Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Elf

Cyrus was the perfect christmas elf! He had a ton of fun opening presents with my family at Rachel's house.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cracker Barrell

Ryan and I have a tradition to stop off at Cabella's when we drive to Boston. It is nice to get out of the car, strech our legs, see all the stuffed animals (literally shot and stuffed animals), and grab the worlds best BLT (seriously). However, today we pulled off at the exit and decided Cyrus would do better at a sit down restaurant. Hence, we went to Cracker Barrell.

I made sure to order something that both Cyrus and I would enjoy - Chicken and Dumplings with mashed potatoes and sweet carrots. I was very brave and cut up some of my chicken for him and he LOVED it! He has not been a fan of pureed chicken but yummy chicken off mamma's plate is AWESOME and the carrots were yummy too. I think he was just excited to be eating the same thing that Mamma was eating.

We have been getting a little more adventourous in what we let him eat. It all started when my friend Tracey let him try some hummus, and he loved it. So now I usually let him have a little bit of what ever I'm eating - well as long as it is not spiced up. He did have some havarti cheese and a cracker yesterday - I was desperate. I know he's not suppose to have cows milk until he is one, but he was starving and we were out and he didn't want to nurse. Okay he wasn't starving he was probably just bored, but a little tiny bit of cheese and some cracker really made him happy. Oh yeah and I gave him Chocolate...

Overall I think Cyrus has a very healthy appetite! I am looking forward to our next trip to Cracker Barrell.

Maybe He will get his Christmas wish

When Cyrus got his two bottom teeth I wrote a blog entry titled all Cyrus wants for Christmas. Well Christmas is two days away and he has been teething like crazy. His gums are so swollen and you can almost see a new tooth...so yep it is possible that Cyrus will get his two front teeth for Christmas.

Play Ball

Cyrus loves spending his days with daddy. They sit around in jammies and only get dressed if they have to go out some where. On most days Cyrus is in jammies all day. I left my office one day and sneaked a peaked of Daddy and Cyrus playing.

Cyrus is starting to really understand the concept of playing catch. He still needs to work on his release but other than that I think we have the makings of a great ball player here.

Crazy Standing Man

As I have mentioned before Cyrus really likes to practice standing up. He is getting stronger every day. Ryan took the below video on 12/8. If you watch closely you will see that Cyrus actually steps towards me all by himself.

The Sounds of Cyrus

In Cyrus's 8 month update I wrote about some of the noises that Cyrus makes. I wanted to catch these sounds on video and I sort of did.

On the topic of noises...when we put Cyrus in his car seat this morning (at 5:15 am) he made Razberries of protest for about 35 minutes before falling back to sleep. I guess he doesn't want to spend all day in a car either.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A First

Cyrus went down for his morning nap at 9:15 am this morning. He did not cry at all, but instead got right down to getting comfortable. After about 5 minutes I went back into his nursery to get his dirty jammies so I could throw them in the wash. I peeked in his crib and saw this...
I was really excited and ran to get my camera. Why was I excited...well this is the first time that I have ever seen Cyrus fall asleep in a position other than flat on his back. He is even doing the thing that I do with my legs. Actually I sleep in the exact same position that he is in. I believe that almost my entire family sleeps in this position. I think it is really funny and super cute when my lil' man does it. Oh and I know some of you are probably thinking that I would be freaking out b/c Cyrus has his froggie right up against his face and I am a crazy lady when it comes to SIDS risks...ha ha ha...well Cyrus snuggles with his lovies all the time and he even has blankies in his crib now.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cyrus Discovers Pajanimals

The next few posts are going to be video based. I finally uploaded my videos from our Flip so some of these will be dated. But really who cares if they are dated, they are still Cyrus, hence still cute!

When we were up in Boston we discovered the OnDemand kids channels while staying with Bucca and Noname. Ryan and I enjoyed Pajanimals. Cyrus also enjoyed watching the Pajanimals. He sat and clapped his hands along with the music.

Cyrus loves music of all types. When music comes on he starts clapping his hands and swaying to the music. We think it is very adorable.

We have noticed that Cyrus is exhibiting some form of rhythm! There is hope for him.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Wonderland

It started snowing yesterday around 3:00pm. I was sure that it was not going to be a real storm, and yes I admit that I was laughing at all the people running out to get milk & bread. At 4:00pm I realized that I was mistaken. The ground was completely covered with about 3 inches by late afternoon. At 3:00 am we already had about 10-12 inches. Then this morning we woke up to a winter wonderland...

at 7:00am there was about 16-18 inches on the ground. Wow! I am totally having flash backs to Boston. It looks like we are trapped for the weekend with out a shovel. We are looking forward to bringing Cyrus out to play after his morning nap.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa's Smallest Helper

We have a little elf staying with us until Santa stops by to pick him up. We have become very fond of him and might just keep him past the Christmas holiday.

Papasan Photo Fun

Cyrus tried sitting in the papasan chair for the first time this week. It was a big hit.
He played in the chair for along time. I snapped a few pictures. I like the one above because it shows off how much hair Cyrus has.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Big Reveal

Wait for it...

TA DA...Baby Chiclet Teeth

I have been wanting to caputre a picture of Cyrus's first teeth for weeks now. But he has Daddy's beautiful lips...which means he has a huge bottom lips that hides his baby teeth very nicely. I know this is not the best picture of him, he was blinded by the flash, but it shows off his Chiclets - which is what Ryan calls those little tiny baby teeth in their. Remember when I said I was going to miss his toothless grin...well I only miss it a little because this little toothy grin is so adorable. However, with that said, I am really not looking forward to the top teeth coming in.

Toys! Who needs toys when you have...

Cyrus likes to examine the rock!

Seriously, Cyrus loves this rock that Ryan received as a trophy for one of the Tri's he won. I think he likes the coolness mixed with the texture.

8 Months and look what I can do!

I can stand up in my crib like a big boy!

The good news is Cyrus still has not learned how to get up from the laying down position so there is no chance of him doing this while we are not watching him and taking cute pictures.

Cyrus likes to peek over the crib railing. You can not tell but he is actually putting his mouth on the crib to help support himself (ha! I guess it is time to get the gummy crib rail covering to prevent knaw marks) I am pretty sure that Cyrus will think that the crib is also a great teether!

Better than a RazBerry

Ryan and I are pretty sure that Cyrus is getting more teeth SOON! He has been wanting to chew on just about everything, but nothing seems to really get the job done. But then Momma had a wonderful idea...frozen blueberries in the baby feeder. It was a big hit! Cyrus had some pureed blueberries for breakfast yesterday and was not a big fan - they are OK but not as yummy as mangoes, apples or sweet potato, however blueberries as a teething toy is fantastic.
I'm so glad I thought of it :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

244 days

Are you kidding me is it December already? It feel likes just yesterday I was very very pregnant and decorating a Christmas tree...do you remember?Wow not only am I not pregnant, I also have a 244 day old son, that's right... Cyrus is 8 months old. Which means...I've been too busy to put up our Christmas tree :( So we took our December picture at Pat & Mia's office YAY!Eight months is such a fun age. Cyrus is so curious about everything and spends most of his time investigating his toys. In general he still has a great disposition. The only time we see Mr. McKranky Pants is when Cyrus is over tired. Lately we've seen Mr. McKranky Pants more than we want to, it has been hard keeping Cyrus on a good nap schedule lately. However, we are recommitted to being disciplined in this area. We like jolly Cyrus more than McKranky Pants Cyrus.
Have I mentioned how much I love Cyrus at 8 months old~ well I do and here are just a few things that I love
  • Cyrus reaches for Momma (regardless of who is holding him)

  • Cyrus talks non-stop (baby babbles are adorable)

  • Cyrus has learned that his voice has volume

  • Cyrus has learned to make different sounds with his voice by using his hand or fingers (I'll post a video of this at some point)

  • Cyrus likes to stand

  • Cyrus can pull him self up if you give him your fingers for leverage

  • Cyrus likes to hold your hands and practice walking

  • Cyrus laughs at just about everything - we think it is amazing that Cyrus understands laughter - honestly how do babies know what funny is - amazing

  • The binkie game has evolved. Now I take the binkie from Cyrus and suck on it, he takes it back, I whine like a baby and he laughs and laughs and laugh then he tries to put it back in my mouth and laughs some more

  • His laugh is scrumptious

  • If sitting in his crib playing he will try and peek over the edge of the crib to see you

  • Finally loves his jumperoo

  • Loves to snuggle with Momma

  • Has done a belly flop into the pool at swim lessons and has successfully reorientated himself

  • Claps when he likes something

  • LOVES LOVES LOVES music and sings along with it - and of course claps his hands to it

  • Has mastered the pincer grasp

  • Likes to bang things together

  • Has finally tried Mangos and LOVES them too

  • Cyrus can find his binkie if he needs it while sleeping
There are a lot more things that I love about him too...but then this post would be really really long.
At 8 months this is how Cyrus measures up (i don't have all the details now and promise to update this post later)
Schedule: Cyrus still wakes up between 4 and 5 for his first feeding. He then sleeps until 7 or 8 when he wakes up for his second feeding and breakfast. Cyrus usually naps between 9 and 10. He feeds again at 11, but he seems to be a bit more distracted at this time and does not nurse or take a bottle well. At noon he eats lunch then goes down for a nap at 1. We do lots of playtime in the afternoon but Cyrus still likes his late afternoon nap around 4 or 5. Then he nurses has dinner and gets ready for bed at 7.

Monday, November 30, 2009

A Boston Treat

A trip to Boston just wouldn't be right with out a little taste of Lobster.

Ryan wan't more than just a taste!
While we waited for dinner Noname (pronounced nonuhm), Ryan's mom Kathie, rocked Cyrus to sleep - he was cranky from a long day of being man handled.
After dinner, Cyrus got in his jammies and spent some time with Bucca (Ryan's dad). Cyrus was on the edge of his seat. Listening to Bucca play the guitar.

Cyrus was enthrawled by the guitar. Our boy loves music. Sunday was over all a very fun day.

Family Reunion, sort of

I'm playing catch up. I was so busy in Boston that I did not have any time to blog about daily events. These posts will be short since they are from a week or so ago.
On November 22nd the family came together again for dinner. It was the afternoon after Unc's memorial sevice so Aunt Ginny and Uncle Bob were still in town. A lot of our family members were under the same roof and not killing each other ;) I think this was the most people reunited since my wedding.
One thing this experiance has made me realize is that family is important. No matter how far away they live, or how unfrequently you see each other, family is family and the bonds can not be broken. I never really realized that until now.
Loosing Unc made me realize how I take people for granted, I think about calling my siblings, but never do, I get busy with life. I no longer want to do that. I love my siblings and want them to know how much I care about them.
Here are some pictures from the day with family.
In true Butler/Geary Fashion we took lots of posed pictures. Above is the next generation. We are missing a lot of the generation. By sister Ginny's kids, my brother's Chris & Kevin's kids, as well as my cousin Tricia's kids were missing. Here we have my sister Rachel's girls (Liv & Tess), my cousin Karenanne children (Brendan and Andrea) and Cyrus.

I haven't seen Brendan in 7.5 years...the first thing I said to him when I saw him was "Brendan you're a man" Cyrus liked Brendan they wore matching hats.

The girl cousins sans Tricia and Ginny and the Geary girls.

The sisters! My mom, aunt chick and aunt gin.

I don't know what they are laughing about, but I love my mom's face in this picture - can you believe my mom is the oldest of the girls? I think she looks the youngest.

A nice picture!
Aunt Chickie spent lots of time with Cyrus.
They were watching Mimi, Liv & Tess in the back yard winter wonderland - Mimi had just put up her outdoor Christmas display.

Brendan, Mom, and my cousin Meaghan (Uncle Kevin's daughter).

Love them.
Just hanging out.

And then Cyrus discovered the puppies. They really are not puppies, but are actually 7, however we still call them the puppies.
Tess, Uncle Bob, and Cyrus. I love tghe expressions on the little one's faces.

My sister Marianne, Tess, Uncle Bob and Cyrus
Aunt Gin, Nana and her girls. Aunt Ginny had bought a Veggie Tales book for Tess and Liv. My nieces love to read so most of the day various people were reading the new book to them.
Cyrus took a liking to uncle Bob.
Reading is fun.
Mimi! AKA my sister Amy was the chef of the day. She made an awesome lasagna and assisted my mom with the chili.
Aunti Rachel. She likes to spoil Cyrus.

Mom with my brother-in-law Matt (Rae's husband). I made mom sit on his lap (LOL).
tee hee...Mom/Nana always has a DD coffee in hand.
Big Mama with Ryan - yep Ryan and I affectionately call my mom Big Mama.
Matt picking his nose...just kidding he did it for the camera.
Aunt Gin and Liv reading some more.
Cinderella, I mean Tess and uncle Rhino in a deep conversation.

The other Mamma and the Other Nana. Amy and I look a lot alike, just like my mom and her sister Ginny. Cyrus sometimes thinks there are two Mama's and two Nana's.