Thursday, July 30, 2009

Le Tour de France

As many of you know Ryan and I love swimming, biking and running. We DVR major events in these areas and then watch them together while we eat dinner (sort of funny, we eat watching others work out). This month we DVR'd Le Tour de France, and World's for swimming. The Tour was especially exciting because Lance Armstrong was returning after a 4 year retirement. Right when the Tour was starting was when Daddy Daycare started. It was great for Ryan and Cyrus to have bonding time over cycling. Cyrus loved waking up every morning and watching the race with his daddy.

Some days Ryan would put his bike on the trainer and ride along with Lance. Cyrus wanted to try it out too! He wants to be just like daddy. Ryan thought it would be cute to put him on the bike. He really enjoyed the Aero position.

This is what Daddy Daycare is like, should I be worried???

One of My Favorite Things

I mentioned yesterday that one of my favortie things about Cyrus is his laugh. I promised to post a clip so that you could experiance the joy of Cyrus's laughter as well. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I do.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I had to share this picture. Cyrus is wearing his "Mommy's Little Man" onsie that our friend Jenn found at a yard sale. Jenn finds the cutest stuff for him. I took this picture yesterday for Cyrus's 16 week photo shoot. I was playing with the settings on my camera and realized that I should just stick to the automatic settings until I do some more research on what does what. I love the blue background, it really makes him pop off the page. I just love my boy so much. I am posting this quickly from Starbucks...I'm calling it a day in the mobile office and heading home to spend some time with Cyrus before I go to church.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Working away from Home

The summer has been unusual for me. Typically work is very slow in the summer and I have plenty of time to relax. This summer has been filled with lots of database projects, and product knowledge video training, and not many moments of relaxation. With that being said, I have a deadline of Friday to get all my projects done. So today I left the house and went to Starbucks to work. This marks a mommy milestone...
Leaving the baby for a full day of work while daddy stays home. While I got a ton done, I missed my little man so much. Not to mention that it is really awkward pumping breast milk in the parking lot of Starbucks. I could not wait to get home and hold Cyrus and kiss him all over. He was so excited to see me when I came home, my heart melt.
Sadly, I did not have much mommy & Cyrus time because I had to get right back to work after dinner. Luckily, tomorrow is the last day that I plan on working a 10 hour day. I'm taking the rest of the week at a slow pace and getting done what I can. I feel like I missed so much and I only missed a day. But a day is too much. I know that I will have to get use to this because come fall I will be away from him every day, but that is why I need to make the most of the summer.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Tuesday July 21st

I still have not figured out how to import my old blog into blogger. I keep getting error messages so for now you will not see our old posts. It just dawned on me that I never updated the blog for Cyrus's 3 month birthay.
So I decided to do one for 3.5 months :)
Cyrus was 15 weeks on July 21st. The most exciting thing happened that day.

I apologize that the video is a little dark. We didn't have the lights on in the room.

Here are a few facts about Cyrus this month:

  • wakes up between 5-7am
  • takes short power naps like daddy, unless he is snuggling with mommy then he sleeps longer
  • eats about every 3 hours, sometimes 4
  • is extremely vocal - he coos, he laughs, he giggles, he squeals, he shrieks
  • he can push up on his belly
  • holds his head up for a few minutes before getting tired
  • rolls from stomach to back
  • keeps his hands open
  • grabs everything and puts it in his mouth
  • found his fingers and sucks them
  • chews on everything - could be cutting teeth
  • will hold a toy and play with it
  • goes to bed between 7:45 and 8:30
  • Cyrus weighs 16.5 lbs

And today he learned to grab his binkie from daddy and put it in his mouth. He doesn't always put it in his mouth the right way but it is amazing to watch him learn. My favorite things about Cyrus is his laugh (i'll add some clips of his laugh), he likes to touch my face (especially my nose), oh and his smile melts my heart. He smiles every time he sees me. Cyrus loves his momma!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Our Blog's New Home

Ryan & I have decided to move our blog from WordPress to Blogger. The main reason is that Wordpress is a little confusing sometimes, oh and they just recently started charging for video uploads. Now that we have a video camera we will be posting many videos of the family in action.
So please bookmark our new blog address.
We will be migrating our posts over from wordpress once we figure out how to do it.