Monday, August 31, 2009

Surprising Nana

Last summer Ryan and I decided that this summer we would not be making our annual trek to Boston in August. We thought that the drive would just be way too much with an infant. What I did not realize is how having a baby makes you miss your family even more. I've been longing to see them and more importantly I have really wanted to watch Cyrus play paddy cake with Nana.
So a few weeks prior to leaving for Miami I decided that I would replace my return flight from Miami to Roanoke with a flight from Miami to Boston. That way Cyrus would only have to do the 12 hour drive once and I would get to fly the entire trip with Amy. So the plan was finalized. I would fly to Boston on the 15th and Ryan would drive up on the 20th. I wanted to spend more time in Boston then Ryan (go figure).
The best part of planning the trip was that only Rachel, Amy, & myself were in on it. My mom's birthday is August 22nd and we wanted to surprise her with a visit from Cyrus. Of course Ryan's parents knew we were coming home so we could make sure they took a few days off from work. The 23rd is Tom's (Ryan's dad) birthday and our families are usually in NH the weekend of their birthdays so we planned a cookout for that weekend.
So the 15th came....

This video captures the moment perfectly. Liv was so excited that we were surprising Nana she could hardly contain herself.

As you can see the surprise was a hit. The reunion was sweet. I missed my family...I didn't realize how much I missed them until I was with them again in our old kitchen hugging and kissing. Amy, Rae and I have agreed to make great effort to see eachother at least 4 times a year. That was Cyrus will grow up knowing his northern relatives. I'm hoping they will spend Turkey day with us and then we will go home for Christmas, and then they will come down for Cyrus's birthday and then we will go home for 2 weeks in the summer. It sounds like a great plan I hope it happens.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cyrus Has Left the Building

So while in Miami we stayed at the Fontainebleau. Amy did some investigating and found out that when "Elvis Left the Building" he was leaving our hotel. How cool is that. Apparently the Fontainebleau was the place to play for Hollywood, and still is - though I did not see any famous people while I was roaming the hotel.
Before Cyrus left the building we wanted to take some photos of our surroundings.
LIV is one of the seven night clubs at the hotel. We took a picture of Cyrus outside because our Niece's name is Olivia, but we call her Liv.

Cyrus also had his picture taken at Blue bar. Above he is sitting at the bar with my sister Amy. Then we made our way to the pastry/chocolate shop Solo
The bakery had pictures from back in the day. The first picture is of Jerry Lewis (Dean Marting is in the back ground) and the second picture is Sean Connery in Gold Finger (Ryan just told me that the woman in the picture almost died during this shoot - suffocation via paint). The bakery also had chocolate sculptures on display. I uploaded my favorite above. Everything you see is chocolate YUM.
We then made our way outdoors.
Here is Cyrus lounging by one of the pools. Then we tried one of the fancy Cabana's on for size.
these were available for rent. I think they were something like $600.00 they were very nice. Cyrus thought we should rent him one of the round outside beds...
After lounging by the pool we made our way to the board walk. We walked the beach and took lots more pictures...Above is a picture of Aunti Mimi and Cyrus on our walk.
Cyrus and Mama!
Us again after Cyrus had a quick snack :)
Thanks Mimi! This trip would not have been possible with out you. Cyrus loved spending time with his auntie, and I loved having you all to myself for a week. Thanks for taking vacation time and being Nanny Butler. You are a good Sista!

Comings and Goings

I feel awful that I have not done a great job of updating the blog while I was away. I had the best intentions of updating y'all with our daily events while we were in Miami and Boston. I honeslty should know better. My best laid plans always end up by the way side. Okay so this week I am going to try and updat the blog a little each day and catch every one up on our work/vacation travels.
Stay Tuned...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Cyrus loves swimming just as much as tubby time

Cyrus has been having a ton of fun in Miami with Aunti Mimi. He has gone to the beach and dipped his toes in the ocean as well as lounged by the pool and relaxed in style. But I think his favorite new experiance has been that of swimming.

Yesterday I got finished with work at 1:30. Amy and I decided to lounge by the pool and enjoy a lazy afternoon. I was really looking forward to taking Cyrus into the pool. We went in the big pool first but the water was really warm. We then tried the kiddie pool, the water there was much nicer. Then today Cyrus and I went down to the beach for some pictures...

Aunti Mimi dipped his feet in the ocean the other day, but today it was really windy. We are feeling some of the hurricane that is off the coast. Since there was a cool breeze I did not want to dunk him in the ocean. Also it was dusk and we all know how sharks like to feed at thank you. After the beach we went to one of the many pools at the resort.Cyrus did a great job swimming. He must still remember being suspended in amniotic fluid because he seems so relaxed in the water. I was amazed at his kicking. I think swim lessons are going to be a breeze this coming fall. Cyrus even put his face in the water.

Cyrus and Aunti Mimi have been doing lots of things. I think Cyrus will miss "Nanny Butler" as Amy likes to refer to her self in all the home videos she has been taking this week. I don't have time to post all the videos, but I'll try to go through a few on the plane tomorrow.
Overall Cyrus says Miami is great and I should bring him to all my national sales meetings.

Before you can travel you have a bath

Ryan and I gave Cyrus a bath on Sunday night. I took a few pictures and just had to share.

This is a new milestone for Cyrus. He has finally realized that there is a duckie in the tub with him! On Sunday he grabbed the duckie on his own.

After tubby time we dried off in one of our favorite towels. I think Cyrus looks precious in this photo.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

We're Going to Miami

This week I'm attending my national sales meeting in Miami. Cyrus travelled with me so I could continue breast feeding him. For the first time ever I looked forward to this trip, not because I was excited for day long meetings and forced socialization, but because Amy was joining me to be nanny for the week.

I was done packing on Sunday morning! This is amazing usually I'm really unorganized but with Cyrus I realized that I need to get organized. So I did all my packing prior to going to church. On Monday morning I woke up at 5 and got myself ready for a day of travel. Then Cyrus got up, then we went to breakfast with daddy.

After breakfast Ryan brought us to the airport.

Daddy & Cyrus posing infront of the airplane

Ryan waited inside the airport with us for a little while. I had so much stuff to carry with me, I'm not sure how I would have done it on my own. I was carrying the diaper bag, a carry on with enough clothes to get through one day, breast pump and bottles, the stroller and the baby ergo. The baby ergo made travelling much easier. I wore Cyrus and pushed all my stuff in the stroller

When we arrived in Charlotte Aunti Mimi was waiting for us!

Cyrus was very excited to see his aunti. He was amazed at how much Mimi & Mommy look alike.

Cyrus says "Okay, I will keep you, it can not hurt to have another mommy"

What a sweet sweet reunion. I am so glad that I have a sister/nanny here with me this week.

Church Picnic

I'm playing catch up...there has been a lot to write about since last week, and not enough time to do so. Okay so here I go.

On August 9th Cyrus went to his first church picnic at John & Jane's home. Actually it was his second, but last year he was only a very tiny dot in my womb. This year was even more fun than last year.

It was very hot out and heat makes Cyrus sleepy. Cyrus fell asleep in daddy's lap. We had a great time, but could not stay too long since I had to fly out to Miami for my sales meeting on Monday morning.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meeting Kate Leigh Fernandez

When we left Dr. Kraft's office I noticed that I had a text from my dear friend Lisa. She had arrived home with the newest Fernandez baby. Kate Leigh was born on Wednesday night. I was anxiously awaiting her arrival. Aaron & Lisa had kept the baby's gender a secret and I just could not wait to find out that it was a baby boy for Cyrus to play with. Once again I was wrong! But even though she is a girl, we love Kate just as much as if she were a boy.
Ryan, Cyrus and I drove straight from Dr. Kraft's office to visit with Aaron, Lisa, Vivian & Kate.
Brooke and Miss Kate
Miss Vivian up from her nap, and Mike (Aaron's dad)Big sister Vivian and her favorite toy! She had just gotten up from her nap...isn't she precious.

4 Month Check Up

Cyrus went to visit Dr. Kraft for his 4 month check up yesterday, 8/07/09. Cyrus was exactly 4 months old. We like being exact. He did very well at his appointment. Dr. Kraft is very pleased with Cyrus's growth and development. He continues to hold true to the monster baby name, Little Man is an understatement.

Cyrus's Stats
weight: 16lbs, 70th percentile
length: 27 3/4 inches, 99th percentile
head: 16 1/4 inches, 60th percentile

We told Dr. Kraft how Cyrus is wanting to chew on everything and had been having a very low fever 99 degrees. Dr. Kraft checked Cyrus's mouth and told me that his botton teeth are not that far below his gums. Our little man is cutting teeth and has been for several weeks.

Cyrus did very well at the doctor's office. It was close to his afternoon feeding so he did start to cry towards the end of the appointment. The fact that he was already crying made it easier to watch while he got his HIB vaccine. As soon as the shots were over I fed him and he calmed right down. Our boy is such a trooper.

Oh and to celebrate his 4 month birthday we went to the chiropractor! Dr. Pat and Miss Tracey took care of Cyrus while mommy did her PT and got adjusted. Mommy took a break to play on the floor with little man and he did this...
Okay not this. This is Cyrus realizing he has knees. Last week he started really picking his legs up like this. It is funny how you get excited about all the new things they do and then you get sad because it means they are growing up. Okay now are you ready to see what he did yesterday...

He rolled from his back, to his side and then back to his back! He did this over and over and over again while we were visiting with Dr. Pat. It was so much fun to watch him discover this new movement. I love his little facial expression when he finally rolled over to his back.
Cyrus Xavier Hurley
4 months old
Our Happy Man

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I don't wanna miss a thing

Do you remember the Aersosmith song "I don't wanna miss a thing" you know it was incredibly cheesy, I think it was the song played in Armeageddon, you know the movie with Liv Tyler and Ben Affleck. It was also one of my sister's wedding songs, oh and it was the song that played in the limo right after Ryan and I were married (heading to our reception). Regardless of how cheesy the song may or may not be I can not help but hear it in my head every time I see this...
I love to sneak into Cyrus's nursery while he is sleeping. It dawned on me this evening that I have no pictures documenting this night time ritual that Ryan and I both have made a habit of. I think Ryan use to go in to make sure he was breathing, and now we just go in to see which of our favorite sleep time positions he is in and to gaze upon our sweet baby boys priceless peaceful face. Okay so in this picture he does not look very relaxed...that is b/c it was dark and I had the flash right on his face. He even

opened his eyes for the second picture...BAD MOMMY! He looks a little perturbed in this one. Don't worry he didn't even wake up, he closed his eyes and was snooring as soon as the flash went off. But every time I look at my little boy sleeping I am just amazed at how much I love him, and the soundtrack in my head plays "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"

I can not believe how cheesy I am...I have tried to pick other songs. But none of them stick. Even our bed time song "I Will" by the Beatles does not trump Aerosmith. This afternoon Cyrus was really fussy. He had a slight temperture 99.0 and would not stop crying. We think he is cutting teeth. I decided to take him up to our bed room and nap with him. Sometimes he just wants to snuggle close to me and sleep. I absolutley cherish these moments. As I was helping my little one snuggle down and fall asleep these are the lyrics I heard in my head...

I could stay awake just to hear you breathing* Watch you smile while you are sleeping *While you're far away and dreaming *I could spend my life in this sweet surrender *I could stay lost in this moment forever*And every moment spent with you*Is a moment I treasure*I don't wanna close my eyes*I don't wanna fall asleep'*Cause I'd miss you, babe*And I don't wanna miss a thing'*Cause even when I dream of you*The sweetest dream will never do*I'd still miss you, babe*And I don't wanna miss a thing*Lying close to you*Feeling your heart beating*And I'm wondering what you're dreaming*Wondering if it's me you're seeing*Then I kiss your eyes and thank God we're together*And I just wanna stay with you*In this moment forever, forever and ever*I don't wanna close my eyes*I don't wanna fall asleep*'Cause I'd miss you, babe*And I don't wanna miss a thing*'Cause even when I dream of you*The sweetest dream will never do*I'd still miss you, babe*And I don't wanna miss a thing*I don't wanna miss one smile*I don't wanna miss one kiss*Well, I just wanna be with you*Right here with you, just like this*I just wanna hold you close*Feel your heart so close to mine*And stay here in this moment*For all the rest of time*

I never thought it was possible to love anything as much as I love Cyrus. I thank God for showing me this type of love, now I can almost fathom how much God loves me too. Wow that is pretty amazing.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fun with new toys

Last week I decided that Cyrus was big enough to try out his Baby Einstein Activity Saucer that Janet, Nancy, Tara, Shauna and Nana bought for him. Daddy put it together Friday morning. It was a big hit. Cyrus loves the blue, yellow and green wheels that spin. I like to refer to them as his dj tables. They are the easiest of the toys for him to play with at this point. However, he certainly loves the push buttons that teach him the names of animals in english and spanish...okay mommy loves that toy. It is amazing to watch Cyrus as he become interested in new things, and gains better coordination. Today he picked his binkie up off the saucer and put it in his mouth...yep that's my boy!

Here are a few pictures from Cyrus's first time in the saucer...

Well I'm off to bed. I'll update again this week. Cyrus has his 4 month check up on Friday.

Got Milk?

I remember four months ago one of my greatest fears was that I would not be able to breast feed Cyrus. I was so afraid that I would not produce enough milk. Even though I had researched milk production and knew that Cyrus would demand and my body would supply as long as I rested and ate and drank well. However, I think every new mom fears that her child is not getting enough milk. Actually I do not think, I know...I have lots of friends who have had babies in the past year...and through my fear period they all reassured me, and told me how they felt the same way. Regardless of how many wet and dirty diapers I counted during the day I was still so scared that Cyrus was not eating enough. I look back and smile on the memory. My mommy instincts were so strong...worry worry worry. My mom tells me you never stop worrying about your babies. Cyrus continued to gain weight and I still worried. This evening as I was bringing some milk out to store in the garage freezer I was reminded of my worries from what seems like forever ago. I chuckled as I got my camera to take this picture of my stock pile of breast milk. Looking at my freezer stock of breast milk I am so satisfied and proud and thankful, I never needed to worry. God always provides...This milk is such a blessing. As I start to travel in less than a month I know that Ryan will have an ample supply of milk to give to Cyrus while I am away for the days... need to be.