

We have also realized that Cyrus truly is our little monkey
He loves to hang up side down.

Some other things to note about Cyrus at 5 months.
  • He is having a hard time adjusting to mommy working full time. He demonstrates this by waking up at 10 pm, and either 2 or 4 am.

  • His eating schedule is not so much a schedule. When ever he wakes up he eats and then we typically go every three to four hours. He has increased his feeding from 5 to about 7 (uhm growth spurt maybe or separation anxiety)

  • He is starting to get better about taking naps in his crib (if mommy is putting him down, he still gives daddy a hard time)

  • He is wearing mostly 6 month pants - 3-6 are starting to be too short for him

  • Cyrus is incredibly interested in what mommy and daddy eats

  • He LOVES puppies, especially Isabelle

  • He is starting to play independently in his crib - it is fun to watch him discover all his stuffed animals and blankies (he only lasts about 15 - 20 minutes, but we'll take it)

  • Oh he pulls himself up to stand! That is probably the most exciting new thing. He has a very strong core and quads.

I'm sure there are more things to write, but it is almost midnight and I need to head to bed. I have a busy work week ahead of me.

Cyrus and Stewi love at first sight

During our trip to Boston we spent some time with Ryan's family. On Thursday morning Tom, Kathie and Meaghan came to pick Cyrus and I up from my mom's house. We were very excited to see Bucca (Tom) Gigi (Kathie, however there is some debate over her grandmother names, so I'm not sure what to call her these days) and Auntie Meaghan. When they arrived we were very excited to see that Meaghan brought cousin Stewie!

Here is a picture of Cyrus & Stewie together
Once we had the car seat installed and all of our luggage packed we hit the road. Kathie took us to her work to show off her first born grandson. Both Cyrus and Stewie got a lot of attention. Then we went to Quincy to meet everyone at Tom's office. After we had been introduced to everyone we went to Fat Cat for lunch.

Here is a picture of Cyrus with Mimsy/Gigi/No Name/Kathie LOL! Cyrus was very well behaved during lunch and was very interested in our food.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cyrus did a lot of fun stuff while we were home. He got to spend some time with Uncle Matt while at Nana's. Matt is married to my sister Rachel he is a great dad, and an awesome uncle.

Here they are playing peak-a-boo.

Cyrus also went to the Picture People. Rachel and I coordinated the kids outfits and took them to a photoshoot for Nana's birthday present (her other present besides us coming home).

Isn't this precious. This collage now hangs in Nana's bedroom :)