Friday, February 7, 2014

What good is hockey hair, if you don't play hockey

Now that we live in the north Cyrus can play hockey, YEAR ROUND! However, he has to know how to ice skate before he can play hockey. We missed the winter learn to skate session so we have to wait until March for the next one. However, last weekend Cyrus really wanted to go ice skating. I was a little worried about taking him because I haven't ice skates since I was 15. But I couldn't disappoint my little man.
We went to open skate at the Udel Ice Rink.
This little guy stayed home with daddy to nap.

Cyrus was so excited to try out his ice skates

He did awesome for his first time

When public skate ended the ice rink workers handed out tickets for the UDel hockey game. Cyrus really wanted to stay. We made a quick trip home to get Seamus so Ryan could go for his run. The boys and I stayed for the entire hockey game. Cyrus was enthralled and is really excited to learn to play hockey this spring. I can't wait to have a little hockey player to go alone with his beautiful hockey hair.


January went by so quick. Is it a short month or what? We left Boston and celebrated the New Year in our own home. It was nice to be back in our own place, and have a few days to recover before heading back to work. We celebrated the new year by taking the boys to the National Aquarium. It was a fun filled day. I love spending time with just the four of us.
Ryan and I made silly faces while the boys enjoyed snack time

and Cyrus had to get in on the sillyness

The boys wanted to take their picture with the sharks

Cyrus LOVES sharks

On the walk from the parking garage to the aquarium there are sculptures. This one looks sort of like a cornucopia. You are encouraged to play on it.

The boys played some music

It was windy and freezing

Then we had Taco Night!

And it was an exhausting day!

I had to go to San Fransisco for a week. And the rest of January was spent dealing with various sicknesses. Seamus was fairly fussy and woke up in the middle of the night a lot! Which led to me
Laying in the crib with him! Yep that's right. I decided I don't want to make a habit of bringing the little one into our bed, since Cyrus still comes into our bed almost every night. And if you take Seamus out of his room he doesn't actually go back to sleep. So I started rocking him, and he'd go back to sleep. But then I started getting so tired that I just started climbing into his crib. It is actually comfortable. I have only fallen asleep a few times. I guess I just love snuggling with my babies.

Catching Up October-December

I feel incredibly guilty that I haven't been documenting Seamus's life as I did Cyrus's. I also feel guilty that I have not been documenting all the incredibly adorable things my sweet oldest child says on a daily basis. I want to be better about writing everything down, and sharing our family moments with our friends and family who do not live near us, but man is life over whelming right now.

So I'm going to try and recap the past few months, and then my goal is going to be to write one post a week.
October we continued to settle into living in Delaware, and site see a bit.  We discovered that our neighborhood is awesome on halloween
Cyrus was a skeleton, THANKFULLY! He wanted to be a koopa-kid and mommy couldn't make the costume, so I was very happy when he saw this skeleton costume and had to have it.
 Our little monkey, was a monkey again. Ryan didn't realize that he picked out the same exact costume that Seamus wore last year. Oh well, he is a stinking adorable monkey.
 They loved getting candy!
November -
 We went to the Philadelphia zoo as a family, but Seamus got sick and vomited
We met Ryan's best friend Pat and his family at the zoo. Ryan, Pat and I went to Umass together and they rowed together. The Rufo's have two daughters close in age to our boys. I am very excited to have the Rufo's near by.

Cyrus's looks are really changing and I think he has some of the most beautiful features.
Seamus discovered animal crackers! He loves the box.
 We discovered Blue Hen Field Hockey!

And bought winter coats to keep us warm at the games.
 We had a Umass reunion. Okay not really but we did go to the Rufo's house and Matt & Liz Soroka (also Umass rowers) came. The Soroka's live in State College which is about a 4 hour drive from Pat's house. They were in town for the Philly marathon. Above are our oldest children. Madeline is almost 7, Cyrus almost 5, and Eva is almost 4.
And here are all our children. We are waiting for the Gruber's to add two more to this picture so we will have a Umass "the next generation" eight. Kevin Gruber also rowed at Umass and is Ryan's boss. They were not able to come on Saturday. But we are hoping to do a larger reunion get together when Umass visits State College to take on Penn State in football in September.
 We went to John's birthday party. John and Cyrus became fast friends at school.
Seamus developed some new expressions. I just love how expressive he is.
Seamus became a typical little brother...wanting to be just like his big brother.
Cyrus practiced being a Ninja Turtle
 We drove to Boston for Thanksgiving! Issy came home for the first time in 4 years. The car was jammed packed and poor Issy only had floor space.
 Buca showed the boys how to play guitar
Nana read stories
 The boys ate at the little table
We had fun with our cousins
 Seamus napped with Nana and the dogs
 We had fun with Aunt Mimi
 Double trouble were inseparable

We had our first cousin slumber party!
 We went to the enchanted village with Auntie Meaghan
If I had sent out a Christmas probably would have been the boys with Santa, but I didn't!

 Seamus got his first hair cut by Gina!
 We started a new family tradition (hopefully) of going to Edaville Railroad to see all the amazing Christmas lights and ride the Polar Express.
The boys went on their first ride together with out Mama
We went to Alexis's birthday party.
 We got caught in our first snow storm. It came in super fast and within an hour the roads were a mess. While watching the snow pile up, we bought the boys their first pairs of snow boots! We were only 5 miles from home but it took us almost two hours to get home. Cyrus loved the snow!
 Seamus wasn't a fan! I think he just didn't like all the layers and not being able to walk.
Seamus is a natural water baby. He loves to blow bubbles, we don't know how he learned that skill.
 The boys practiced playing field hockey in the play room.
 Seamus discovered the 3DS.
 Best part of living in Delaware - Being able to go home for holidays. We spent Christmas in Boston.

Decorating the gingerbread house led to many melt downs
 We celebrated Christmas Eve at Rachel's house, and enjoyed spending time with the Palmer family.

 I love how much these kids love each other, and I am so thankful to live closer to them.
 Christmas morning was spent at Nana's house. It was exactly as I pictured it, but I was so thankful to wake up at mom's and have my boys experience Christmas with Nana.

 Seamus loved his present from Nana.
 Amy and I work viking hats! She bought the boys a bunch of how to train your dragon toys.
Seamus was super cute as always!

WOW that update was exhausting!